I jump out of the purple car I own, and slam the door shut. I am so mad at Tricia. I walk into the house and look around. The lights were on and I sigh. Tricia and me live in the same house so...I can yell at her if I want.

I rush into her bedroom and see her lying on the bed, reading her favorite book, "the Hunger Games" and I roll my eyes. She is that obsessed with it...

"Tricia what the hell was that?" I shout at my best friend who turns to me with tears stained in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Breanna, I just don't want to lose you!" Tricia shouts back, as the sobs break out.

Seriously, why is she such a bitch?

"I know your a protective best friend but Scourge is mine!" I shout at her as she gets up and looks at the ground.

"Why don't you ever pay attention to how I feel?" She mumbles just loud enough for me to hear.
To admit I haven't actually been paying any attention to her lately, but still, stalking me on my date?

"Fuck you!" I finally shout slapping my so-called-best-friend in the face.I give her one last look and I could tell by her eyes she was sad. I saw tears in her eyes and guilt, which is the last thing I see before I run outside.

What the hell is wrong with her? She stalks me on my date then acts like it's nothing.

I climb into my car and turn it on, then noticing Scourge texted me.

'Meet me there babe'- Scourge

I giggle then text back.

'You mean your house?'-me

I watch the phone for about three seconds then he responds.


Then I drive off to Scourge's.

We were making out in his living room and it felt good. I couldn't help smiling through the kiss and I think 'nothing bad could happen.'

Just then my phone went off, and I pull away, and Scourge rolls his eyes annoyed.

"What?" I answer as there was a loud pause.

Just before I hung up then a girl says.

"Tricia's dead."

Just then my heart sank and I looked at Scourge with teary eyes.

She's dead...