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Chapter 1- Will you run away, or will you stay

Tony was in his workshop, working and drinking coffee. He hadn't slept in two days. The giant battle gave him some ideas on even better ways to improve his suit next time aliens attacked Manhattan. A whole new world had opened up to him- he could do reflector panels like those on the Helicarrier to make him invisible, make the suit anti-gravity, the possibilities were endless.

"JARVIS, where is Bruce?" Usually Banner would be up at seven sharp, and would work with Tony the rest of the day. Bruce was cool. He understood 'Science language', always was helpful, and even had some snappy, witty remarks and jokes of his own. The other Avengers would be moving in tomorrow, Thor's being temporary. Even though he had duties on Earth, his duties on Asgard were greater, so he would stay at the tower while visiting Asgard occasionally.

"I believe Dr. Banner is in his room, packing," the British AI replied.

"What!?" Tony exclaimed, running to Bruce's room.

When he opened the door, sure enough, Bruce was packing the remainder of his stuff into a tiny duffel bag.

"Going somewhere?"

"Tony, I….."

"Listen, you are staying here, and don't give me the whole 'I'm too dangerous' jazz, because we both know that isn't true." Bruce slowly shook his head, looking at his feet. Tony had already put out his case without giving Banner a chance of defend his own side.

"No, we both know that is true. Last time I-, the Other Guy, destroyed Harlem like it was a sandcastle, and here, I….."

"Here you saved the world's butt from some aliens, nothing else. The Other Guy followed orders from Capsicle, remember? You are not leaving me to go to some third- world country in the middle of nowhere, got it? JARVIS, do not allow Dr. Banner out of the house until I say so." Tony gave Bruce a signature smirk. The doctor put down his bag, and collapsed in his bed.

"This is a horrible idea. The Other Guy's gonna end up destroying your house, then the city. And with the others? No way Tony. I'm just going to be a nuisance to you all."

Tony was getting frustrated now. Why couldn't Bruce accept the fact that everybody loved him?

"Tony, I need to know I'm doing some good in the world. Right now…."

"Doing some good in the world?! Without you, there wouldn't be a world to do good in the first place! Why are you so darn depressed! What happened that made you so negative?"

"Nothing," Bruce mumbled, barely audible, as his body tensed up slightly. Because it wasn't nothing.

"Please stay, I'm begging, and Tony Stark doesn't beg often, so you better enjoy it while you can." Even if Tony sounded like he was joking, on the inside, he really was desperate for Bruce to stay. And he was going to find out what in Bruce's life made him act like this. And boy, would he be in for a surprise. "Come on, the others are moving in tomorrow, and remember how long we spent getting their rooms ready depending on their personalities? You can't just abandon that!"

"You don't see it." Bruce muttered, staring at the bed.

"See what?"

Bruce kept his eyes on the bed. "The fear. Every time they look at me, I see a fear in their eyes. They're afraid Tony. Afraid that the Other Guy is going to come out and destroy everything. We might be a team, but that doesn't mean they don't fear me. I nearly killed Natasha, and there is no way that is ever happening again. Have you ever seen that? That fear that another person has of you? It never goes away. They can act like it's nothing, but I can read people pretty darn well, and underneath that cover, that mask, lies insecurity, fear, terror, horror, fright, panic, alarm, and trepidation. And that is the worst feeling, knowing that within a second's notice, I- the Other Guy, could kill them instantly. I could kill the only friends, no, the only family I have.

Tony just stood there, leaning against the doorframe, nearly dumbstruck. He had been called the 'Merchant of Death, ' and yet, he had never felt that. And it was unjust that Bruce did. Tony shifted a bit, then finally decided to speak.

"Please, all I'm asking you to do is stay a little longer. Come on, think about all the cool things we could do. Just imagine us trying to explain technology to Repunzel and Capsicle!"


"Thor. He's got epic blonde hair. I mean, he is like, Thoreal, get it, the shampoo, Thoreal?! I have nicknames for all you guys, and it's lame to use the same one over and over again. Now stop avoiding the topic at hand."

Bruce looked as awkward and as torn over a decision as any person could. He started wringing his hands, a bad habit of his.

"Tony, I'll stay, but if I feel the slightest reason to leave, I'm gone."

"Yes, I knew you'd say yes. Now, what do you say we go work on the training area a bit?" Tony felt a huge brick rise from his chest, he still had Bruce, even if he didn't know for how long. He clasped Bruce on the shoulder, and led him to the training area, not able to keep the grin off of his face.

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