What is Love

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Chapter 1 Their First

At some point in everyone life they ask what love is. Usually it involves trying to figure out ones feeling for another person. Poets have tried to capture the feeling in words for years and common sense states that they will keep trying for years to come.

There are people that will just simply describe it as an emotion that one feels for another, that it transcends labels and extends to something people call the soul. When it comes down to it might just be left to be define by every person for themselves.

But this is not something someone can sit down and figure out but in the end must experience to truly understand.

It had started out simple enough with a boy and a girl. Things became more complicated with the boy being the secret leader of the Dollars and the girl being inhabited by a magical sword who wished to stab everyone.

The boy had feelings for the girl, feelings he was aware of right before he round house kicked his best friend. He's a shy boy which is one of the main reasons that if he tries to talk to the girl about anything remotely romantic he begins to stutter.

The girl on the other hand never truly had a loving family or a normal relationship before and is being possessed by a a magical sword so really no one can blame her for not understanding such a complex emotion.

The boy is named is Mikado Ryugamine and the girl is named is Anri Sonohara. Not long ago with their friend Masaomi Kida they were used as pawns by an information broker to start a war in their home, Ikebukuro. In the end Masaomi ran off with his girlfriend, Saki, out of Ikebukuro. Months had passed and it seemed that their lives returned to a sense of normalcy even without their friend.

It was a lovely day, one of those days that should be spent outside. The day so happened to be the day that Mikado and Anri decided to spend together. They both hoped that it would be more peaceful than the previous day they tried to go out together. The day ended with much of Ikebukuro being ripped apart in a game of cat and mouse between Shizuo Heiwajima and the information broker Izaya Orihana. They didn't get to the movie they wanted to see and ended up on tv as a couple which resulted in Mikado saying somethings on live television about their relationship. It was awkward. It would have been more awkward had a restaurant sign not interrupted the moment.

Mikado had received a link to the online video of that moment thanks to his Masaomi. Mikado scolded himself for bringing up his day off with Anri on the chat room the previous night. The video didn't help deal with his nervous tension nor did Masaomi's message that followed.

Mikado looked at the message on his phone: Hey, Mister Late Bloomer. Just sent you the link of your last date with Anri. Come on and make your move already. It's not polite to keep a lady waiting. It's not like I'm stopping you, I'm with Saki and she is not into polygamy. No matter how many times I ask. So you two kids have fun. Hope to see you two together when I get back. And don't say you don't like her. They say a picture says a thousand words and this one says plenty.

An attached picture was a screen grab from the video. A knife wielding attacker made his way through the crowd toward the host of the tv program they found themselves on. When he saw the knife Mikado outstretched his arm as he jumped in front of Anri to protect her.

Thinking back to that moment he doesn't remember doing it with any thought he just reacted. He wasn't sure if Masaomi was teasing him or trying to cheer him on. He pushed that thought out and looked back at the picture. He didn't consider himself a brave person but there was the proof that he was willing to take a lethal attack to protect Anri and he wasn't sure what it meant.

It had been months since they had seen Masaomi and now it was a whole year since his impromptu summer festival. That was the main motivation for their get together, a way for them to be with a friend that wasn't there. Anri thought these things as she made their way to their meeting spot. She thought about Mikado as she started too look out for him. All the time since Masaomi left they had spent every lunch period together, they would walk home together and even spent some of their free days together. From an outside perceptive it might seem like nothing had really changed they might just be spending a little more time together since Masaomi was gone. Anri didn't have the luxury of seeing this from the outside, for a long time now Saika spoke louder to her but only when he was near. Anri didn't understand why Mikado being near to her made Saika so loud, it was getting louder and louder and she was truly scared that it could mean that she was loosing control. Then she spotted Mikado, wearing his usual green and white jacket, looking at his phone, she wondered maybe she left him waiting too long, she started to hear Saika's voice grow louder she felt her own heart start to race.

She walked over to him, "I'm sorry did I keep you waiting?"

"No, it's fine." Mikado said putting away his phone. He smiled at Anri who was wearing a black cardigan over a pink dress.

As the pair decided to make their way to their movie they had no idea that they were being watched.

The man wore a dark suit and pulled out his cell phone and after dialing the number he simply said, "I've found them."

In the criminal underground there were a few parties that were angry at the leaders of three groups. The leader of the slashers was unknown and the leader of the yellow scarfs was long gone and no one but a few people knew the name of the leader of the dollars. A few members of the yellow scarves that were once members of the Blue squares knew Mikado was the leader but they were in jail with injuries. Once they had been apprehended the yellow scarfs fell apart for the most part letting the teens lead a normal life without the fear of someone coming after them. That started to change as word amongst criminals was that both Mikado and Anri had something to do with what happened and that taking them out would reveal the Dollars leader and Slashers. Suddenly there were whispers about a hit on both of them and the yellow scarves, yakuza and other criminals were eager to cash in. Now someone had spotted them and was waiting for the right time. But the news about their location started to spread.

They watched the movie in peace, it was comedy with romantic elements which made both of them uneasy. After the movie they made their way to a local restaurant to get something to eat. A blonde waitress came over and took their order. They sat across each other taking in stolen glances in silence. Neither knew what to say to each other so they just smiled.

Mikado looked at Anri's small shy smile, he was wringing his hands nervously he could feel his hands start to sweat. Anri noticed his nervous smile she folded her hands on her lap feeling her heart starting to race again as the voice rang louder in her head. It was an odd experience for her even with Saika's voice ringing in her head somehow just being around Mikado kept her calm.

Then the waitress came over with their drinks. "Enjoy." She said with a cheerful bounce. "I'll have your food in a minute."

Mikado thought she looked a little older than most waitresses and it seemed like she was trying too hard to be cheerful. He tired to focus on her so he wouldn't to focus on Anri who made him so nervous. As he looked at the restaurant he noticed how empty the place looked, the waitress seemed to be the only one of the staff there.

Mikado took a sip from his drink, "There doesn't seem to be a lot of people working here today."

"Yeah" Anri agreed. "That's probably why it's taking them so long to get our food."

The air around them was tense neither knowing what to say so they just sat there drinking their bubbly soda.

Mikado couldn't help but think back to that video link that Masaomi sent him. He said they should wait for Masaomi to return before they decided anything about their relationship but then again that was something he assumed that they never actually agreed to. He was certainly aware that he wanted to be more than just friends.

Mikado thought to himself, Should I ask her now? We never talked about actually dating before. Maybe I should just wait until Masaomi comes back.

In the end he didn't say anything just because he was to nervous to bringing the subject up.

Maybe he should have as that moment several yellow scarfs entered the restaurant. One of them, who was wearing a yellow hoodie, looked familiar to the pair like they had seen him get his head shaved and then tossed into a wall.

"Yeah, it's them." He said smugly at finding them as he pulled out his knife. The others then proceeded to pull out there knives.

Mikado's mind flush with ideas mostly about why were there people with knives looking for them. Anri had a different experience as she felt that there was danger she also felt the familiar sensation of the cold blade slipping out of her arm. She didn't want Mikado to see her like that, he knew she had a magic sword inside her that was a fact she couldn't keep after the fight at the warehouse, she still didn't want to stab someone in front of him.

It was clear that something had to be done or someone was going to be hurt and Anri decided that if she didn't want Mikado hurt she had to act. She had decided but as the window was smashed through by a gangster with a gun who jumped in things changed. He wore a dark suit and pointed a gun slowly shifting it between Mikado and Anri.

The man with the yellow hoodie yelled at him, "They're ours. We're collecting the bounty on these suckers heads!"

"Gun beats knives." The suited man pointed it him instead of his targets to emphasis his point.

A car screeched to a stop in front of the restaurant and people holding weapons quickly flooded out of it.

"What?! Does everyone know they're here?!" The hooded man said assuming they came for the same reason he did. "Where they go?" He said noticing the pair had left.

Only a moment ago when the gun man showed up and took focus Mikado grabbed Anri's hand pulling her away and heading out to the back.

As they ran out the back door the sword slipped back inside her. Anri looked at her hand in Mikado's as they ran it reminded her of the time Masaomi did something similar but this felt different. They ran knowing that it wouldn't take them that long to be found so they just kept running.

The thing they really didn't known was the waitress saw them leave. She was on her cell phone, "We'll it's done. They just ran down the street. I don't think they'll last too long."

"Is that so." Izaya spoke on the other end.

"By any chance did you happen to tell any body else about their location?"

"Maybe." He chuckled. "Word spreads quickly in this city. Now we just have to see how things end up. Let's see how lucky they get today."

Word did spread quickly amongst the city's criminals that whoever got the two high school students would earn a whole lot of money which meant that they all started to look for them.

Anri and Mikado hid in an alley way trying to figure why people were suddenly after them. They thought they had been safe and for a long time nothing seemed to put them in any real danger.

Their hearts beat quickly they didn't think much of it since they were threaten and ran only moments ago.

"Why are they after us?" Mikado asked.

"Not sure." Anri said just trying to keep a level head. Her eyes turned red as she reached out to Saika's children but none were near.

Then they heard the familiar click of a gun. They turned around to see the gun man from earlier and holding the gun at them. "Lucky me, I'm the first to find you."

Their eyes widened in shock but it wasn't because of the gun man and he figured so when a large shadow fell over him. As he turned around his hand was grabbed and he was pulled up by it.

"Violence is bad." The smiling Simon said picking him up with only one hand.

Simon tightened his grip on his hand making it hard for him to pull the trigger as he heard his fingers crack. "You two just run off."

"Okay." Mikado said pulling Anri away as they ran towards the street.

"You come get some sushi later. I give you good deal." He called after them.

Simon was the black Russian sushi chef. He was a well known pacifist but that doesn't mean that if you cause violence he won't make you regret it. He was a tall imposing figure even if he was just simply smiling so one can imagine how the gun man felt being lifted by him.

"Now why don't you tell me why you were after those two kids? Or I might just to turn you into human sushi and it doesn't taste too good."

As his grip tightened the gun man let out a whimper. Simon was a patient man and a pacifist but seeing a guy pull out a gun on two kids for no reason was something he couldn't ignore.


Celty and Shinra were playing a video game on the tv when Shinra's phone rang.

Pausing the game he picked up the phone, "Hello Shinra speaking."

"Hello Shinra!" Simon bellowed on the other end.

"Simon?" The unlicensed doctor asked. "You don't usually call."

"Yes, I need to speak to Celty."

"Celty?" Shinra put the phone on speaker. "She's on."

"Yes, I have a job for you."

Celty typed on her PDA

A Job?

"A job?" Shinra repeated for Simon to hear.

"You transport things, yes?"

"She does, the best at it." Shinra told him.

"Two kid's need someone to get them."

Simon then explained to them what he found out from the gun man that was passed out in the garbage next to him. That someone had put a hit on them.

"Who would want those two kids dead?" Shinra asked. "They seem so nice. Okay, the girl is a little distant and there is the whole thing with the sword but still."

Celty typed quickly on the keyboard.

It's Izaya Orihana.

"Izaya?" Shinra said. "Why? He really isn't the kind to hold a grudge. Besides if he really wanted them dead he'd send a killer to their houses, nice a quick."

I saw him talk a girl into jumping off a building.

"You told me. The thing is he likes seeing people's emotions. Sending killer doesn't get him the front row seat he likes. In his own unique he loves people, he doesn't really try to kill them. He'd honestly prefer to leave them alive and just suffering a little."

Either way I really have to find Anri and Mikado.

"Right, it's getting dark soon. It's going to be harder to find them but if someone else finds them then it just going to make it easier for them to finish the job."

Simon told them where they headed and Celty grabbed her helmet and got to her bike.


Even as night fell the city still glimmered like a beacon. Trying to avoid the crowds and anyone that might be after them Mikado hand in hand with Anri ran through the busy streets. Anri gave his hand a squeeze as they ran, she could ran fast but would have to leave him behind and she didn't want to and being with him kept her calm.

The pair quickly found themselves in the park as they tried to catch their breath.

Little did they know that only a short distance Izaya smiled devilishly as he pulled out his phone to send a message to certain people looking for the pair.

The neigh of a horse was heard breaking the silence of the night as the familiar headless rider rode into the park.

We're in trouble someone is trying to get you two killed.

"We noticed." Mikado said taking a breath.

Are you two all right? You're red and breathing hard.

"We've been running a lot." Anri pointed out.

Right, hop on I'll take you guys home.

As they finished reading her PDA Celty created a pair of helmets and a side car on the bike using her shadows. Anri got on the bike leaving Mikado to take the side car, they quickly made their way into streets. Unfortunately for them they were blocked by a large group of thugs they were trying to lose. Trying to turn back they found themselves surrounded.

There were a few murmurs about the Black Rider but they didn't seem less eager to continue their attack. Celty thought she could take them on but it would mean they could get Anri and Mikado.

"Celty!" A gruff voice yelled behind them.

Everyone turned to source to find Shizuo Heiwajima. He walked towards them, the crowd frozen in terror. The cigaret he was smoking quickly was tossed to the ground to be snuffed out by his foot. "Are they causing you trouble?"

Celty just gave a nod. The people around them shuddered knowing Shizuo reputation.

"Are you seriously trying to hurt her?" Shizuo said his voice bubbling with anger as he noticed all the weapons.

One of the guys just too scared to shut up explained. "No, we just want the kids."

"You want to hurt those two kids!?" Shizuo voice became harsher almost like a growl. "Is Izaya involved?"

That same guy simply stuttered, "Huh, h-he's just been telling us where they are."

"So he's in the city." He turned to Celty. "Get those kids out of here."

That's all he felt he needed to say he picked up a guy and tossed into some of the people blocking Celty's path opening it up for her. Celty took the chance to leave. Shizuo cracked his knuckles, that was enough to send many of the thugs running in terror, he smiled broadly imagining the beating he would give Izaya the second he found him after dealing with the crowd.

Celty figured they were being watched by Izaya so she came up a with a plan. Her shadows spread across the streets covering all the light leaving the street in pure darkness.

I have a plan. Get off.

They read her PDA that glowed in the darkness liken a small beacon. They complied with what she told them. Then her shadows formed around her shaping themselves into black mannequin like duplicates of themselves.

Give me your jacket.

Mikado gave it Celty who put it on the figure in the side car.

"Oh I get it." Mikado told her. " You drive off with them and they'll think they're us."

Yeah, I'm sorry I can't take you home but if they follow me you'll be safer.

"We understand." Anri nodded in agreement. "

Since Anri was already wearing black and with Mikado's jackets along with the helmets no one would be able tell the difference as Celty sped past.

Call me if you need anything. Get home lock the doors and stay put.

With that she sped off as they made their way home. Celty speeding across the city made it hard to tell the difference between Mikado and Anri and the shadow duplicates not that it really matter as most of the people looking for them were beaten senseless.

Anri and Mikado hurried to Anri's apartment as it was the nearest one and Mikado insisted on making sure she got home safe. Anri convinced him to stay with her since it would be too dangerous for him to be out. In reality Anri wanted to protect him should something happen.


Her apartment was small with just a few pieces of furniture. Mikado not thinking just sat down on the bed and Anri sat besides him. They looked at each other for a moment breathing heavily. One could say that what happened next was a result of hormones and just sheer joy at still being alive but it happened.

Mikado kissed Anri. It's not something he planned it just something that happened in the moment so when he realized he did it he was about to pull back when he felt her press her lips back. Feeling a bit more confident Mikado continued to kiss her. At that moment the rest of the world didn't seem to matter, killers, magic swords, information brokers, headless riders, none of that existed for them. As their hearts raced they continued to kiss falling onto the bed.

But the outside world still continued on regardless and that night was just the start of something bigger.

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