What is Love

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Chapter 11 : Unconditional

It should have been a happy day, but it turned to one parents have nightmares about. Only a few hours old and someone had taken a small child away from her parents.

Shinra eventually woke up after some legal doctor check that he was going to be fine. Though nervous he did tell the police what he saw, and as outlandish as mercenaries invading a hospital they had to take his words for it since the hospitals' security cameras were disabled at the time. They might have called him crazy but they did find a dart in him to back up his claim. Finally the police let him go to where he found the other's waiting.

"Where is Celty?" Shinra asked Erika and Walker.

"Oh, Celty went ballistic." Erika explained in a rather blunt fashion.

"Yeah, after she heard someone hurt you." Walker began taking a deep worried breath. "It looked like she was ready to tear someone's head off. Yeah, Shizuo needed to calm her down."

Shinra paled at the idea of Celty being so angry that Shizuo would be calm in comparison. Then he smiled knowing that Celty cared for him so much.

"Eh!" Shinra gulped out. "Wh-where is she now?"

Kadota spoke up, "Shizuo persuaded her to take a ride to calm down. Then he made sure those two kid's got home safe."

"How are they?" Shinra asked in his unusual worried tone.

"Their baby was kidnapped, they're doing as well as it could be expected. It's just a mix of shock, fury, sadness and horror."

The group grew quiet. They didn't know how long they remained like that as the moments blended into one another.

That was when the groups phone started toe ring. They all got the same message.

"We have to go." Kadota said.

"Its fine." Shinra waved off their concern.

As they left Shinra was sure he saw Walker's eyelids open up as a serious expression spread over his face. When he was alone Shinra took out his phone. A few minutes later a taxi arrived and picked him.

Across the city many things were happening and reflecting that the news was going wild. First off their was the news of a baby stolen from the hospital which easily pulled on the strings of peoples hearts. Then there was the fact that people all across the city vanished the night before and they still hadn't shown up.

Shizuo had an idea of who was behind it all so he did the reasonable thing and went to their office. Normally he would hate the idea of going anywhere near Izaya unless to beat him to a bloody pulp but frankly there was a baby that need to be found. When he got to the building he found the door ripped off it's hinges, every door to the office had been ripped off its hinges. Finally he got to that office to find Izaya hung up in his own office.

"Have you come to save me?" Izaya said care free despite being upside down.

Shadow like tendrils were wrapped around his body and those tendrils were coming from Celty. Her shadows wrapped around the room making it all the darker. Strangely a woman with long dark hair and a shot skirt sat in a chair flipping though a file acting like nothing strange was happening in that room.

Izaya taunted Celty. "I'm not Shinra, and I'm starting to think he'd be upset if he saw us like this." One of the shadows wrapped his neck and tightened.

"If you're going to kill him please try not to make a mess." Namie said in usual dry tone.

"Oh, don't act like that." Izaya said with his ever giddy tone. "People might think that you don't care if I live or die."

"I don't, I'm care that you'll spill his blood on my new skirt."

"Shut up!" Celty's voice rang in their heads frustrated.

After a moment of silence Namie spoke, "Maybe you should take a moment and actually ask him a question."

"Yeah, you haven't tried that yet." Izaya grinned.

What did you do to the baby? Who attacked Shinra?

"Normally, I would give out a snide comment about which baby but I'll skip that today." Izaya was put on the floor and he started to type away at the computer. "Since the people behind this also happened to attack Shinra, I'll do this probono."

"How generous." Shizuo said annoyed.

"The mercenary group behind this has already left the country. They are professionals and when the police got involved they got paid and left." Izaya explained to them. "Also my contacts have told me of who hired them and where they transported the baby to."

"Then who has the kid?" Shizuo said rather calmly but the air around him told him he was ready to kill if he wasn't told what he wanted to hear. " The Nebula Corporation."

"The same company that bought out my family's corporation?" Namie lifted her head when she heard that name.

"The very same." Izaya quickly wrote down the address. "Word has it that they are into all sort of things. It's likely they only bought Yagiri Pharmaceuticals for Celty's head. I've even heard that they are searching for immortals." Izaya started to type away at his computer.

"Are you being serious? You expect us to believe in immortals?" Shizuo was rightfully hesitant to believe the informant.

"The headless rider by your side doesn't broaden your scope? Well, there is a group of informants in New York I sometimes trade information with and they sent over this." Turning the screen to them to show a series of photos most dating back to the 1930s and all of them showing the same couple Shizuo saw at the hospital.

"They're immortal?"

"Yes, I wondered why they were taken so I did a little research. I found out they are actually thieves with robberies reported back to the 1930s in America. In all that time they haven't aged a day."

"You have to be kidding me." Shizuo found it a little hard to believe.

"Yes, so if you intend to save them too you might want to hurry. It seems to be a lucky day for those scientist getting two immortals and that unique baby."

What do you mean?

"You haven't asked? Why would they be interested in a baby? A baby born of the host of that sword?"

But the sword is dead.

"Is it now? Last night Saika's children did see up for something."

Celty didn't know what was going on but she needed to act, as she turned to leave Shizuo turned to Izaya.

The man in the bartender suit glared at him, "Do you have anything to do with this?"

"Me? I have my standards, why would I have a baby kidnapped? If I wanted a reaction from his parents I would be there to see the reactions. Now, if you intend to save that baby you should hurry, scientist and a baby might not be the best of mix."

Shizuo had a feeling that the flea had something to do with this but he was sure he didn't have the time to beat it out of him. Shizuo and Celty both left.

After a few minutes Izaya looked over his messages almost with an unnatural glee.

"You do have something to do with this, don't you?" Namie questioned the informant.

"Not directly." Izaya said calmly.

"I do remember this mess you set off about nine months ago."

"Oh, right. I put out that bounty on Anri and Mikado. I was bored that weekend and tried something small to see if I could get any traction on starting a war here in Ikebukuro, that is why I had you get those pills. I had that woman you paid off for me slip them into their drinks."

"Those pills that lower inhibition?"

"The very same."

"Were you trying to get them pregnant? You lower the inhibitions of teenagers of course they'll end up in bed together."

"No, I just wanted to see who they really were. Trying to show Mikado what Anri really was and maybe start a fight between the Dollars and Saika's children."

"That didn't happen."

"No, it seems that Mikado has accepted her but now the children have gotten more active with the recent birth."

"So what is happening?" Namie couldn't help but question him.

A smile spread across the informants face, "If I were to guess I would say that Saika has found a new host. Its left the sword and used the chance to be born as a human. It is certain to be an interesting result. Humans are so unpredictable that I might still get my war."

Mikado was at his apartment typing away at his computer. He had sent a message to the Dollar's in hopes that someone would be able to find something on who took his baby. Anri had gone to their room to rest. He was not sure but he had gotten the Dollar's in frenzy trying to find that baby. Most simply thought that even their mysterious leader was outraged by the story of a baby being taken.

At that very moment following some leads the van gang had managed to corner one of the mercenaries that had decided to get drunk and stayed behind. The van was parked in a dark alley with Walker and Erika giving the quickly sobering man their special brand of attention.

Mikado was pacing in the apartment trying to think of what else to do, it felt like he was playing chess with someone and they were in the dark as they played.

Someone knocked on the door and Mikado opened it to find Masaomi.

The blonde haired friend quickly took a measure of his friend, "Mikado? How are you doing?" He heard about what happened and rushed over after he asked some people he knew from the yellow squares if they could help.

"I don't know. Nothing is happening." Mikado managed to blurt out.

Masaomi wanted to say that it would be okay but at this point he didn't know if it was going to happen. "How's Anri handling it?"

"Better than you would expect. She's being crying." That fact seemed to tear away at him. "She went to bed to try and rest a little."

"That's good, I guess."

They stayed there in silence until there was pounding at the door.

"Hurry up!" Walker's voice rang out from the other side.

They opened the door and they found the van gang, Kadota was the first to speak, "We know where your baby is. I thought you'd want to come. Get Anri and let's go."

Mikado didn't hesitate to go get her and Masaomi only asked, "How did you find her?"

"You don't want to know." Erika said cheerfully.

As Mikado reached the room he called out, "Anri!" When he checked on the bed he found that Anri wasn't there.

Shinra was in his apartment, had just gotten back and found his father waiting for him. His eyes blocked out by the white gas mask he wore.

"Dad." He said less than eager to speak. "

"Hello." The man in all white responded.

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to see how everything was unfolding."

"Please tell me you didn't have anything to do with this."

"I didn't. I'm a father and I would never do anything that would rip a child away from it's parents, even one of such a birth."

"So you know?" Shinra asked his father at a glance.

"Yes, I heard rumors and ideas of what that baby would be. They think that spirit in Saika gave the two teenagers a nudge, made sure that the girl got pregnant so that it would get a body away from the sword."

"So their baby is…."

"Their baby is a new life in need of someone to love them, no different from any new born. Already she has a fierce and protective mother."


"Look at your safe."

Shinra went over to the safe he kept the sword in and to his shock it looked like the door had been torn off. Where the sword was meant to be was empty space and the ripped remains of Celty's shadow.

Anri ran down the streets wearing a hoodie, it was cloudy and made it a perfect place to hide the sword. Mika had texted her the address to where her baby was. Anri didn't ask how she knew but was grateful.

Mika had bugged Namie's office and had overheard Izaya talking to a contact of his, a bartender, who told him everything a drunk mercenary told him. Eventually that mercenary would be caught but not before telling him everything they needed to know.

She found that the abilities that Saika gave her, great strength and speed still lingered in her even without the sword, and she was going to use them to take back her child.

She reached Yagiri Pharmaceuticals gates and ready to enter what she could only measure against the gates of hell. That was when a screeching sound was heard and she moved out of the way as a van crashed through the gates.

The doors of the van opened and Mikado jumped out, "Anri!" He wrapped his arms around her.

"Mikado." She sighed before hugging him back. "Our baby is here. I just had to-"

"I don't care. Let's get her back."

The neigh of a horse broke through air as the headless rider screeched to a stop with the strongest man in Ikebukuro ridding in the back seat.

Looks like we're the last ones here.

"I crashed my van to get in!" Togusa yelled. "Let's get this baby!"

The group of seemingly random people walked into the building to find it all but empty. There walls with the occasional splatter marks of blood, small but enough to worry the group. They found no bodies and no sings of life, that is until they heard voices. Following the trail of sound they were lead into an observation room, through a one way mirror they found Isaac and Miriam now both dressed in hospital patient scrubs and they were both playing peek-a-boo with a baby.

Mikado and Anri quickly rushed to the door and Anri used the sword to slash the door knob to open it, the sword was still absurdly sharp. The whole group rushed into the room.

"Hello." Miriam waved at them both her and her partner seemed oblivious that they were being held against their will.

"I think we're winning this game." Isaac added as they both continued to play with the baby.

"You're okay." Anri rushed towards her baby glad to see her blue eyes, but then the eyes flashed red.

The other were next to her looking at the baby making sure that they were all safe.

"A happy family reunion." Haruna came into the room her movements fluid and slow. Her eyes always glowing an unnatural red as she walked into room other joined her with the same red eyes. They could tell from the badges they wore that most of them worked there but they could tell others were people around the city.

Haruna spoke, "Mother wanted you here. She wanted show her love for all of you, well, except the three monsters."

"Monsters?" Miriam asked.

"I don't know." Isaac admitted, "Maybe they're invisible or the monster within us all."

"That must be it, you're so smart Isaac."

Ignoring the mumbling the others watched as people with glowing red eyes corner them. Shizuo wanted to let loose but he knew he'd hurt people and Celty wanted to pull out her scythe but in such a small room she wouldn't be able to properly use it.

Haruna moved towards them, "Mother was glad that you could all be here to join us." A small knife in her hand glinted.

"So, our baby…." Anri started it.

"Yes, when the two of you first came together Mother was given a human body. In silence she's been commanding me to grow our family. To celebrate her birth you will all join us."

Mikado and Anri were both noticeably confused and shocked to find out they gave birth to the spirit of a cursed sword.

The others were just confused and letting them talk.

"Isn't that wonderful, Sonohara? You don't have to be alone anymore. You will have a family that loves you. You have finally learned to love people and what that means."

"I think I've always wanted that." Anri admitted her voice quiet. "Ever since Saika started to give me dreams of a perfect family but for the first time I actually had a chance to have that perfect family."

Haruna held out the knife as she stepped forwards.

"No!" Anri told her. "That's not what I meant. This is my family. Everyone here I've come to accept as my family. "Anri closed her eyes thinking about the words that Shizuo once told her. "I've come to think of Celty and Erika as my sisters. I've come to think of Masomi, Shizou and the others as my brothers. They've only tried to help me for the last few months. And Mikado I've come to think of him as something more." Anri grabbed his hand and gave it a confident squeeze. They she turned not to Haruna but the red eyed child. "Saika, you're my baby and nothing will change that. I've known you for so long and I know you only love people and the only way you could express that was by cutting them but things are different now. You have an actual body now. You can just tell people you love them when you learn to talk. You can hold people, you kiss people you can do all sorts of things. I'm your mother and I love you and would love to give you a life where you could do that. Give me a chance to teach you what I have learned because of you."

The small baby looked at Anri her eyes glowing bright red and the room grew silent. All of the sudden the red eyes turned blue just like her father's. The Children of Saika all collapsed to ground dropping the various knifes they held. They all seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep. The others were still at a lost for what was happening but seeing the parents reunited with their child they couldn't disagree with the events.

Anri pulled her baby into her arms and kissed her, "I promise I will be great mother for you. You will never know a day that you're aren't loved by us."

Mikado smiled as he wrapped his arms around them.

The two immortal clapped quietly and "Aw!" Seeing the sight not even knowing they were in danger a moment ago.

Celty knew that baby held a power that could awaken an army but for the moment it seemed ready to try out being a human. There was a chance that when that baby grew up they could become the slasher or possibly a saint trying to care for everyone. Celty didn't know which way things would go but considering her parents Celty was willing to gamble.

A few days later all the people infected by Saika's children returned home not even realizing anything happened. Peace had returned and life carried on.

Masaomi and Saki planned something for that day. They gathered everyone and told them to go to Anri and Mikado's apartment to celebrate their babies birth.

"I say we paint Saika's baby room with Sailor Saturn." Erika spoke to Walker as he carried a large box with their baby gift. "Weird, dark origin story but in the end she became a defender of justice."

"I like!" Walker agreed. "Let's get some paint. We're going to need a lot of purple."

"Shut up." Kadota told them. "Let them choose how to paint the room."

"Simon!" Erika asked the black Russian. "What did you get them? Coupons for sushi?"

"No, babies can't eat sushi. They don't have teeth." Simon told the energetic girl. "I bought the little girl clothing. She should't get cold."

"We got her the cutest little pink baby blanket!" Shinra said practically singing. Celty face palmed, she found that Shinra adored the little girl despite everything. What made it weird was that he used it as an excuse to talk to Celty about making their own baby.

"Oh~!" Erika smiled as she saw Shizuo carrying a large stuffed pink bunny. "You got the baby a bunny!"

His sun glasses slipped a little and he gave the girl a glare that alone could kill. "Yes, it's an in joke with me and her mom."

Walker placed his hand over Erika's mouth to keep her from saying anything that might force the blonde man into a rage.

Walker then felt Erika kiss his palm forcing him to pull away, only to find her giving him a smile.

They had gathered in front of their apartment but no one answered. Finally Masaomi opened the door with his spare key and checked on them.

After a moment he came back carrying a note, "They're gone. They went and left."

"What? Where?" Saki asked her boyfriend.

"Back to his old home, back to his parents. The note says they suddenly decided it was time for Mikado to introduce his girlfriend and their baby to his parents. They'll be gone for a few days and I should water the plants." Masaomi started laughing, "I've met his parents, good luck Mikado."

"Are they that bad?" Saki questioned him. "Yeah, once they meet Anri and their grandchild they might never let them come back."

"So, I guess we'll have reschedule this party until they get back." Mika finished up.

"Oh, we wanted to see the baby." Mariam bemoaned.

"Worry not Miriam." Isaac declared. "They will return and we will appreciate them the more. As they say, absence makes the heart fonder."

At that moment a train had left the station in Ikebukuro and was speeding away. On the train rode three people in particular. Anri held their daughter in her arms as she slept, the little baby they had named Saika slept most peacefully when in her mother's arms. The little baby loved nothing more that to cuddle up against her parents and those that had been added to their family. No strange things had happened since they left the pharmaceutical company. No one came after Saika, maybe they thought she was too much trouble. Everyone one of Saika's children didn't wake up and let their host carry on with their normal lives.

Mikado placed and arm around Anri pulling her next to him. He smiled at his sleeping daughter and then at Anri. They traded small smiled and then Mikado's eyes fell to Anri's hand were a small ring rested. It wasn't an expensive ring but it was the best he could afford and they both cherished the promise they made with that ring.

Mikado thought back about when he first left home, he wanted to find a new exciting world and he certainly found it but he also found his new home and his new family.

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