Well hello everybody! Welcome to my second Code Geass fanfic, which has been cooling in my hard drive for over a month! I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I am but a poor university student. If I came up with Code Geass, it wouldn't exist right now.

For the lower levels of the Black Knights, Zero and Kallen often being locked away when Nunnally didn't need him, was as natural as breathing. To those who knew the truth, it was simply mystifying. Yes Kallen had always supported Zero, but that was before. Why would she be with him now?

It began weeks ago, and would probably continue until there was no more story to tell.

The knock on Suzaku's door was unexpected, and he climbed up from his bed reluctantly. He was hoping for a minute to himself to catch up on some much needed sleep. How Lelouch had done it, he had no idea.

"Yes?" He asked after sliding his mask into place.

"It's me, Kozuki. Can I come in?"

Suzaku made a noise of affirmation, curiosity winning out over his desire for sleep. She walked in quickly, still in her school uniform. She began to speak the second the door had slid closed.

"Tell me about the first time you met Lelouch."

Startled, Suzaku tried to come up with something to say.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Kozuki. . ."

"I know who you are, so don't try to lie to me Suzaku."

While he floundered in how to respond, Kallen made her way to his couch, curling up on it while playing with the necklace she wore.

"Most of us who knew the truth about Lelouch know Suzaku, but no one else is likely to confront you about it. So stop worrying about your stupid cover."

"Kallen," Suzaku ground out, taking a seat on the couch opposite her. "No one can know."

"And I won't tell anyone, Zero, but I have to have something. I just want a piece of him to take with me. And you're the only one I can ask."

"You just want to know about his childhood?"

"Just what you know," Kallen answered.

"Well, the first time we met. . ."

And so, whenever it was possible, Zero and Kallen shared their stories behind thick steel doors, away from the expectations of the world.

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