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State of the Simpsons Union

"And now the President of the United States will address us."

Lisa Simpson strolled to the podium, outwardly every inch the calm, composed national leader she was. Inwardly, she giggled and skipped for joy at the attainment of childhood dreams. With a small smile she began her scripted speech.

"My fellow Americans…"

A shadow pulled away from a wall above the crowd listening to the President's speech. It gracefully glided from rafter to rafter, watching everything around it, and making sure nothing could see it.

Like the three terrorists preparing to shoot the President and bomb the crowd.

The shadow flowed closer and closer until it stood just behind the terrorist positioned the farthest back. Probably the leader or someone to deal with guards or both. Too bad for him.

One tranq-glove jab and he was in nighty-night land. The sniper and spotter followed soon after. The shadow secured them to the supports after searching them for hidden weapons, tools, and any indication that there would be more of these idiots. Nothing.

The shadow surveyed the rafters and then the crowd, but came up with no threats. So it perched listening to the President's speech, it noticed the President's family sitting at a table. Well, most of it anyway.

The President's two children weren't there, but her parents, husband, and older brother were. Supreme Court Justice Bartholomew Simpson smirked as his little sister spoke, but maintained a dignity that differed greatly from the imp he was in youth.

When the speech finished, the shadow stood proudly and saluted its Commander-in-Chief. Then it silently flowed back into the darkness.

President Simpson closed her speech and stood for the press to snap a few more photos when she glanced up to see a saluting silhouette in the rafters that faded away. Gasping quietly, Lisa started to smile before stepping back to the podium. "One last thing, I would like to thank our armed forces for doing their best to keep us safe. Thank you for everything you do and go through for us."

Then she turned and strode off. 'Thanks Maggie,' she thought with a smile.

As she walked back into the Pit, Corporal Maggie "Sucker" Simpson smiled around the tootsie pop that inspired her code name.

Shipwreck saw and called out, "Hey Sucker! How was your vacation?"

She pulled the sucker out and smiled wider, "Family." She kept on walking.

Shipwreck shook his head and muttered, "I get better conversation outta Snake Eyes than that girl."