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Sansa used as always the nearly hidden ways of the Red Keep when she was on her way to the Sept, not risking running into Joffrey or a member of the Kingsguard. She still prayed every day, prayed for Robb, her mother. The way was dark, but empty, so she could feel at least a bit safe. She walked on a gallery when she suddenly heard voices from beneath and stopped in motion.

"I won't accept that the Tyrells get Winterfell, they have enough power by now, so I will marry Sansa Stark off."

The voice of Tywin Lannister made itself heard, Sansa quickly hid behind a column, but before she risked a quick glance down. She saw the Queen with her father and uncle standing in the hall, nobody else was there. She didn't dare to move from her now hidden position, fearing they would hear her.

"The Stark girl will marry Ser Gregor Clegane, Winterfell and the North will be his price for his constant service to our House."

Sansa felt a knot in her stomach when she remember the "Mountain" but didn't dare to make a sound.

"Clegane, father, really?"

"Your brother refused to marry her, so I have no other choice"

"And you believe the girl will survive this? How many wives of Clegane have already perished, three?"

The queen nearly sounded worried.

"I will order him to be careful until she gives him a son, the Lords of the North will follow Ned Stark's grandchild, after this happened the girl is of no use to us."

With these words she heard him turn and left.

"A pity, the poor girl" Ser Kevans voice was calmer than the one of his brother, he even sounded sad.

"She is still a traitor's daughter uncle, she will do what we think is necessary, and she can be lucky that she didn't lose her head over her little plot with the Tyrells. Like father like daughter. But the Mountain will most likely make sure of this, eventually"

"Maybe she got lucky and your brother change his mind, Tywin gave him three days. Nobody deserves the hell she will go through with Clegane"

"And the vile little monster that calls himself my brother should be better?"

A small laugh escaped the Queens throat.

"You may not believe it Cersei but your brother is a better man than you think, he is smart and has the ability to be kind, yes he even could make her happy, and if you and he would put your differences beside you could accomplish a lot together."

"Now you're ridiculous uncle."

The queen left with large audible steps and let Ser Kevan stand alone in the room not aware of the shaking girl on the gallery

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