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They didn't speak a word until Viserion landed at the deck of the Valyrian Invincible Heritage, Sansa still clamping tight at him. Without his armour she might had suffocated him. After both finally had gotten out of Viserion's saddle Tyrion could take a closer look at Sansa in the rising sunlight and the light of the torches on board of his ship. She looked even paler than before, maybe because of the flight. She had the blanked tightened around her, fanatic looking around with her eyes, but moving from Tyrion's side. He now could see an auburn hairline on her skull and realised he still didn't know what happened to her, a thousand questions rushed through his mind. He wanted to ask her so much but he could see she wasn't in the condition for hi interrogation, still shaking.

Tyrion called for two handmaiden, luckily they had them on board in case of highborn Ladies taken prisoner or hostage during the conquest.

"Don't worry Sansa everything is going to be fine, they will help you" Tyrion assured Sansa taking her hand in his he lightly stroke over the cold skin. She looked overwhelmed with the situation, he could imagine how. But she needed rest and so when the two young women with the bronze coloured sin arrived Tyrion urged Sansa to go with them.

"Pour her a hot bath and prepare something to eat before you lead her to a chamber so she can rest. Make sure she has everything she need." Tyrion instructed the handmaiden sternly in valyrian. "She is your better, don't forget this and not a prisoner." The maiden looked surprised but followed his orders without questions, dragging a reluctant Sansa with them who didn't want to move. "Go with them, you will be fine, please trust me." Tyrion assured her, glad he received a hesitating nod from Sansa before she followed the maiden. She still looked startled by his kindness, why did she expected differ from him? Maybe because all every time expect the worst of him, Tyrion thought bitterly.

After He had successful convinced Sansa it would be best to follow her new handmaiden Tyrion sighed heavily, trying to bring order in his mind.

"Pardon my Lord, but who is she?" Simo the old captain of Tyrion's Lion's guard asked stepped close to him. Tyrion turned to see the old worrier in his fifties looking curious. His red armour with the roaring lion on the chest shining like fire in the light.

"This, my valiant captain, is my wife, the Lady Sansa." Tyrion explained to him, not surprised about his surprise. "Make sure everybody knows who she is and treat her with the respect she deserved, or anticipate my wrath. Dismissed" With a gesture of his hand he sent Simo away.

After Simo had left and Tyrion was alone with his thought, only Viserion keeping him company his head slowly connected the strings of the latest events. She had been in a sky cell, half dead, no matter what had happened over the cause of the last years he felt responsible. He hadn't protected her, he had married her against her will and the least he could have done had been protecting her but he failed.

Again he had failed to protect his wife.

Tyrion's head started to ache, screams from the distance of his memory resounding in his head. He knew that after all what had happened she hardly was his wife, but still, he put his cloak around her shoulders, he had taken an oath to protect her and he failed, again.

His anger at himself took the better of him, the desperation to have failed again leading his hands. Tyrion grabbed his axe, losing the focus of his surroundings all he wanted to do was destroying something releasing the tension in his veins.

He brought his axe down on the planks of his precious flagship, over and over again. He raised his axe and brought it down, hearing the sound of a growling Viserion behind him mixture with the dumb sound of his axe meeting the oak, little splinters flying around him.

He started to scream, crying in fury. First Tysha and now Sansa "

NO!" He howled to himself, never again. This would not happen again, he would protect her, no matter what the future would bring he wouldn't fail again, he had failed too often already, not again.

One last time his axe met the planks, now being stuck in the wood. Heavy panting Tyrion wiped the sweat from his forehead, quickly glancing to Viserion seeing him ceasing his growling in the morning sky. Tyrion turned around again and found H'karo standing next to him a curious expression on his face.

"What?" Tyrion spat at him, still heavy breathing.

"The burned man is here, Timet" H'karo informed him his hands folded behind his back.

"So soon?" Tyrion asked bewildered. He hadn't expected him so early. H'karo simply nodded and gestured Tyrion to follow him to the 'council chamber' the biggest room in the ship. He would have preferred to check on Sansa first but she was most likely resting and He had to talk with Timet.


Sansa let the maiden drag her to the belly of the ship, which looked more like a palace. Her mind was rushing and the shivering made it hard to think, she was still cold despise the warmth of the dragon and her husband. Maybe because the horror she had during the flight, Arya would have like it but for her even a ride on a horse was unpleasant.

In an unbelievable speed the bronze skinned handmaiden poured her a hot streaming bath, disrobing her without a word in the process. After they had taken away her clothed Sansa stepped in the hot water, pain radiating through her body when the heat touched her skin.

But she was too grateful to finally be warm again to complain. She ducked her head under water, feeling live spreading again to her body. The hot water relieved the aching and tension in her limps and she felt her blood flowing again.

The handmaiden, Sansa suspected didn't speak the common tongue started to wash her, brushing her skin clean and pink. It felt so god, finally to be clean and to have somebody attending to her, like it had been so long ago.

"Do you want us to dye?" The question startled Sansa out of her relaxing state, the maid had asked her in valyrian, she could speak of course, she had learned it at Winterfell but scarcely used it. The maid pointed asking at her hair and than Sansa understand quickly raising her arm to protest. No she didn't want to keep this colour, she hated it, she wanted her mother's hair back, her auburn hair. "We removing dye?"

"Yes, please." Sansa answered, unsure. She wasn't aware that the dye could be removed but if there was a chance she would take it.

One of the maiden guided her head back and the other went to get a phial. Sansa closed her eyes, letting them do whatever they were about to do. She had to think about much, everything had happened so fast and just now she slowly started to process what had happened.

She had been saved by her husband on a dragon, she still couldn't believe it, it was too good to be true. He had said to the maiden she wouldn't be a prisoner. Had the gods after all listened to her pleas? No that couldn't be, her dream couldn't have become true. Sansa's dreams had ever come true and if only with an evil twist turning it into a nightmare.

But here she was, rescued by Tyrion, the man she had prayed for to have a second chance, she wasn't killed, no an honoured guest, his wife.

A small giggle escaped Sansa, even if she was still confused the situation was one to giggle, a dragon knight had saved her, her small dwarf husband a dragon knight, great and fantastic but also worthy a giggle. Sansa hadn't known that she was still capable of something like that.

After a short while the Handmaiden had been finished and dressed Sansa in a fine robe. She felt refreshed, revived. Her long auburn hair was now falling free a glistering around her shoulders again, shining like copper in the light. The handmaiden wanted to bring her to a chamber but Sansa insisted to be brought to Tyrion's chamber, she had to talk to him, about them, the gods and the future, but also because she wanted to be there, wanted to talk to him properly.


Tyrion had just leaned back in his chair, happy to have some peace. He had just finished the negotiations with the mountain clans, he had come to a very satisfactory solution. The clans would fight for the Queen, bending the knee to her and in exchange the Vale would be theirs. Their chiefs would receive high Lordships and what they would do with the current inhabitants of the Vale wasn't Tyrion's concern. Timet the leader of the burned men would have to care for that, he would soon be the Lord of the Vale.

His moment of peace was soon interrupted when one of the handmaiden he had given to Sansa came in the room and informed him Sansa had demanded to be brought in his chambers and would wait for him.

Totally bewildered by this news Tyrion went to her. What could she possible want in his chambers, she didn't had to be there. He would never demand of her to share a bed with him against her will, not again. Did she want to talk to him? This could certainly wait until she had properly rested.

"My Lady, wouldn't you prefer your own chambers?" Tyrion asked right away after he had stepped in his gracious chambers, finding Sansa sitting in the middle of his large bed. She looked breath-taking, her cheeks were lightly blushing and she wore a long robe. Tyrion could see that she had grown even womanlier than she had already been two years ago. Now she was a beauty, without description, her long auburn hair now showing again.

He froze in the doorway at her sight, dazzled by her. In that moment he didn't wished other than to jump to her in the bed, having her. But he restrained himself, even if they had been married, he wasn't sure if the marriage still stood and even if he had no right to her, he never had.

"No, I am fine here, thanks to you, Tyrion." Tyrion's mouth fell open by her words, what was going on? He approached her slowly, climbing on a chair besides his bed, her gaze didn't leave him.


Sansa felt nervous, she was in his bed, a bed she had feared for so long and now somehow came to long for, but what now? He still was ugly, his scar, his twisted legs, his missing nose, she looked at her hands in her lap, so she wouldn't stare at him. She didn't know why she really wanted to be there, in his bed, but maybe because he was kind to her, because she knew deep inside her she was safe with him. He had after all never touched her, had proven his word worthy her trust and he had saved her.

And if she had learned only one thing in her time in the Vale, while Baelish had tried to shape her after his will than to read people. She had learned that everything a man did had a reason, Baelish had said the reasons were all they cared, unimportant for other purposes than using them against their owners but Sansa thought they were more, a way to determine a good person, to know if one would be safe with that person.

But she hadn't been good at this otherwise she would have seen the corruption in her captor much sooner.

Sansa looked up to him, he still sat there, a gentle expression on his face, waiting patiently. Sansa knew what he wanted, an explanation. And she owed him one.

Her voice was cracking, when she started, telling him about Dontos and how she had been tricked. How Lord Baelish exploited her weaknesses to get her to the Vale, how he used her to provoke her aunt and killed her, how he tried to form her to his tool to gain power and satisfy his desire. She told him from her cousin Robin, still in this monster's hand and small sobs escaped her, she told him from Harry, Randa, Mya and then she even told him from the unwanted affection she had received from him.

Tyrion was silent, but Sansa observed through her puffy eyes how he balled his fist and anger flashed over his face, he knew this face, he had looked upon Joffrey like that.

Then after all was told she told him how she ended up in the sky cell, hearing a loud growl from above her head but didn't stop, she had to tell him, it had to be over:

"After ... after he throw me into the cell, sniff I... I plead for help, I plead to the gods for help, and… and they send you" She told him, finding his jaw falling open. "Yes, I know it was foolish but … .but..."

"My lady, please calm down" He climbed out of his chair and waddled over to the bed standing at the side he laid his hand on hers, trying to smooth her. Sansa hadn't thought it possible but she calmed down, his hand felt good, assuring.

"He wanted to... wanted to break me, but I didn't. He wanted me to be my …other...to...to sniff come to him, but I didn't. I never lied with anyone." Sansa finished, tears streaming down her cheeks. She took hold of his hand, tightening her grip and it felt good, she felt safe.

"My Lady..." He reached out for her with his other hand and Sansa didn't back up, she went closer.

"I don't want to be alone anymore, I don't want to be used anymore" Sansa told him, steadying her voice she looked direct in his eyes, standing their mismatched colours she said: "I want to be your wife again."

"Sansa…" He stuttered, his eyes widened but Sansa hold his gaze determined. She heard him gulping heavily before he sighed and said: "You don't have to do this. I don't demand this from you. I owe you more than I could ever repay, so I will help you, but you don't have to stay with me."

"No, I don't say this because I want your help" Sansa nearly cried, her heart sinking. What had she expected? Why should he want her back? "You were kind to me, I didn't realize it but you were and… and if you want me I would like to try again, I mean our marriage, I really want."

He looked unbelieving, doubting, Sansa had tightened her grip around his hand again when he said:

"You are tired and should rest. We will talk about this when you have slept and eaten, I promise you."

Sansa didn't want to rest, she wanted an answer but his words sounded final and she shout at least give him time to think. She nodded, he throat sore and with a great lump inside. He smiled at her, a smile that caused a warm smile in her belly before he bid her good night.

"Don't you stay?" Sansa asked hopefully but he replied gentle:

"I have to take care of something." Something was hidden in his voice but Sansa was too tired to recognise it.

She fell asleep immediately, exhausted.


Tyrion couldn't believe it, couldn't believe what he had just heard. Sansa, beautiful Sansa Stark wanted to be his wife again. He had learned to expect the unexpected but this, never. Why?

How could she want him, how could they be together after all what had happened, all the blood between their families? But then, Tyrion had seen her and he knew he wanted her, he wanted her love, he affection, her body, or just stare in her eyes, her so beautiful eyes he couldn't forget anymore.

The idea started to grow on him, he already imagined himself with her again, like he had done in King's Landing. Back then he had dreamed of her opening up to him too, of her loving him. Was this still possible?

But another thought interrupted his dreaming, how could he trust her? She had left, would she leave again given a better opportunity. Why, he had already offered her one, this idea came from a dark place in his mind he chosen to ignore.

Could this really work? Should they even try, maybe.

When Tyrion reached his destination and decided to muse about all this later, a wrath he had pushed away just moments ago was about to break free again and he was about to get himself relief from it. Because his mind had wandered to Littlefinger.

Tyrion stood in front of the council chamber, all of importance should still be in there drinking on the successful negotiations. This situation was of benefit for them because he had to speak to all of them while Sansa took her needed rest.

He opened the chamber doors forcefully, fury in his veins and all eyes turned to him. Victarion, H'karo, Timet, Simo the other captains, Dothraki and Ironborn all were where he had expected them and all looked at him questioning.

"I have an announcement" Tyrion proclaimed to them, his voice hard and full of anger, and this was what got their attention. "I want Petyr Baelish, alive." He tried to keep his voice calm, fury was a weakness, he couldn't shoe even if the rage boiled in him.

"Why, he is the Lord-Protector of the Vale, dead would be better." one of the captains asked Tyrion, leaning forward on his chair.

"I have some debts to settle with him, and you all know, 'A Lannister always pays his debts'." Tyrion explained, grinning devilish, leaning against the doorframe. "Ten thousand gold Dragons and a Lordship for the man who brings me Littlefinger, alive and capable of feeling pain" Tyrion's grin grew even more evil by the last words and he most likely scared some of the men in the room.

"How much pain?" One of the Dothraki asked him curious.

"More than anybody of you could ever imagine."

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