Chapter 27: The Oceanic part 3

It was all falling apart, years of work gone, burned in a blaze of sadness and hate. That's how it all ended. Gone in a realm that mended nothing to heal or break. Not anymore.

The man watched it all in front of him, resting as a ragdoll in his chair, once thought as a silent high temple scale of vast thrown. With a bolted door blocking all out, but it would take time, before what has been once below his feet. Where secrets remained once, shown their weakness, reminding the fail it has become.

To as always, his calm scarlet splattered face stayed as it was, too look as kind and quick wit. The other, the inner himself, sleeping and waiting, if things never went his way; for even now, everything was falling apart, but acting out in rage stayed confined.

With stiff crimson tarnish hands, filed things away, looking over some of the last files that returned from the lower levels. The project, as a whole; titled itself a losing battle of failure.

Recalls alone of reporting to his benefiter, ended in pure anger and pulls of all funds. Leaving only words to die in his misery, were the last words he heard, before the phone went dead. In blindness of everything around him, locked himself in that room, his world away from all else, as it fell.

Only to wait to let the smoke choke him, fire burn him, letting the silence drown himself to jump out the window, maybe even take that letter opener and be creative.

He did nothing but act like his work of life meant something. Lost in his; owned mind. Locking away everything from outside in, never daring for the other him to reach out, akin to that everything was fine, even by a fast glance, it was far from it.

Clattering metal came and went, nothing followed of masses sounds, but a hush voice did.

"A sad man you have become, doc."

He heard the words, at first paid no mind and went on to his papers.

"I take it you didn't want to die alone or something?" The voice asked in question, a soft thud echoed of a slender leg meeting a foot in a mid kick before resting once more on the ground, in was than the voice spoke again. "You were going to take her a date or something . . . guesses you asked for something longer and she said a maybe? Right, that's the word, hmm?"

"You're has yet to make a change in anything, Zack. Though, we both are full of surprises, you coming back are very much a shock to me."

"I left a few things behind."

"You enjoy the gifts along the way?"

"Well, they're at a better place that's not this."

"No rage?"

"I have plenty, but I am saving my energy to finish other things."

"I see you have become better in the pronoun game. I see some of my teachings didn't go to waste." The doctored reply, a bit rough from the light smoke he had been breathing for the last two hours at most.

"She's coming and not all that happy."

"Even as a little girl, she never was . . . got that from her wayward father."

The other gave a chuckle, so dry; it was noiseless when it happened.

"For all your life's work, you are taking this all very calmly?"

"As you said . . . I need to save it. When she comes, might at least to something that better finish than half baked."

Silence of their lack of words, with only white noise of cracking flames, alarms blaring through the halls outside the room, a grim storm outside the office window fit the mood enough, that everything was in place.

A rumbling beneath, akin to an earthquake only fitted the bill even more, so much more as shakes grow wider in length of time.

The doctor place placed his pen down, not reaching for it when it was rolling onto the ground, bumping into the still female body near the desk. Letting his hands fold to soon hold his chin, eyes looking forward and passed the other before the doctor.

"I better get on going, now."

The one once standing headed back to the vent shaft, but stopped mid-step when hearing the doctor spoke, almost too quiet to miss, but loud enough over the rumble.

"How does it feel to come back, after finally be freed for just a moment, to return to nothing? It has happened before. By records alone, it couldn't have been easy. Does it hurt for it to repeat all over again?"

Though the younger lad glance over his shoulder to the other, notice of how cheerful those words were, the face that spoke remain stone cold through it all.

"Don't know . . . first time it was hard, yet the second time it got better because this time it won't be a mistake."

The stone face cracked.

"It lived?"

"Goodbye doctor."

The lad went through the vent, hurriedly enough he could in the tight area, within soon hearing from what movies gave off the sound of a floor caving. A shout followed it but nothing after that, as the boy went on, leaving, for good.


A voice shouted, breaking Zack's daydreaming, having him sit-up from his resting place on the beach of a sunny day, looking out see a form ways out in the water. With knowing who it was, waved at them whom mirrored back before coming closer.

"Afternoon Cody, haven't seen you in a while."

Cody gave a smile with a satchel at his hip, slowly coming to stand up when the water levels were lower, walking for a bit before coming to sit down by Zack.

"It is a long swim from home; Umbelliferae told me that giving you space after all that has happened to settle did. I heard your call and came to see if you were alright. I also made sure the boat was still in place, very solid. No fear there."

"Thanks." Zack responded with, having a short grunt as he stretched out his legs a bit. Sparing no look downward; as he kept his eyes on the sea, raking his fingers mindlessly through the thick somewhat now wet sand, feeling it stick to his fingers sometimes as he kept at it.

"Your leg is looking much better. But your throat noise says it stings, I'll ask Umbelliferae if there an herb for that."

Zack gave a nod.

In distance out in the sky a flock of seagulls covered the lack of talk for a moment.

Yet, it didn't stop Cody from speaking out again, unstrapped the bag from his side and placing it closer to Zack.

"I found some items, that if you don't have on your The Oceanic, you could use to help. There could be more, but you said there was a village not far away that could take care of other things . . . but in my culture—"

Cut off for just second, letting sudden stiff shoulders relax when knowing what the human was doing. Slowly returning the feeling, resting a slim, tinted sea coal blue color hand over a much pale hand, having the other's thumb do a slow stroke between the joint knuckles of the closest fingers there were.

They broke away, as the need of air killed the moment they were having, and they let it soak in.

"I get what you mean, no need to go on like a little mermaid. Also, calling it a boat or woodcraft is fine too."

"I am not a maid."

Zack let a good feel laugh leave him, like a sickness the other had their own.

"I figured that out months ago, Cody, its call teasing."

"You have much to teach me about human culture."

"You too; so mind telling me who this Um-bel-life-rae person, an honest answer thank you."

"He's very like, Cole, a brother to me. Though there is relation between us, we were part of the same nest and never broke away from one another. Though . . . we are born the same night, he'll always mock of how seconds younger I am."

Zack gave a smile to that, as it reminded of how he did the same to Cole once or twice when they were younger. Doubtless that Cody didn't complain anything lacking to what Cole did at times.

"I like him already."

"I don't share."

Zack gave an eye roll to that response, knowing along the way he had a long way to go with this guy.

"Yeah, I got that, love you too."

"Good. But, oh, during the time I was gone, he went on teaching. So that means by travels, he goes by Xanthomas for in sign of rank and respect."

"You think he would mind me calling him Thomas or Thom for short, because I doubt I'll be able to remember that."

"I'll ask. Yet, there is a good chance that it will be a no."

Zack gave a shrugged to that, it was something at least.

"Are they handling this okay, your people?"

"We don't have a large school in area, having to meet land walkers in anyway, is always a myth or just a joke. Besides some, there is no worry. You are not the first to be part of this."

"I'll be blaming that on another little mermaid than for that tale."

"If you wish to, you may." Cody stated to him, before changing topics. "May I spend the night here, the long travels are never easy and before this agreement has made it full reach, and I could be staying a lot of nights, maybe even days."

"Cody, you don't fully understand of the words of I love you, do you?"

"I'm still learning human culture. I will soon."

The determination was there. And it only made Zack happy in many ways to hear it, leaning on Cody once more, letting a sun come close to setting be their only light for that day and many to come.

The End.