Chapter 16: Another World

In time, one will fade. As a mist clears for the sun to grace the land with its warmth. For how long the mist will distance from the sun, lingering where the coldest shadows cast the same ray of light. A matter of time, is something, that can ever-so be, too long . . . or too short.

Simple things or larger than life run our lives, without knowing or with no care. Turning us, whether we're human or not, into monsters of many kinds. Healing takes time, will, and heart to get through life.

Not always able to handle alone, having one that is dear to one's heart level the weight on the shoulders to a more of a clamp on the shoulder, shocking you back to what is before you.

With not knowing to those who played a slice of their lives, leave you now wondering what they'll do, without prying eyes. For if anymore was given, their life would be more of a theater take, than an actual moment to remembering. Cheap shot as it is, that is another way to define life, and for that, we can't pry no longer.

For it's best, to let them, figure everything else on their own. Be that of what the human mind will do. Or what can animal matter patter into the later days of life. We, the prying eyes can't any farther than this.

The End.