Oh goodness you guys are going to hate me for life. Ok, I know I haven't updated in 2 months, and I'm SUPER SORRY. For those who read Goode High School for Exceptional Children you know that I had like 3 major cliffhangers back-to-back, so I felt evil not updating those. Also, juggling 3 stories is practically killing me.

I love you all for you AWESOME reviews! 62 in 2 chapters? That's got to be a record or something! I love all you guy's amazing support… but I'm going to have to test it.

I kinda have to post-pone this story….

I'M SORRY, I REALLY AM! I can't do 3 stories at once with my bust life! And I had to choose to post-pone one, and Hope is my least driven-to-write story right now… I promise I'll stat it up when I have more time, okay?

If you haven't already read Goode High School for Exceptional Children and you like my writing, please go check it out! Hopefully I'll be updating that more frequently now!

Thank you guys so much for supporting me and I'll see you guys hopefully soon!