Male x Male readers be aware.

Because this is what he wants…..

Thor nibbles on the God of Mischief's earlobe. His grip tightens on his hips pulling them toward him, pulling his not brother onto his lap as The God of thunder takes a seat on the edge of his rather large canopy bed.

Because this he what he wants…. Thor's hands travel the pale surface of his not brother's body, digging his nails into Loki's skin.

Because this his what he wants… Oden's son position's himself at the entrance of his not brothers whole.

Because this is what he wants… Thor takes hold of his not brother's member, and Loki pants his name, as Thor pumps his member.

He does not Want this, does not wish to taint his not brother. Harm him, ravish him. All he ever wanted was to love his brother, despite there blood to be of other origins all Thor ever wanted was to be his brother. Unfortunately…..

Because this is what he wants…..The God of Thunder thrusts himself into the hole of his not brother, sweat perspiring, dripping on to Loki's pale back.

They were not brothers. Loki would forever and always refuse that bond now that the truth of him being Loaffy's son was known. Thor could not blame him, he would never blame him, for anything, not the Bifrost or Midguard, anything. Thor did not care. He cared for his brother or his not brother too much to bear any ill will toward him ever. Even though Loki was not Son of Oden, in his heart he would be brother of Thor.

But Because this is what he wants… Thor pushed faster increasing his rhythm as he got closer.

Even as his not brother made him choose this as there only connection he would feel no sickness, even though this was not what he wanted, what he felt. He completed his task because it is what his not brother wanted.

And as The God of Mischief came into his not brothers hand, and as the God of thunder finished he roared, "brother!" as his seed filled Loki. His not brother chuckled, but said nothing. Silence. The room was filled with the sound of heavy breathing until Thor Pulled out his not brother.

How he wished to play with his brother, and jest over matters of no importance, but no, as he tugged on his trousers, all he could think is that, he missed his brother.

"Will you retire here for the night brother?"

Loki scuffed, walking toward his not brother, "Depends Oden's son, how do you feel about another round with a frost Giant?"

Thor said nothing, not wanting to soil his younger brother anymore for the night, but he did yearn to spend time with him. And knowing this was the only way to have Loki in his life, he grabbed the collar of his not brother, pulling him into an ugly kiss. A kiss he did not want to give, but did so knowing it was what his brother wanted.

Because All Thor ever wanted was to have time with his not brother.

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