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Hello people! This is SilenceIsGolden15. This is my list of cliché storylines I will be trying, all filed neatly into categories, with marks next to the ones ive already done.

Abuse Category

Max and Fang end up in same foster home- Check

Max is abused and Fang helps her

Fang is abused and Max helps him

Max is sold into prostitution and Fang is the son of the man running the business

Maxs Boyfriend beats her and Fang figures it out- based on the song Face down

Dylan is obsessed with Max and will do anything to get her In bed, Fang protects Max

Cinderella Category

Max is Cinderella with Jeb, Lissa, and Brigid and Fang wants to help her

Max and Fang kiss at a party but he doesn't know its her

Music Category

Max is a rock star who gets a new band member- Fang.

Fang is a rockstar who runs into Max at a normal high school

Player Category

Fang is a player who is after Max, planning to break her heart for the fun of it.

Fang is a player who is dared to date Max, then break her heart.

Fang is a player who dates at least three girls at once, until he meets Max.

Max is planning to teach the schools player, Fang, how it feels to be played.

Wings Category

The Flock loses their memories- check

Max is kicked out of the Flock

What happens if in the book Fang Angel actually pulls the trigger

Rewrites of various Max Ride scenarios

Fangs PoV for the books

What do you guys think?