Summary: Annie and Auggie reflect on past love and their friendship/relationship

I thought I found the one,

I had it all, at least I thought I did,

Until he left and opened my eyes to the truth.

Until she said we didn't know each other and left.

I got past his betrayal and found that I could move on.

It broke me to have to let her walk away, I drank and drank, got in a fight and was arrested.

I didn't date much; I hung out with friends and coworkers more,

People who knew me well were supportive and truly cared,

My handler was my best friend,

The operative I handle had become my best friend.

His name is August Anderson, but everyone calls him Auggie.

Her name is Anne Walker, but everyone calls her Annie.

He's like a Saint Bernard,

She's smart, kind, energetic, trustworthy, loyal, and will always be there when you need her,

He's loyal and kind and trustworthy.

She has a good heart and does whatever she can to help anyone she can.

He was the only one to truly see me for who I was not what I looked like,

She's the only one that doesn't think that I can't do a lot of things,

It wasn't hard for him considering he's blind.

She says it's because she sometimes forgets that I'm blind, and that means more to me than she knows,

I wonder if he'll ever figure out what I'm really hiding behind the bantering and friendly flirting,

I wonder if she ever thought that when I banter and start friendly flirting with her that it's more than it appears to be,

No, he has Parker, he'll never figure it out and part of me is glad of that, the other isn't though.

No, she's probably got some new guy who can see her and tell her how beautiful she is,

Something has changed in how we act, when did it change?

That takes away part of my worries, the rest are questions, like, when did it change, how we act?

Did it change when I was shot?

Did it change when she was shot? For me it did, for her, I don't know.

I hear Auggie's words replay in my head, I need you to come home.

I wonder if she remembers that I said I need her to come home, or that I said I need her, back when she was in the hospital unconscious.

He never needs anyone.

I never need anyone, but I need her, she can see that…can't she?

I have important things I have to tell you…things that have to be said face to face, he said.

My words ring in my head, I have important things I have to tell you…things that have to be said face to face.

What did he mean?

Will she figure it out?

I'll just have to wait I guess, then I'll see what he means.

I'll just have to wait I guess, then I'll find out if she did, and what she'll say and if she means it.