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Mr. Lancer tried his hardest to ignore the sore pain in his lower back. He was walking through one of the school halls to his class ready to start his next class after a very tiring conference with one of his student's parents. The student being Daniel Fenton. The parent being his father…Lancer wished it would have been Danny's mother who had come. She seemed like the stricter parent. Talking to Mrs. Fenton probably would have been more productive. Half way through the meeting Mr. Fenton started babbling about ghost. It wasn't till the overweight man started accusing Mr. Lancer of being a ghost that he ended the meeting. Honestly, he thought the odds of ending up with one of his previous students from when he taught solely English I was slight now that he was teaching English I for his first two blocks and English II for his last two blocks after his lunch and planning, but surely enough the educator was landed with many of his old students. Those being Daniel Fenton and his two friends and some of those who were called the A-listers.

Walking down the hall Lancer looked through the hall length long window overlooking the back field to the school. There was only a hand full of halls with windows like this, but the rest over looked the school parking lot or the streets of Amity Park. Lancer frowned seeing one student at the end of the hall looking through a rather expensive yet tattered and used camera. He stopped in front of the young freshman. He recognized the slightly nerdy withdrawn student from his first period class. He almost felt sorry for the boy. He was pick on much like he had seen Danny getting bullied last year if not more, but this boy didn't have friends from what Lancer knew of. He gave off this odd discomforting feeling that intensified if he was actually looking at you.

"Mr. Poe, you know the school rules. No electronics during school hours," Mr. Lancer scolded placing his hand out for the student hand him his camera. Once he complied Lancer spoke again, "After school, you can come and pick it up. If I see you again with it during school your parents will have to come for it, understood?" With a nod, the awkward boy left going up some nearby stairs.

Giving a sigh, Lancer continued to his class room.

One more class… Lancer thought dully as students exited and entered his class room. Lancer rubbed his face over looking his students, much were from his last year's English class. He noted how much a number of his students had changed. Valery had had gotten an athlete's body and sported it well. Paulina seemed even more infatuated with the world hero Danny Phantom, and now, she was an active leader in the school's Phan club manufacturing Danny Phantom products. He didn't see Dash or Star seeming as how they had to repeat their freshman year and ended up with other teachers. (I had to xD)

His eyes then landed on the last of most recognizable old students: Samantha Manson, Tucker Foley and Daniel Fenton. They seemed to have changed the most. Physically it was noted that they each got gotten toned over the summer, Danny more so than the his friends, which wasn't a surprise since after the Desateroid incident, they came out as being part of Team Phantom- from what citizens knew, was a small group of individuals including Danny Phantom who helped in hunting ghosts to keep Amity Park safe. Then there were the small differences. Sam and Danny had grown out their hair. Sam streaked her hair with purple, Danny would have to run his hand through his hair to keep it from his eyes on occasion. Tucker still had his original hair style but now he wore a red top which he would where even to city council meetings. Like Mr. Foley, Danny changed out his baggy white t-shirt for a red one or a black hoodie that had a DP symbol on it which he probably got from Paulina. But even through the physical changes there was still some underlining difference in the older teens. It was as if they'd matured. Samantha was a bit more cool headed about the school serving meat ever since they installed a salad bar. Tucker was more serious when he wasn't around his friends. Lastly there was Danny. Now, he wasn't bullied- showing how much of a better physique he had than last during gym class pushed off any bullies- and improving in his grades, but his attendance was still quite horrid.

Lancer stood starting the class with a lecture on the introduction of Frankenstein. After a half hour of going over the beginning of the novel Lacer passed out a handout reviewing the first three chapters of the book that the students were supposed to read for homework.

Sitting at his desk, he began grading last week's test on A Separate Peace. He didn't get very far into the papers, for a green blinking light coming from the corner of the desk caught his attention. It was the camera he had confiscated earlier. Mr. Lancer guessed that it was on and decided it'd be best to turn it off, so he picked it up and started looking for the power button. The painted on words indicating what each button was meant for were faded and with the old teachers vision it was impossible for this to be an easy task. Trying out one button brought up light to screen. It was a thumbnail for a video. As a thumbnail was a picture of Phantom in the school's back field and, by the angle and view, it was most like taken from the window Mr. Lancer had walked by. Pressing on another button got the video to start. It didn't make any sound so there was no urgency to immediately turn it off. At least that what the English teacher was thinking as he watch the video with interest.

Phantom was covering the Fenton Thermos with its lid. From somewhere off the screen, came Sam and Tucker. The three conversed as Phantom stuffed the thermos into a back pack. A few moments past of just watching the three before the impossible happenoryed. A bright light emerged out of nowhere around Phantom's waist. The bluish white ring split in two going up and down until they evaporated at the top of Phantom's head and at his feet. But there where Phantom was standing was now Daniel Fenton. After a second, the video turned to the end of the hall where Dash was talking. He looked upset as he came toward the camera grabbing Eddie and wailing on him. The camera fell where it faced up at an odd angle, but Dash nor Eddie were in the shot. Suddenly Danny came into view apparently talking. He wore a face of displeasure. He walked forward and disappeared from view for a few moment until the view changed from someone picking the camera up. As the view flipped and shook from the movement Danny, his friends, Eddie and various parts of the hall were seen until they settled on the floor.

The video was cut. And Lancer then found the power button, turning off the camera. He looked up at Danny watching as the young man glanced from his book to his work scribbling things down.

Lancer blinked and it was as if everything clicked. Daniel Fenton was Danny Phantom. Well, that certainly explained a lot.

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