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"Um…Mr. Lancer…You okay?"

"Huh?" Lancer grunted looking over sluggishly to the voice. He didn't even bat an eye when he saw it was Danny staying for detention. Yes, the boy still had detention because he was always late. Now that Lancer knew the reason though, he did feel a bit guilty in the beginning. But that was a week ago. During those seven days one would say Lancer was going down a path of no return.

That day he found out, he seemed calm and cool. He didn't react differently when the half ghost half human student 'went to the bathroom' without returning. Now when Danny returned sometime after with some excuse about it being taco Tuesday and 'when you had to go, you had to go.' He said nothing when Eddie awkwardly came to claim his camera. Not even when the student eyed him expectedly. Nothing. He was in complete apathy on his way home from the local grocery store, while he ate dinner while watching the local news, when countless reports of Danny Phantom this and that came about the teen hero, and as he settled into his bed. Completely unaffected.

And that's when the bomb went off. Up until this point Mr. Lancer had become the wreck that Danny was now fidgeting worriedly over. The man was his favorite teacher, and to see him in this state made him wince.

"You okay, Mr. Lancer?" Danny asked again more slowly and cautious.

Lance scrubbed his face with his hands for a moment sucking in a chest full of air before relaxing into his desk chair and releasing the held breath. "Yes. Yes. I'm fine, Daniel. Just have things on my mind."

"Oh…well how long is my detention today?" Danny asked shifting his weight from one foot to the other while glancing out the window behind Lancer's desk.

"You don't have to."

"What?" Danny was surprised. Since the starting of this year, Lance had been adamant about not letting him skip out on his punishments.

"I'm giving you the day off, or do you want to stay here for another hour to do that report due this Friday?" Lancer asked looking at Danny dully.

"Er. No, Sir. Thanks," Danny smiled walking swiftly into the school's corridor leaving the educator to his thoughts.

Lancer sighed trying to push away any thought of the young student. All that week his thoughts were haunted by Danny Phantom. (No pun intended.) The stress was over whelming. In about two days he had figured out who obviously knew Danny's secret how he had the Fenton thermos that Jack had always accused him of stealing. He wasn't sure if his parents knew though. Granted they always boasted their hatred for ghosts, but this was their own child. Also considering that they had practically became partners with Danny Phantom after the Disasteroid helped, but that still wasn't proof that they knew who their son was. And if they did, Eddie had proof that could reveal Danny's secret to the world if he wanted to, so it was to the upmost importance to tell them.

"Yes, important," Lancer muttered as he dialed the number he had already known by memory from the many previous phone calls he had to make over the year of Danny having detention so many times.

"Hello?" It was Mrs. Fenton which brought some relief to the teacher.

"Yes, Mrs. Fenton this is Mr. Lancer," Lancer started.

"Oh, what did our Danny do this time? Oh? Wait…." From the background on the phone Lancer could hear what sounded like a door opening and some sort of shuffling. "Danny? What are you doing here?"

"Mr. Lancer let me off." More shuffling was heard.

"Hm…." Maddie was heard over the phone.

"Mrs. Fenton, I wanted to discuss something about Daniel with you. It may not come to you as a surprise, but it might, so I want you to be prepared for what I'm about to tell you," Lancer felt sweat drip down the back of his neck. Was he really this nervous? He could be making a mistake by telling a ghost hunter that her son is a ghost…but on the other she was in some sort of an alliance with said ghost, and she might already know about her son's secret. He just had to remember why he was calling: there was evidence that showed Danny Phantom changing into Danny Fenton. If his student kept his secret for so long, and was a good guess that he wanted it to stay that way.

"I'm sure, I won't be surprised. What is it, Mr. Lancer?"

"Well…I don't know how to say it slowly, so I'll just say it bluntly," Lancer said. When there was no answer on the other end, it told him she was waiting, "Your son, Daniel Fenton….i-is Danny Phantom."

It was quiet. That silence that creates tight knots in your stomach in seconds and sends shivers of regret through your spine. Then in a monotone voice the mother questioned, "What?"

"Danny is-" Lancer couldn't continue.

Maddie Fenton had hung up.

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