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Chapter 1: TOW Chandler tells Monica

It all started in the beginning of fall at Chandler's and Monica's.

Chandler was awake for about 30 minutes now. He didn't want to wake Monica up so he was laying there staring at her. "She is so beautiful...", he thought. With that thought, he smiled. He lived in a nice house outside the city with his wife Monica and their kids, Jack and Erica. They couldn't be happier. Monica turned on her side, now facing Chandler. "I'm so lucky to have you...", he said, as he was getting a strand of hair out of her perfectly shaped face and ran his fingers on her jaw line. "Mmm... Good morning Chandler." Monica opened her eyes and found Chandler staring at her. "What?", she asked with a smirk on her lips. "You are so cute when you sleep." He kissed her on the nose. "Aw..." She kissed him gently on the lips. "Thank you Chan-chan man." "No need to thanks me, he said, although, I would love some of your delicious pancakes..." He cupped her face and kissed her passionately. "Alright, alright. Time to get up!", she said as she got up and tapped him on the ass.

While Monica was making them pancakes, Chandler went to take Jack and Erica up. "Jack! Erica! Wake up! Your mom is making her special Saturday pancakes!", he yelled from the staircase. "Coming!", replied Jack. "What is Erica doing?" "Bathroom", he answered while coming down the stairs. They both went into the dinning room. "Mornin' mom!" Jack went over the kitchen counter and kissed her mom on the cheeks. "Hey honey. How did you sleep last night?" "Great!, he said as he sits down on the table, Hey dad! Can you pass me the butter?"

"Morning Rachel.", he said with his deep voice as he bent over to kiss her on the forehead. "Made you breakfast." The paleontologist was up early. He was grading the papers from his class. "Thank you, Ross. Be right out!" Rachel got up and kissed him. "Oh! Can you also wake Ben and Emma up?, she said while changing her shirt, I have to buy Ben some new shoes and new headbands for Emma." They lived in a house near the university where Ross gives his lectures. Ben is a high school senior and Emma just finished middle school. Ben needed a new tuxedo for his prom. It's still early to buy a tux, so Rachel thought she might just him new shoes. "Sure Honey." he replied before closing the bedroom door.

"Ben! Come on! Get up! Your mom is taking you shoe shopping!" "But it's only 10, dad!", he mumbled with his head under his pillow. "Ben, honey! Are you ready?", Rachel said bursting into her son's bedroom. "Oh! Come on Ben! Wake up!" She sat on his bed and tapped on his shoulder. "I'll buy you a new video game if you are ready in 10 minutes." , she added.

"Hey Monica! You know what would be great?" Chandler asked while reading the papers and drinking his coffee. Monica looked at Chandler. "What?", she asked while eating her pancakes. "What if we all go back to New York for Thanksgiving?" Monica smiled. She remembered all the good times that they had back in the days. "That would be great! Where are we going to stay?" Her husband smiled and said: "In our old purple apartment." "What?", she answered, shocked. He smiled at his kids. "Just the reaction a was looking for.", he thought. She followed his eyes. "What is going on?" Emma laughed. "You didn't tell mom yet huh?" "Could your question BE more stupid? Of course he didn't." "Oh shut up Jack." Chandler explained that the lady who rented their place after they left got married to a rich guy and move out. "How did you know that?" "I was Gunther the other day. He told me." Intrigued, Monica asked: "You are still in contact with him?" "Of course I am! He is my good friend." "Oh yeah? What's his last name?" "Uh... Central Perk?" He told her that the lady left all of her, well, our old furniture and never bothered to change the apartment colour. "We can stay there for Thanksgiving!" The thought of seeing her old apartment again made her giggle. "Alright! I'll call the other! This is going to be fun!", she finally said with a lot of enthusiasm in her sweet husky voice.

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