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TOW Gunther's plan

Gunther silently walked back to his apartment. Rachel's words were stuck in his head. Will I ever be able to forget her? That was the only thing on his mind the whole distance back. Gunther stopped in front of the building where he spent 10 years living with Amy.

"Is it because Amy looks like Rachel?", he questioned himself.

Gunther climbed up the stairs and drag his way across the familiar hallway.

"Am I ever going to move on?", he thought.

He opened the front door. There was his answer.

"Gunther! Where were you? I thought you were coming home early today.", Amy said as his husband walked through the door.

"I had to clean up.", he lied.

"You should have called. I was worried about you."

"I'm sorry."

That was the only thing they've said in the last few days. It has been 8 years since they got married, but no one ever brought the idea of having a kid. Gunther and Amy spent the last few years trying not to piss each other off and avoiding every problem they had.

"I'm never going to get over Rachel...", he thought.

Ok so from here it's the morning after chapter 12.

"There! I just called everyone and told them about the wedding!", Joey said as he sat down next to Monica.

"I'm sure you forgot someone...", she checked the list, "Oh! Gunther! You forgot Gunther!"

They've decided to call the guests instead of sending out cards since the wedding was in a month.

"I'm not going to invite Gunther! He's going to bring Amy!"

Gunther just finished making a cup of coffee for a client. One of his employees called in sick that day. The phone was ringing. He quickly grabbed the phone and slid it between his shoulder and his ear.

"Hello. Central Perk coffee shop."

"Hey Gunther! It's me Monica."

"Hey Monica. What's up?", he said.

"Well, Joey is getting married in a month in Italy... Think you can come?", she asked.

"Um... I don't think I can come. Sorry...", he grabs the phone in his hand, "Listen... I'm kinda busy right now, but congratulate Joey for me!"

"Alright. Bye", Monica said before hanging up.

The coffee shop was finally empty. Time to close up. Gunther took a break from washing the cups and sat down on the orange couch. He finally told Amy that he wanted to divorce. It felt right. He didn't have to lie anymore. He was indeed still in love with Rachel. He wanted to be with her. Gunther thought about what Monica told him earlier that morning.

"I need a plan.", he said to himself.

He ran to the motel where he was staying until Amy moved out. Gunther went through his contacts on his cellphone and made some calls.

He was planning to go to Italy in less than a month to find the love of his life.


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