Challenge! Here is a challenge open to anyone out there! We all know number XIII, aka Train Heartnet. We know he was taken in and taught how to kill by the man who shot his parents. We also know of his life in the legendary Chronos Organization. But here is a question…

What if Train's parents did NOT die? What if they changed their name to hide from that assassin?

What would happen if they ran into someone our favorite ex-assassin turned sweeper knew; if not he himself? How long would it take them to figure out that this man is their son? Finally how would they react to their son being the infamous Black Cat?

I leave all the decisions up to you! Do as you like, but at some point the Heartnet family must reunite. What the reunion is like, the circumstances, the reaction to the revelations of his past (if they are revealed)…,

Everything…. Is… Up… To… You!


Signed TiffRedd1994.