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It was a quiet day at the office and Inspector Lestrade called me into his room. I wondered what he could possibly need with a trainee detective. All the same, I walked down the corridors, passing workers that were on the phone to the public. Most of them were arguing like normal. I sighed and stood outside the door hoping that I wasn't going to receive bad news. After a while, I summed up the courage to raise my hand and knock lightly on the door three times. I listened intensively and heard a faint 'Come in,'. I opened the door, stepped in and closed the door behind me. Inspector Lestrade's office was a simple office which was bigger than many because he was of higher authority in the Scotland Yard Police. He had drawers which contained god knows what and his desk had sheets of paper and photo's covering every inch of it. 'Come sit down, Sally,' Lestrade asked. I obediently did what he asked without saying anything. Saying the wrong word at the wrong time could get me sacked and that was the last things that needed to happen, well, maybe not the last thing.

'So I hear you are training to become a detective, Sally? Oh, you don't mind me saying Sally do you?' Lestrade asked with a very low tone in his voice.

I answered him immediately ignoring his second question 'Yes I am Inspector,'

'And you are looking for some field work?'

'Um, I guess,' I never mentioned anything about field work. I never knew that detectives could have field work.

'Well I have a case here that needs some looking into and I thought about giving it to another detective but he wouldn't take it,'

I tried to not look excited. Field work. Proper field work! I could actually do some real detecting!

'And I thought that you could go and take this case-'

I was almost of my seat. This is what I have been looking forward to since I was a child of 6 years old.

'And go up to him personally so he knows how important this case is,'

My excitement vanished as fast as the speed of light. What just happened? He wants me to be a taxi service and give a case to another? My shoulders sagged and the Inspector noticed.

'What's wrong?' He asked with a hint of concern in his face.

I paused thinking about what I was going to say. 'I thought you were giving me a case, Sir.' I soon as I said it, I regretted it. I sounded like a sulking child. In front of her boss. I wouldn't blame him if he just kicked me out of his office for this insolence. Jesus, why can't you just be happy that he's giving you something to do, Sally?

He chuckled 'Well I wish I could but I still don't think you are ready and anyway, this case is way too difficult. It has to be an expert detective this time,'