I honestly didn't think that I would get that many followers on this (literally) overnight. So, here's the continuation. The introduction to our main "triangle" and the initiation of the interactivity between author and reader.

Other than the little bubble of happiness that came this morning, it was basically the same as every other day. I had to go right up to the teacher's desk so she would count me present (she usually doesn't). Carlos punched me hard in the shoulder before finally realizing I was Matt (he always confused me with Al, who he can't stand). And I'm facing a semester of dissections, with my damn lab partner being Berwald (who scares me, though not as much as Ivan. Who got paired with Mathias) for every single one.

So, I'm sitting in math, listening to the teacher drone on and on about variables. He says everything so monotone; half the class was asleep. I started drawing a small picture in the corner of what used to be my notes. Nothing weird...I didn't even notice what I was drawing. Then a note appeared on the side of my paper. I knew the handwriting but couldn't place it. I looked at the desk to my right. There sat Gilbert. He was grinning widely and waved subtly. I quietly unfolded the note.

Who's that about? Your drawing?

I looked at the corner I was drawing in. I had doodled a small heart in the margin. And was in the process of writing an A in it. I flushed to think what I would have subconsciously written next. I heard a soft "kesese". I wrote back, Why?

Well, aren't you lucky to have the Awesome Me as a friend, that I know how to set you up with someone?

He wanted to set me up with him? I was a bit wary of it: what did he want from me? I decided to ask later, and contended myself with If you want to sit together, I'll tell you at lunch.

He wrote a note down and went to pass it. Intercepted. We both looked up; Teacher was staring us both down at the same time. He slipped the note out of Gilbert's fingers and walked to the corkboard, tacked it up for anyone to see. The collective class laughed. I looked at Gilbert. I didn't blame him for a second. Besides, Teacher probably saw me pass it and attacked Gilbert because he was in possession. Of all the times to not be invisible.

The bell wouldn't have gone off soon enough if it was two seconds later. It was closer to ten minutes. As soon as it did, half the class made a beeline for the door, and half the class went to the corkboard to read our note. Most of them left, giving me and Gilbert a look and a snicker. We finally got close enough to read it.

Looking forward to it! Can't wait to know who actually got your attention! Then I'll have fun!

"Why did you write that?" I said to him out of the corner of my mouth.

"Hey, I actually thought about putting down my guess, but I noticed he saw you." Well, at least the man has some common sense.

We waited outside until Teacher left. Then we snuck back in and took down the paper. There were no names, but being the only "Awesome Me" in school must have some identity attached to it.

"So..." Gilbert said after five minutes of silence, me playing with some sort of potato. I looked up.


"You said if we sat here, you'd tell. Tell."

"You said you had a guess. Guess." I was actually afraid to know the answer.

"Well, that's not difficult. I kept noticing you were staring at Jones all through history." I couldn't look at him. He laughed the laugh I knew so well. "And it seems I hit the nail on its head!" He slowly stopped laughing, ending with a sigh, to get his breathing normal. "But I think you're going to have a tough time with that one, Matt. One: you really aren't that easily seen, heard, smelt or tasted."

Proving one of his points, I said "Tasted?" before he went on, completely ignoring my disgust.

"Two: he seems to have a lot going on. No time for a relationship."

"Well, I don't mind not being there every -"

"And three: I heard he's got his eye on someone else."

My heart sank at Gilbert's words. "Oh." After some more fiddling with my potato, I asked quietly, "Who?" not sure if I wanted to know the answer.

He jabbed his thumb over to Al's table. He was sitting with his friend Arthur, laughing at something I will never know.

"I thought they were just friends. I didn't think either of them swung 'that way'."

"Let me tell you something: we all swing both ways. And, those two go way back. I knew they had history, but i didn't think theirs was the right kind, if you know what I'm saying."

"But, you're sure it's him?" I had always liked Arthur: now I wasn't so sure.

"Yeah. But he might have it tough with this, too. So far we've pegged one of his interests is in my pal Francis. But reciprocation is a definite possibility here. Francis definitely likes what he sees in that boy, but I don't think he's looking for a relationship of that sort. And it'll be a cold day in hell before Kirkland admits it to either one. So, what we have here is slightly complicated, if you just keep it like that. Then there are the other two hundred students here, male and female, all going for whatever they want, and you see why I said this was gonna be fun!"

I felt a bit dizzy. Too many possibilities. All I knew was I wanted off this ride here and now.

"So, shall we get started?" Gilbert was grinning again, a crazy look in his eyes. I really didn't want to do this now, but I didn't know how to tell him that, either. So, I just sighed and nodded.

"Good: now just do everything we say, and you two will be together in no time."


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