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That brat is so going to die.

The water pushed Bobbyfoot – no, its Bibofat – no, it's Bobofit – to the ground. So he was Poseidon's kid. Finally, after like ages he is exposed. I went forward to check if Bobofit was alright, just to show you know.

Then I went to the sea spawn and began, 'Now, Honey –'

'I know', He grumbled. 'A month erasing textbooks.'

Bad move.

'Come with me,' I told him.

'Wait!' the satyr yelped. 'It was me. I pushed her.'

The sea spawn looked stunned, whereas I glared at him so hard that his whiskery chin trembled.

'I don't think so, Mr Underwood,' I told him.

'But –'

'You – will – stay – here.'

The satyr looked at the boy desperately. I just love those expressions.

'It's okay, man,' Jackson told him. 'Thanks for trying.'

'Honey,' I grew impatient for my kill. 'Now.'

I turned and flew to the museum entrance, at the top of the steps and gestured at him to come up quickly. Then I flew to the end of the entrance hall, in the building. After that, I proceeded to the Greek and Roman Section. Let them see the Lightening Thief as well, I thought.

I used the Mist to empty the area and waited for the sea spawn, as I looked at the frieze. That paranoid [CENSORED] Zeus, damn him! He was responsible for not giving my master his respect and throne. I so wanted to burn the frieze to ashes. I crossed my arms and growled.

Then I noticed the brat immerge from the other end of the room.

'You've been giving us problems, honey.' I told him.

'Yes, ma'am.' He said.

I tugged on the cuffs of my leather jacket (a.k.a. disguised wings) and continued, 'Did you really think you would get away with it?' I said, trying to control myself from going into true form.

He went all nervous and replied, 'I'll – I'll try harder ma'am.'

Thunder shook the building. That implied that Zeus was watching.

'We are not fools, Percy Jackson,' I said, 'It was only a matter of time before we found you out. Confess, and suffer less pain.'

He paused. I could see him thinking hard, a bit confused. Obviously, he was faking it.

'Well?' I asked impatiently.

'Ma'am, I don't . . .' Ha! So he chose the hard way. He is so dead.

'Your time is up.' I hissed at him.

Then I changed into my true form. Then suddenly Chiron wheeled into the gallery holding a pen. A pen?

'What ho, Percy!' he shouted and tossed the pen through the air. I can't trust the old centaur. The pen was probably a weapon. I lunged at the sea spawn, but the pen reached faster to him, that too as a celestial bronze sword, the on which Chiron used on tournament day. I backed and then spun towards Jackson.

'Die, honey!' I snarled at him and flew straight at him. Discouragement works every time.

But he swung the sword, still. It made a hiss! Sound as it made contact with my body. I screeched and felt myself disintegrate on the spot.

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