I used to cry all the time.

Every single time, I had taken apart what was left of the fragile crutch and stood up once again, as if nothing happened.

Every. Single. Time.

To smile. To breathe. To laugh. To cry

To live.

I understood. I understood the fact that things were not so simple. I knew that all these white lies they have been feeding me is not deceiving anyone.

But still, I can dream.

Hoping. Wishing. Praying.

The last I did not do. Just doing this would not ever help anyone.

So, I perfectly understood as I walked up to those white doors and uttering those words which set me on my path...

Prologue End

A/N: Well, I am rewriting the story a teeny tiny bit. Not too much to affect the new update speed, but when the next chapter's out the others would be rewritten! I hope to get them up by 15th of December...