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With his crossbow in hand, Daryl krept through the woods. He was used to being quiet and stealth-like when he went hunting for squirrels. But this time he was searching for someone; Sophia, Carol's little girl. He didnt know what it was that compelled him to go looking, but here he was, day after day, searching.

Maybe it was because he knew how it felt to have a missing loved one. His brother was a sum' bitch, but he was family. And now he had nothing. As much as he hated to admit it, he sort of felt better being in the group. Merle wasn't there to make him look like a dumb-ass hick like his brother made himself look. Many people didnt know Daryl was different, they didnt care to find out who he was or how he really acted when the older Dixon was around. To them he was just like his brother, so thats the way he acted around them. But now, he could act like his self.

He went a little farther when he heard a faint crunching noise. Sounded like walking. He changed his direction and worked himself around the trees in a big circle to see if he could cut off whatever was making that noise. once they got a little louder and closer, he hid behind a tree.

He could hear faint breathing and a reaoccurring sob. He peaked around to see the side profile of a woman. She was completely naked and walking slowly. He noticed her shoulder twitched often as he watched her walk. He had his bow now trained on the back of her head but hesitated when she slumped against a tree. Her sobs became more vocal and she dropped something that sounded heavy. She brought a muddy hand up to cover her mouth as the other hugged her waist.

He started walking towards her, determined to see if she was alive. His patience was rewarded when she slowly dropped to her knees, still leaning on the tree. He watched her pick up a 22 caliber pistol.


Grasping the handle in her hand Ginny stared at it intently, wondering if it will cease her pain and agravation. The barrel of the gun was slender and spotless. What a shame to spill more blood on such a perfect weapon. she pulled back the hammer and listened as it clicked slowly putting her at ease as she placed the metal barrel to her temple. She knew it would end her pain and the memories would no longer haunt her. It would be easy like picking a flower or pulling her hair away from her face on a windy day, she welcomed it but her eyes teared as she knew that her sister was still missing and if she ended her own life how could she save her sister's?

"Where you bit?" He blurted out.

She dropped the gun and turned wide-eyed at him with tears forming in her eyes as she protested he come any further.

"Please!" She sobbed." Just stop! Leave me alone!"


"Damnit woman!" He yelled pulling her up by her arm and searching her shaking body for a bite wound, but found none. He lowered his weapon to take off his shirt and helped the woman into it. Her legs started to give way again but he let her lean on him.

"What the hell happened?" He said quietly.

"I-." She started." Our camp, it's gone. Attacked."

"By walkers?"

"What?" Her eyes met his with confusion.

"Those things." He replied." Those walking dead things."

"No." She said quieter." It was people. Living people. They attacked me and my sister."

She lost her footing and stumbled a bit with a yelp, but he caught her and pulled her back up to him.

"You're gonna have to be quiet, Kay?"

She nodded and walked with him.


She nervously kept glancing at the man helping her. why couldn't he had just left her? So she wouldn't be using the rest of her energy to hope she was being brought to safety and to fear she may be walkin back into the hands of those monsters.

But she liked and appreciated how tender he was being with her as he rushed her past trees, keeping himself alert.

"Where are we going?" She asked him, trying to stay on the hopeful side, but his brief silence sent her back to fear.

"Goin' back to the farm my group is staying at." He replied.

she froze.

"Group? What group?"


she tried but failed to pull away from him. He glared at her for making him stumble but kept a firm grip.

"Do that again and I'll leave you." He growled." I ain't some big rescuer goin' around saving people all the time and I wont hesitate again to drop you right here. The last thing we need is another mouth to feed and another reason for the old man to bitch at us."

"How can I know I can trust you? I didnt see all the men and you could be one of them." She glared back but her face fell to a cringe as she held in another groan."OH God!"

He felt her collapse and went down with her to land on his knees.

"What the hell is wrong? Come on get up!"

" I can't." She protested." My ankle hurts, and my sides..." She trailed off with hiss as he examined her ankle.

It didn't take long to find the trail back to the ranch and after twenty minutes of carrying her, he brought her to the fence opening.

"How many were there?" He asked quietly.

"I-I don't know." She replied just as quiet." Maybe 15, maybe more."


"Daryl." Came a voice.

Ginny looked up to a blonde woman walking towards them.

"What the hell?" Said a man with a buzzcut.

"Found her out in the woods. She's been attacked." He answered, leaving out the part about her killing herself. She looked at him with greatful eyes.

" I'm Andrea." Said the blonde."What's yours?"

"Ginny." She replied with relief that she wasn't about to be jumped.

" Come on." Andrea said." I'll get you to Herschel."

Ginny walked with her up the rest of the drive way, across the grass, and up the staires into the house. She was met by a young blonde girl who lightly smiled at her. Then she came up to an old man. This must be Herschel.

She hesitated and glanced back out the door to Daryl. She kind of missed his warm hand on her arm.

"I'm Herschel. Lets get you upstaires and see whats wrong.

She knew what was wrong with herself but she felt a little guilty. It happened to her and she couldn't do anything about it. She felt guilty because she felt weak.


About an hour later Herschel sent for Daryl to come to the house. when he stepped into the upstaires room he was met with a glare.

"You said you found her in the woods?" The vet asked gesturing to the sleeping girl in the bed.

"Girl was about to shoot herself. Im lucky I got her here, she didnt trust me. Said live people attacked her."

Herschel's face softened a bit but he still glared.

" Shes got a spranged ankle, but..."

"What?" Daryl asked, slightly afraid of the answer.

" Her whole pelvis is swollen." He replied slowly and quietly." She's been raped and more than once." He sighed and sat on the bed." She asked me not to tell anyone. I guess she's ashamed."

with gritted teeth and clenched fists, Daryl was already stomping out of the room and slaming doors as he left the house.

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