AN – So there I was, working at 6 in the morning like all morning stockers at Menards do, when I started to think about this story. I don't know how, but somewhere along the line I started coming up with shit. And then I reached the eventual climax, as well as the part right before the end. It was glorious.

As of now, four things are certain.

1. These series of stories will be worked on, but the consistency, however, is still up to question.

2. This story will be marked as M because of blatant language, character torture, sexual actions (just blowjobs and some clothed groping), and all around rated R shit.

3. The characters you know are no longer existent. Katara is not a motherly albeit whiny kid, Aang is not a scared little kid, Toph is not a tough shell, and Zuko is not a strong-willed savior of the masses with a fucked up past. This is officially AU, and will have few references to Legend of Korra, but not a lot. The characters are OOC, for the most part, so if you're gonna flame me, do it for something legitimate and not for something obvious…like my lack of writing ability…or fat exterior…

4. I am putting it all into one story so as to make it easier to keep track of. That being said, the prior four will remain single stories because they're starting points (except for that last one).

That being said, I apologize for my lack of updates. Life hasn't been too nice to me recently and I've had other things on my mind than this.

Title – The World at War

Rating – R/Mature for Language, Sexual Actions, Torturous Actions

Summary – Having been driven apart by war, three different sides form to see who is the strongest. The Fire Nation—led by Zuko and Katara—the Earth Kingdom—led by Toph and Aang—and the White Lotus—led by Sokka and Azula—all battle to prove who is right, not as enemies, but jilted friends. They all have a grudge, and they all have a reason to be angry. But the question stands: who is truly the enemy here?



The piece of shit.

The stupid fucking piece of shit.

As if it was bad enough that Aang and Toph had to betray me, my own flesh and blood, the only person alive that I still held some relation to, up and lets Azula out of jail.

I swear to Ozai, if they find the White Lotus I—

I thought this as I passed by my bedroom mirror.

"I swear to Ozai?" My mirror reflected the words my mind had previously brought upon me.

What…what am I becoming?

I lift my shaking hand up to touch my cheek. With my hair falling down behind me, I realize that this isn't the girl I was. This isn't who I've always been. This is someone new. This isn't Katara—the girl who gave her life for the Avatar—this is Katara—the woman who is giving her life for petty vengeance.

Petty…look at me…I freely admit that it's all childish yet here I am going through with it. What would Gram Gram say? Or mother? Or father?

I know what they would say. They would all look at me and turn their backs…just like Aang…just like Toph…

Is this how Zuko felt? When Azula betrayed him? When he realized that he'd never live up to his father's visions?

That sick bastard…he deserved to die…yet…we kept him alive.


Why didn't we just do away with him like every other major war criminal?

Because the Fire Nation is emulating their King. Much like Zuko, they still love their former ruler, like a son loves his father, or servants love their master, no matter how cruel or benevolent he might be or might have been.

And here I stand, looking at a woman who I do not recognize. A woman who freely admitted her adulation for Ozai. A woman who is going to lead the Fire Nation in its King's absence. A woman who…a woman who wants to kill somebody.

I make my way over to my door. I raise my hand to the handle, but before I actually open the door, I take a look down. Yeah, probably not a good idea to walk out into the halls of the palace without anything but undergarments on. To remedy this situation, I waltz over to my wardrobe and throw the doors apart. All Fire Nation clothes…nothing formal or fancy. Just plain old boring street clothes. That simply won't do…

I wonder what Azula had in her wardrobe? She usually dressed for an occasion, even if there wasn't one taking place. Maybe I'll sneak a peek at her old clothes, maybe try on a few…

But that's later. Unfortunately, these will suffice until better clothes can be found. Besides, if things get messy, I could just throw them away, maybe in the servant's den, frame them, if I'm feeling tempting.

After I slip on a decent looking maroon skirt, inspired by the tropical islands of the Turoh Sea, some maroon sandals, and a maroon top that slips on nicely over my shoulders, I make my way back to the door.

For the love of Ozai, there seems to be a lack of anything but maroon.

As my hand grasps the handle of the door, I pause a moment to realize I just expressed my love for Ozai.

However, I just shrug at it, putting it in the department of common place, and open the door. I look left, then right, and notice that there are no guards present. Strange…and completely insubordinate. With a scowl on my face, I walk to the left. I turn right at a corner and see the reason to the lack of present hands.

Through the giant window present at the end of the hall, I see a large brawl has occurred outside of the palace. Judging by the clothes they are wearing, it is between Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom. A group of servants have gathered by the window to watch.

I can't help but smirk at their lack of respect, not just for me, but the chance they have been given in terms of having a job here. I return the scowl to my face and clear my throat. The servants suddenly stiffen, standing at attention. The three of them turn around slowly. Upon my seeing of their faces, I can tell more clearly that two of them are male and one of them is female. Perfect…

"Allow me to question why exactly you three are not standing watch and at my beck and call?" I ask them honestly.

I wait a minute for a response. It does not come. I can tell by the fact that their tops are getting darker that they are all three sweating profusely. The male to the left's shoulders and arms, growing tighter, the shirt hugging them, sticking to them like—

I shake my head to regain my composure.

"Well?" I ask once more.

"Ummm…well, Queen Katara," the female says. "We assumed…"

"Assumed what…exactly? That I wouldn't be lenient to slackers?" I ask.

My knees begin to shake ever so slightly while my eyes wander to the girl's chest. As she speaks, they wiggle a bit. They were of good size before, but with the sweat hugging them more, it just accentuates them better. Much better, in fact, that I can't help but imagine my self clutching them in my grasp, sucking on the nipple like—

This time, I am brought out of my stupor by the male to the right. His voice is so gravely, almost like he smokes too much.

"Not at all, Queen Katara—"

"Do me a favor, and you two…" referring to the first two servants. "…tell the whole staff about this. You are to do your job and do it well. If you are not at your post when you should be or, or are not doing your job to my liking, you will be fired, imprisoned, or executed, in no particular order."

I can see the eyes of the servant's widening. My sudden growth of the proverbial balls has obviously come as a shock to them.

"This may not be the rule of Ozai or Azula anymore, but I can assure you that your jobs have not changed. Now, you…" referring to the male on the left, the one I first glanced at. "…get back to the work. You, chickey, stand watch at my door."

"What about me, Queen Katara?" the smoker asks.

"You? You can lead me to the dungeons," I respond.

And so it goes. The servant with the large muscles rushes off down the hall, the servant with the nice tits goes back to my room to stand in front of its door, and the servant with the dusty vocal chords leads me toward the dungeons. However, as we make our way towards them, I manage to find my eye wandering around the castle's predictably maroon halls, never staying on one thing for too long.

That is, until I found myself stopping at a picture of Azula.

It's weird to see it. Not because it's the only one in the palace, not because it's a shock to see her still on the walls, but because of what the picture is of.

Azula, sitting against a tree, smiling. It's not the usual smirk that I've always seen on her face whenever we battled, it's a genuine smile. A rare treat, for sure, and something that I feel I will never forget.

But alas, all the fond feelings of that smile are soon taken over by feelings that I find even more fond…which disturbs me to a high amount of levels.

I can't help but think of all the cruel things she's done. All the people she's murdered. All the soldiers she's disgraced. All the sanity she's lost. It's…thrilling. I can imagine my self in her position. The feeling of strangling someone until their last breath. The feeling of thrusting the knife into someone's chest. The feeling of a fire that you created burning the flesh of another human. I can just smell the roasting corpses now. It's so…so…intoxicating…so much so that I can feel my cheeks heat up.

"Queen Katara?"

And then, just as sudden, my visions are interrupted by the voice of a gravel lodged throat.

"Yes, sorry. Continue," I say.

With an eyebrow raised, he turns back around and resumes his walk.

"Oh, and I hate 'Queen Katara.' It's so formal and passé. Call me…Mistress…Katara," I say.

If the man would turn around right now, I'm sure he would run in fear at the smirk that has crossed my lips.

Soon after my moment of lapse, we reach the dungeon's halls. As dusty and brooding as I ever imagined. There is but only one guard stationed in the actual dungeon, while two stand watch at the entrance. I take a moment to breath in the stale air, which only results in a coughing fit.

The servant with the gravely voice stands firm and straight, waiting for any other orders.

Upon my final cough, I release some breath from my lips.

"Fun…" I say.

I turn back towards the servant, and then glance over at the guard.

"Tell me, did Ozai or Azula ever kill someone and then ask you to keep it a secret?" I ask.

The guard snorts from laughter before giving me his answer.

"Countless times. Hell, I even started keeping count. I think it might've reached 143," he says.

"Why was it done?" I ask.

For reasons that still disturb me, I am deathly curious.

"I dunno. Sometimes because it had to be done, sometimes for fun, it all really depended on the situation and the mood."

I like this guy. Big, strong, serious, good at following orders, and despite all else, knows how to handle a sick person.


I walk on over to the guard and clutch the sword from his sheath. I pull it out, but it only hits the floor. I pout at the situation. Either I've gotten weak, or this shit is heavy.

"Allow me, Miss Katara," he says.

The guard takes the sword back and sends it right into the smoker servant. I can immediately see the blood form on his shirt, darkening its colors.

"The trick to having the blood not get everywhere is to wait a few minutes until he bleeds out. The sword will keep the hole mostly clogged, so you'll still have something to clean up, but most of it will stay inside the body. Kinda like somebody climaxing inside someone else."

This comparison causes me to smirk.

After the few minutes pass, the guard uses his boot to send the servant to the floor. As previously explained, the only blood present is on the sword, or the edging of the wound. The servant himself had died long before the guard pulled the sword out, making the body all but worthless.

"Coooool," I say.

"Not gonna lie, Miss—"

"—tress," I interrupt.

The guard raises an eyebrow at this while whipping out a rag from one of his many pockets.

"Mistress…Katara…didn't really expect you to go the way of Ozai or Azula. Not that I'm complaining, just find it a bit surprising," he says.

He uses a what-was-once-white rag to wipe the blood off the sword. Upon its conclusion, he tosses it into a nearby bucket, located in front of the guard's desk, and next to one of the gray, brick stone walls.

"Finding your husband cheating on you and being thrust into a position of power will do that to you," I say.

A smile crosses my face. My happiness to this is…unnerving. I can feel my body desiring this pleasure, but my mind desiring its opposite. I do not know for sure why I am turning into this…this…evil monster…but…I like it…a lot…

"Understandable, Mistress Katara. Is that all? Should I order the servant to be burned? Maybe crushed?" he asks.

"Ooh, I like the way you think. How about we burn him, then crush him?" I respond.

This causes the guard to release a laugh. All I do is stare at him. An eyebrow rises at his uproar. Upon his finish, he wipes a tear from his eye and releases one last noise of hilarity.

Just as soon as he started to laugh, he returns to his previous demeanor.

"That can be done, Mistress," he says.

I lower my eyebrow and smile at him.

"What is your name, lowly guard?" I ask.

"Toyou Sato, Mistress."

"Sato…Sato…isn't your brother the guy who's supposed to meet with us next week to discuss some 'big innovation that will change the world?'" I ask, emphasizing the tagline with air quotes.

"The very same," Toyou says.

"Yeah, like that'll ever catch on…" I ponder. "Anyway, I'll leave you to handle this. I have other stuff to take care of."

"But of course, Mistress."

I make my way over the corpse in the room and reach the stairs. Once I reach the top, I turn around.

"Oh, and Toyou…"

I see that the body of the servant is now on his left shoulder, hanging over his back like he has just caught his most kill.

"Yes, Mistress?" he asks.

I smile at this sight. Just…altogether, it is the kind of life that I'm looking forward to.

"I suggest you start making a list for me. I'm planning on making these types of trips more often."

This causes him to smile.

"Will do, Mistress Katara…"

"Please…just call me Katara…"

Toyou nods and retreats to the dark hallways of the dungeon. One of these days I'm going to transverse these areas, just to see where they lead, and see who is all stashed here.

With a release of breath, I make my way out of the dungeon and back to my room. Upon the passing of the picture of Azula, I stop once more and look at it. I look around the corridor, seeing if any other servant is present. When I'm sure there isn't, I take the picture off the wall and retreat to my room.

I only manage to pass two servants along the way, one carrying a platter of food, and the other being the girl with the nice tits. She opens the door for me, bowing along the way. Before I enter my room, I check out her ass. Not as nice as her tits, but certainly worth looking at. I smile and enter my room. The servant begins to close the door, but my voice stops her action.

"Two things, one, what is your name?" I ask.

"Kasumi Shigoji," she says.

"Kasumi…pretty name…and two, tell every servant and every guard that I am to be referred to as Mistress Katara, from now until the day that I die, is that clear?" I ask.

"Yes, Mistress Katara," she says.

"Good girl."

Kasumi closes the door behind me. Once I hear the click of the door, I set the picture on my nightstand, facedown. Once I take a seat on my bed, my smile slowly disappears until all that is left is a frown. I feel the water welling in my eyes, but wipe them away just as soon as they form.


I am a queen.

Queens do not cry.

Queens are strong.

I am strong.

Like…like Azula…

I look back at the picture, and set it back on its stand. The smile on her face leads me back to that place I was at previously. The thought of the knife, the thought of the burning corpses. It all rushes back to me. And it all rushes to one area. My right hand instinctively goes to my crotch, and I begin to rub the maroon, finding myself satisfied at the darker color.

Before I delve too far deep into my sensual stupor, a knock on the door knocks me back to real life.

"Mistress Katara, Zuko has returned," Kasumi says.

"Zuko's timing has always been impeccable," I say with full-on malice.

However, just as soon as that anger began, it turns quickly into relief. Not at his return, but at my desires being fulfilled to the best of their ability.

"Zuko's timing has always been impeccable," I say with a grin forming on my lips.

If this is the woman that I have become, than I pray to Ozai that Aang, Toph, Sokka, and Azula all have become stronger, because they will not be prepared for the woman that I am…and the woman that I know I can be.


AN – If there's one thing I pride myself on, it's the ability to take a character and completely fuck with them. I believe that has been done with Katara.

This is only the beginning, my friends. You see, there is still much more to follow this, all of which will be different than what you're expected.

Oh, and for those curious, I will warn you ahead of time, like in an author's note, if the chapter contains smut, or some "torturous actions", or shit in that regard. Language is expected, either by me, or in the story, so that's not gonna get a warning.

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