(A/N Hi! I was reading a What Firefly can teach you fan fic, and I discovered there are none for Maximum Ride! So I figured why not?)


"Actually, more like, lets all try to forget when we were at the mercy of sadistic spawns of Satan in a place that's a total, hellish abomination and ought to be firebombed. Yeah, more like that." Book one

2: Fighting Skills

(A/N Im not kidding. I improved my fighting skills just by reading these books.)

Things Max can teach you:

1: Stubbornness.

"But, God, is she stubborn."- Fang

2: Defiance

"I cant believe im sitting at a freaking desk when my mom is tied up on a submarine somewhere! This is total crap!"- Max

3: Sympathy

"You ok? Sorry. Didn't mean to slam you against the wall that hard. Nose not broken? Good." –Max

4: Lying

"Not my brothers. Our parents are missionaries, doing the Lords work." –Max

5: Negotiating

"Maybe if we just do the air shows but have them way step up security…"



"The air shows are too dangerous."

"I cant let my mom down. One more show."

Max and Fang

6: Trust

"The only person I really, really trust, no matter what, is me. … The next person I trust after me is Fang. There really isn't a third person…" –Max

7: Sarcasm

"And that's worth sacrificing our freedom for- Annes home cooking." – Max

8: Descriptions

"…Major bee up his butt.."- Max

9: Decision Making

"Look, the crewman has to go because he knows how to drive the little sub, and Dr. Akana has to go because she knows what the heck we'll be looking at, and I have to go because (a) im the leader, right? And (b) its my mom we're looking for, and (c) because I said so. You dig?"

"Im seven."

"Fine then im- seventeen! Your not going!"

Angel and Max

10: Stage fright

"Unfortunately, since a camera flash bears a striking resemblance to the flash a gun makes when its fired, by the time I reached the ground, I was so twitchy and pumped full of adrenaline that I felt like I might hurl" Book Five.

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