Hey guys I'm back and this is my new story. You guys probably think I'm obsessed with Toothless/OC Fanfics well I am. How many thumbs up for How to train your dragon movie? I think Toothless is adorable and Badass! But this story was not totally my idea because someone made a story with the same type of dragon but it was Hiccup/Toothless so I'm making this story as Toothless/OC. Anyways I hope you'll enjoy this story! ENJOY!

Toothless Pov

I was stomping on Hiccup's roof to wake him up. "Ugh 5 more minutes..." I heard him mutter from inside. I stomped even louder. He came outside. "Well good morning " Hiccup said. I chuckled. "Hey bud look what I've got!" he said showing me a tail he made me so I can fly on my own. I growled because I wanted to ride with Hiccup. Last time he made me one I destroyed it. "Oh come on stop being such a baby!" he said. I jumped down from the roof. "Just let me put it on you because these next days I'm going to be busy and won't be able to fly with you!" he said. I hissed and let him put it on my tail. "See that wasn't so bad? Was it?" Hiccup asked. I gave him a look. "Ok sorry Toothless I'm not going to be able to fly with you today I need to help my dad" he said. I slumped. "Don't worry bud I'll fly with you later" he said going off. Stupid Stoik first he breaks my back then I can't fly with Hiccup. Might as well go fly on my own. I took off and I felt lighter since I don't have a saddle on my back. I looked up at the clouds and saw how white they were. I was about to land at the cove when something bumped into me. I lost my balance and fell into the lake at the Cove. I heard two splashes so whatever that was landed in the water with me. I quickly got out. I saw it right in front of my eyes. It looked exactly like me but it had white scales with green eyes and it was a dragoness. My pupils turned into slits. "What kind of dragon are you?!" I asked it. She bearly noticed me and her eyes widened. "You're a a.. Nightfury!" she said. She knew she couldn't fly off because her wings were wet so she just tried to find an escape. I blocked her escape. She rushed for another escape but I was faster. "You didn't answer my question" I said. "I'm-m a Snowfury" she whispered. "What I thought those were just a myth!" I said. "Your looking at me so I'm real" she spoke up. "Great now I can't fly because of a stupid Snowfury!" I growled. She looked pissed. "Look yes I know I bumped into you doesn't mean you have to be such an asshole about it!" She yelled. I looked at her and she automatically covered her mouth with her wings.

"Now thats how you talk Nightfury" I replied. "No no no I'm not that type of dragon!" she said. "Whats that supposed to mean?!" I asked. "You Nightfury's are wild, rude, and dangerous creatures! While we Snowfury's are dangerous but we perfer to be kind" she replied. "You are kind?" I asked surprised. "Yes I wouldn't harm any creature!" she said. "What about fish?" I asked. "Except fish.." she replied. "Have you ever harmed any humans?" I asked. "What are humans?" she asked. "You know those land creatures" I said. "Ohh.. those no they don't harm us so we don't harm them although we never really get close to them" she said. "How come I've never heard of Snowfury's?" I asked. "Well we hunt during the day so we blend in unlike you Nightfury's because you hunt during the night" she replied. "So you were never enslaved by the Blue death?" , "Don't you mean the Yellow death?" , "No I mean Blue death!". "I was enslaved by the Yellow death until recently we managed to over power it and I'm now free" she said. "Did you have to steal food from the humans?" I asked. "No we never told the Yellow death about humans because I didn't want to harm them" she replied. "Wow you are soft!" I joked. "I'm kind unlike you" she replied. "Are you enslaved by your 'Blue Death'?" she asked. "Nope I killed it" I replied. "By yourself?!" she asked shocked. "Yup" , "No wonder we Snowfury's and Nightfury's never got along" she said.

"You must be along way from home!" I said circling her. I wasn't going to harm her I was just going to see what she does. "Yea.." she replied nervously. "It be a shame if something happened to you.." I continued. Her eyes widened and she shot what looked like a snowball. I ducked and it expoded into a rock but it sounded like lighning when it exploded. I still think that I can make something more powerfull than that but her's was powerfull. "Woah.. calm down I was just going to let you stay some where!" I yelled. "Ohh sorry I didn't mean to I just panicked" she studdered. The scales on her face turned pink in embarresment. I chuckled and she covered her face with her wings because she turned pinker. "Wow your really kind and shy.." I said. "I know..." she muttered. "We can't have that can we?" I said. "What do you mean?" she asked. "C'mon you should act more like a fierce Nightfury! I mean you are dangerous but I never really liked being 'kind'" I put enthisis on the kind. "Why not its now that hard being nice" She said. "Ugh... I don't roll like that" I replied. "Off course you don't" she muttered. "You might be kind but you sure are sarcastic" I said. "I didn't catch your name" she said. "I'm Nightsky" I said. "I'm Snowflake" she said. "So you know the humans I was talking about?" I asked. She nodded. "Well we live in peace now" I said. "You do? Thats wonderfull now you guys won't harm them!" Snowflake said. "Yea they ride us and we help them altough I hate some off them" I said. "You must be that stubborn aren't you?" Snowflake asked. "Well I am a Nightfury" I winked. "When can I meet them?" she asked excitedly. "Maybe later I'm going to take a nap" I said teasing her. "Ugh.. I just meet a Nightfury and he's going to acting like that..." she muttered before I dozed off. Maybe this will be fun after all!