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Toothless Pov

How come I feel this? I ran back inside. I saw Hiccup their with a big bucket. "Hey Toothless I finally got the paint remover" Hiccup said. I nodded and stood still. After he splashed me I saw the paint slowly take off. I shook it all off. "Oh! Toothless!" Hiccup laughed. I saw Snowflake enter and I started to tense up. "Are you ok is something wrong? Don't worry you can tell me!" she said. I needed help for these weird feelings I have for her. I darted off. I was running through the snow. I noticed the snowflakes stopped falling. Who should I get help from? Hookfang? No he'll laugh at me. Barf and Belch? No their to naive. Meatlug? She'll nag me to death. That leaves me with Stormfly. Yeah she knows about these kind of things! I ran until I bumped into her. "Oww! You should slow down!" Stormfly snapped. "Stormfly I need to talk to you" I said. "I'm listening" she said.

"No in private! Now follow me!" I whispered. She rolled her eyes and followed me. "So whats wrong?" Stormfly asked. "Its about Snowflake" I replied. "What about Snowflake?" she asked. "Everytime I see her I feel weird things inside of me!" I blurted out. "Yeah.. Keep going" she said in a mocking tone. I didn't understand why though. "And if I make eye contact with her I feel like I've flied around for a long time because my heart starts pumping fast!" I said. "You don't say?" she said in that tone again. "Yes! And why are you talking like that?" I asked. Stormfly smirked. "Idiot your obviously in love with her!" Stormfly said. "What?!" I asked surprised. "Your nervous to be around her and your obviously attracted to her" Stormfly said. "Me in love?"'I asked. She nodded. "Thats ridiculous! I don't love anybody!" I said offended and flustered. "Except Hiccup but thats more brotherly love" she replied. "How could I love her? She's to kind, she cares too much, she makes me chuckle a lot, she's shy, she has beautiful green eyes, her white scales shine with the snow-" I got cut off by Stormfly clearing her throat. She smiled slyly and I glared at her. "I don't like her and thats final!" I growled and left.

I knew Stormfly was still smiling. I don't love! I don't feel mushy feelings for anybody! But what if she loves you? Nobody dragon should love me! I'm a Nightfury! Maybe sh'll be able to except you I mean she's excepted you so far. No I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm a killer and thats how it should stay. But don't you lover her? I quickly stopped thinking because 1I know what I'm leading myself into and 2 I'm getting a headache. I've tried to avoid Snowflake all day. She kept looking for me but I didn't want to comfront her. I slumped in my hiding spot. I know I can't avoid her forever.

Snowflake Pov

After Nightsky left I was just roaming around Berk. He's been ok latley and he's been nice to me. But I'm not sure I want to look for him anymore. I saw that his scales were black again. When I saw him with white scales I thought he was cute. Seeing Nightsky with black scales makes him look attractive. Woah woah woah! Do I like him? I need to talk to someone fast! I saw Stormfly their walking around. "Hey Stormfly!" I said. "What?" she asked. "Can I talk to you in private?" I asked. She nodded and we stood on a hill that had a view of the sea. "So is this have something to do with Nightsky?" she asked narrowing her eyes. "Yea! How did you know?" I asked. "Lucky guess" she replied. "So latley I've been feeling a little weird around umm Toothless" I said. "What kind of weird?" Stormfly asked. "I blush every time he stares at me I always blush when he compliments me and I get flustered and nervous when he's kind to me" I said. "Woah waoh woah... Toothless is kind to you?" she asked.

I nodded. "You my friend love him don't you?" she asked. "B-but b-but he's a rude stubborn, selfish, wild, he's capable of killing an innocent animal, and he's dangerously hot, he has black scales that show off his incredibly buff body-" I got cut off be Stormfly. "Oh yeah your totally head over your heals for him" Stormfly said. "I know" I said slumping. "You're not going to deny it?" Stormfly asked. "I'm not Toothless I'm not stubborn enough to deny things and I'm pretty sure its obvious" I replied. "So what are you going to do?" Stormfly asked. "I don't know what am I going to do?" I asked falling back on my tail. "Are you going to tell him?" she asked. "No! I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me" I said. Stormfly looked as if she was going to blurt something out but at the end she stood quiet.

"Have you seen him latley?" she asked. "No he usually spends the day with me but I haven't seen him" I said frowning. "Go find him then" she said. "At first I did but then I realized that I'd just get flustered" I replied. "Just go" she said. I got up and slowly walked as my wings and tail dragged behind me. I never do that I always make sure to stand up and walk straight. I'm too depressed. How will this affect us? What if he just laughs at my feelings. Then I'd leave the island forever. But I have to admit I did have a thing for him when I began to talk to him. Yeah its just that he didn't follow any rules. Yeah I guess I have a thing for badass dragons like him. "Ugh! Why does my life have to be so complicated?!" I yelled. I threw a fire ball at a rabbit. "Oh no!..." I came over to it as I imediately regetted what I did. I huffed. I hate to admit it but I'm not the same Snowfury I when I got here.

Toothless Pov

I couldn't stop thinking about Snowflake. If I loved her or if she's just a good friend or if I should just hate her. I saw Hookfang, Barf, and Belch come over by me. "I see your back to your normal self" Hookfang said. "Shut up!" I snapped. "Why are you hidding in the shadows?" Barf asked. "Because I feel like it!" I replied. "Why are you extra mad right now?" Barf asked. "I don't know!" I growled before jumping in the shadows and leaving. Calm down Nightsky your losing it! I saw a Terrible Terror wobdering. I grinned as I crouched down prepared to pounce. It saw me and widened its eyes in horror. I smirked as I chased it. It led me to more Terror's. I pounced and burned many of them. I laughed as I remembered when Snowflake and I did that. "Hey stop it!" a Terror shouted. "And why should I do that?" I asked unamused. "We aren't doing anything to you!" it shouted. "Do I need a reason?" I asked grinning. "You can't go around harming innocent dragons!" it said. "So what I did it when we were enslaved doesn't mean I won't do it now!" I hissed. "Hey just because you have promblems with emotions and that female doesn't mean you gotta take it out on us!" it yelled. That crossed the line. I pounced on it my claws on it. "Well now I have a reason! You shouldn't be nosey" I snapped. It wimpered. "Give me one reason not to kill you?!" I growled. "Because Snowflake wouldn't want you to" it mumbled. I froze my face completely still. I got off it and ran into the forest. I his in the shadows. Then I saw Snowflake coming. Nope I'd rather stay hidden all night than get seen. I jumped into the shadows of a tree. I saw her thinking. "Why does my life have to be so complicated?!" she shouted. Then Snowflake blasted a fire ball at a rabbit which made me chuckle silently. Snowflake came over to it and said "Oh no!". She sighed and continued walking.

I followed her into the cove we met. She sat their with her tail swinging in the freezing water. She looked sad by the way she was slumping. I couldn't leave her it pained me to leave her like that. I don't know what got over me but I aproached her. "Hi" I said. She half smiled at my presence. "Hi" she replied. I sighed. "Are you ok something seems bugging you latley" she said. "I'm fine" I said. "Your lying" she said. I got up and growled. "You know you can trust me right?" Snowflake asked. "Yes I know" I groaned. "Then why have you been avoiding me?!" she asked. I turned away. "What did I ever do for you to act like that?!" she yelled. "YOU'VE DONE EVERYTHING! YOU WERE ALWAYS NICE YOU ALWAYS CARED ABOUT ME FROM THE START THATS WHAT'S WRONG I'M GETTING TOO ATTACHED TO YOU! I'M STARTING TO FEEL FEELINGS INSIDE OF ME BECAUSE OF YOU! I DON'T WHAT TO DO BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" I shouted. Snowflake looked shocked. I instantly blushed hard. So hard that you could see it passed my black scales. "You love me?" she asked blushing. I blushed even more. My eyes were just as wide as hers. When I saw her instanly smile I felt some how happy.

Her smile said it all. She loved me too. "Snowflake w-will y-you be m-my mate?" I asked. She nodded frantically. "Do you want to fly with me?" I asked. "But its getting dark" she said. "Just c'mon" I said playfully. We both flew off together. Who would of thought good and bad or black and white would make such a great match?

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