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Naruto-Rise of the Tempest Rangers

Chapter 2: A Returning Storm Part 2

Tempest Rangers Theme Song-self made:

(sounds of large storm raging up outside)

(Explosion of thunder)

A storm on the sea blows this way,

All of evil will come to pay,


Go, Tempest Rangers, Go

Tempest Rangers!

Go, Tempest Rangers, Go

Tempest Rangers!

A new threat faces the land,

With powers of catastrophe at command,


Titans of the storm,

In human form.

Get ready for the call,

It's an all-out brawl!


(heavy guitar solo)

(drum roll trailing in with guitar at the end)

Just know no matter how dark the night,

They are always ready to fight!


Go, Tempest Rangers, Go

Tempest Rangers!

Go, Tempest Rangers, Go

Tempest Rangers!

(another huge clap of thunder to end it)

Last time on the Tempest Rangers...

Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Ino, and Kiba helped fight off a group of Nightmaras that had been sent by the tyrant Lotraxious. In an effort to combat the threat, Jason Scott, an ex-red ranger who had sealed himself away to help in case of a situation like this, ahs chosen Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Ino, and Kiba to become a new team of power rangers, the Power Rangers Tempest. Now the rangers must do battle against the Techa-dile monster that Lotraxious has sent to destroy the village.


(Inside the Hidden Leaf Village)

The newly formed rangers continued their charge at the Techa-dile and began to fight through the mass of Nightmaras that blocked their way.

"Give me a boost Ino," said Sakura. Ino nodded and put her hands togther and when Sakura jumped on, she quickly pushed her off to increase her jump height. Sakura then delivered a painful double-kick to two Nightmaras that were airborne at the time.

"Without Akamaru, it limits my attacks and all but leaves me without my clan moves, but I think this wolf is about to tear them apart," thought Kiba as he began to melee through the Nightmaras one-by-one and attacking like an animal.

Shikamaru and Naruto were fighting back to back and decimating the Nightmaras like chew-toys. When they got surrounded, Shikamaru and Naruto nodded to each other and Naruot grabbed Shikamaru's arm and spun him around as he began kicking the Nightmaras down.

"Uh," said a dizzy Shikamaru, "next time it'll be you who gets spun around." Naruto smirked underneath his helmet at Shikamaru's complaint.

Soon all of the Nightmaras had been defeated by the rangers and the ninja were in awe at their skill and power. "To think our Jonin were having a hard time and these five make it seem like child's play," thought Hiruzen while watching the fight. If only he knew how close he was to being right.

"Now it's your turn you reptile reject," said Naruto while pointing to Techa-dile.

"Bring it on!" said Techa-dile.

"Let's bring out the big guns guys!" shouted Naruto.

"RIGHT!" shouted the others in reply.

They each put in the numbers 1-2-3 on their morphers and hit activate. Suddenly, they were each holding a brand new weapon.

"Fox Sword!" said Naruto holding a large double-edged katana with a fox-head guard and crimson hilt.

"Phoenix Bow!" said Sakura weilding a pink long bow in the shape of a phoenix's wings.

"Deer Scythes!" said Shikamaru with two blue hand-scythes in the shape of deer antlers.

"Bear Gauntlets!" said Ino with a set of gauntlets, bear heads on top, and the ends in the shape of a bear's paw.

"Wolf Axe!" said Kiba who held a large black axe with a wolf-head on the handle.

"Let's go!" shouted the rangers together as they attacked the monster.

Naruto got to him first and went sword-to-claw with the Techa-dile. After being batted away, Sakura let loose a barrage of energy arrows to distract it. When it turned to face Sakura, Shikamaru and Ino went in to tag team the monster in heavy close combat and forcing him back. Once he was back on his feet, Naruto turned to Kiba and they nodded to each other and charged in to deliver some heavy damage.

"Wraaaah," shouted the two as Shikamaru and Ino jumped away to let them deliver a devasting double slash across the Techa-dile's chest. The Techa-dile was blown back with sparks across its body.

"Damn you! You'll pay for that you worthless little brats!" roared the monster in anger.

"I don't think so you junkyard freak," shouted an annoyed Sakura.

"Hey guys, I say we wrap this up. We need to combine our weapons to blow this guy into scrap metal," said Naruto.

"I agree, it's such a drag to fight this guy anymore as it is," said Shikamaru while twirling his scythes in his hands. Ino and Kiba nodded in agreement.

"Alright, LET'S GO!" shouted Naruto as they put the weapons together. When it was done the ax became the base, the scythes were attached to the sides of the ax at the end without the blade on it to act like focus points, the gauntlets covered the scythes, the bow was on top of the ax, and the sword was right down the middle, pointing out just over the end of the ax.

"Oh boy," said the Techa-dile at seeing the new weapon and backed up a few steps.

"Neo-Storm Blaster, ready, aim, FIRE!" shouted the rangers together as the blaster shot out an orb of high powered energy with the elements brewing around it like a small hurricane.

"Noooooo!" cried out the monster as he got destroyed by the resulting explosion of the blaster hitting him.

"Yahooo, one monster down and an army to go!" shouted Kiba while holding his ax after they disengaged the blaster.

"Ya, if those punks come back they are gonna have to deal with this momma bear," said Ino and emphasized her point by smacking her gauntlets together.

Naruto warily looked at the remains of the monster and said, "I don't think this is really over just yet guys."

(The Moon Palace)

As Lotraxious looked down on the fight he punched the rails of the balcony he was on and said, "For once I agree with you ranger, this is far from over." He then grabbed his staff and raised it above his head. Suddenly the gears within the staff began turning at high speeds and shooting dark lightning along the staff to its tip as it collected there into a dark purplish orb.

"Let chaos' might fuel this strike so my monster can continue to fight!" shouted the villain as he launched the orb down to his fallen monster on Earth in a flash.

(Back in the village)

Suddenly, everyone looked into the sky to see Lotraxious' energy orb come down to Earth and strike the remains of the Techa-dile. The pieces then flew into the air and turned into a dark purple ooze and combined. It then expanded to gargantuan size and reformed into a completely revived Techa-dile monster just outside the village gates!

"Now look whose gonna get scraped," taunted the giant monster.

"Oh boy, I think we have a bit of a problem here guys," said Ino nervously glancing at the behemoth in front of them.

"How are we supposed to fight that thing now?" asked Shikamaru with wide-eyes behind his helmet.

"Rangers, can you hear me?" said Jason's voice from their morphers.

"We hear ya Jason, please tell me you got something we can use to take this guy on," said Naruto to their ranger mentor.

"That I do, Naruto, you must call upon the Fox Zord and command it in warrior mode until I can ready the other's zords to aid you," explained Jason.

"Got it," replied Naruto,"Ok, here goes nothing" He then hit the code 4-3-7 and a highlighted image of his animal symbol appeared on his screen.

"I NEED TEMPEST ZORD POWER NOW!" shouted Naruto as his morpher began to glow. In a distant cave two large metallic eyes glowed. From the mouth of the large cave the Fox zord pounced out in all of its glory. It stood several stories tall and long. It was a crimson red color with white and silver metal streaming over its entire body with one lone tail with the tip in a deadly sharp point.

"Now this is awesome!" said Naruto as he jumped into his zord's cockpit," but now it's time to take it up a level. TRANSFORM INTO WARRIOR MODE NOW!" With that the fox zord suddenly went up on its hind legs as they bent into a humanoid shape, the fox's head sunk in onto the zord's chest and a human head appeared at the top with a fierce look, the arms extended out and the paws transformed into hands, and finally the tail detached and split to become a long double-edged lance.

"You think an overgrown robo-fox can stop me," taunted the Techa-dile.

"Let's find out," said Naruto through the zord's speakers in the cockpit of the Fox Zord.

The battle of giants began with Naruto's zord charging at the monster with the lance held out and spinning in its hand. The impact caught the monster in the chest and sent it rolling to the ground in a heap. It countered by firing a laser blast from it's sword pushing Naruto back, hard. He then moved in to do some close combat with the Techa-dile.

"Take this!" shouted Naruto as he swung the lance into the monster and followed-up with the other side impacting the Techa-dile.

"Raaawwr!" cried out the monster as it charged back towards Naruto with renewed vengence and began slashing hard and fast. Naruto was having a hard time keeping up with the strikes and blocking them. Eventually, a few made it through and knocked the zord down.

"Time to end it Red Ranger," said the Techa-dile as it raised its weapon for a finishing strike. Just then four different colored blasts struck the Techa-dile and was knocked away form Naruto in an instant. Coming into the battle were the other rangers in their own zords.

"We're here to help Naruto-kun," said Sakura from the inside of her Phoenix Zord. Each Zord in question held the respective ranger's color and looked like their animal spirit. They each had swipes of silver along the joints of their zords and Sakura's Phoenix had a tail of some red feathers in her zord's wings.

"Alright guys, you need to combine your zords together to form the Tempest Megazord in order to defeat the Techa-dile for good," instructed Jason from the coms of all the ranger's zords.

"Right! Okay, let's bring them all together now!" said Naruto to the other rangers.

The Fox Zord then jumped high into the air and its arms and legs folded inwards at he joints in the middle. Just as it was doing that, the Bear Zord folded it's head down into its body and the lower half of its body split as the paws folded in and two feet came out. In its head's place was a strip of connecting metal at the top and the Fox Zord then dropped into place ontop fo the Bear as it became the legs. The Deer Zord then jumped its antlers rotated onto its back as the head went in and a large hand came out. The lower half folded inward to beome a shoulder joint and connected to the Fox Zord's right side. The Wolf Zord repeated the same process without the antlers and attached to the left side. Finally, the Phoinex Zord came in and docked onto the back of the zord. It's tail feathers rotated over to form a chest guard on the zord and its talons connected to each other at the waist like a belt. The head of the zord opened and encased the Fox Zord's head to create a gold helmet and the wings folded down, waiting to be used.

"TEMPEST MEGAZORD ONLINE!"shouted the rangers in the central cockpit in the head of the megazord.

"You don't scare me," said the Techa-dile.

"We'll see about that," said Kiba.

"Let's go," said Shikamaru.

The Tempest Megazord then began to charge towards the Techa-dile in earnest. Once it was close enough, it began delivering devastating punches all over the monster and successfully knocked it back. As the monster was getting back up, the rangers readied one of their zord's special weapons.

"Antler Knuckles!" shouted the rangers as they made teh Deer Zord's antlers roll into both of the hands of the megazord and work like brass knuckles. With its new weapon, the megazord moved back to attach the Techa-dile with new force. However, the monster was growing accustomed to their fighting and quickly retaliated with a slash across the zord, dealing a good deal of damage.

"Man, we need more power," said Ino.

"Troublesome, but Ino's right. We need to up the power to win," said Shikamaru.

"Alright then, let's use the Tempest Saber," said Naruto as the rangers pulled out the long double-sided sword made from the Fox Zord's Tail Lance and by adding the Deer Zord's antlers to create the Tempest Saber.

"Enough! We end this now rangers!" shouted the Techa-dile in fury from the rangers getting close to beating him.

"We couldn't agree more," said Sakura as they moved in to finally destroy the monster.

"GO, TEMPEST STORM STRIKE!" shouted the rangers swung the chargede Tempest Saber at the Techa-dile. The elongated blade cut clean through the monster and swirled into a multitude of light from the cut.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" shouted the Techa-dile as it fell over and exploded as it was defeated by the rangers.

"Excellent job rangers," said Jason over the communicators as the rangers were cheering at their victory in the megazord.

The rangers soon had their zords go back to the their respective holding bays and returned to the village center wher the Hokage and the majority of the village were staring at them in completely obvious shock and amazement at what they had done.

"Thank you, without you five we would have been sorely defeated by that creature," stated the Hokage as he adressed the rangers in front of him.

"YOSH! It was a most youthful display of your youthful fire!" shouted Gai from behind the Hokage while doing his nice guy pose.

"How are his eyebrows that big, and how did his teeth sparkle? thought the five rangers with sweatdrops behind their helmets.

"It was no problem Lord Hokage, we are simply doing our job to protect the planet," said Sakura.

"Ya, besides that guy was a walk in the park," boasted Kiba while puffing out his chest. Ino promptly whacked him on the back of the head.

"Quit being such a show-off!" cried Ino to Kiba who was rubbing his head and whispering a 'Yes ma'am' while the others in the crowd snickered at his situation, but one ninja with his headband over his eye was writing furiously and giggling.

"Jiraiya-sama will love this material for his novel. Maybe I can get an early copy!" thought Kakashi as he continued his writing in a fever.

"While we were glad to help we need to get going, you know," said Shikamaru in his normal laid back fashion. The other rangers nodded in agreement.

"Fair enough, but are you sure we can't do anything to thank you for saving our village?" asked Hiruzen to the rangers.

"No, we just ask you not be afraid to call on us if you need us again Lord Hokage," said Naruto in a serious voice, trying desperately to not slip and act too much like himself and reveal his identity.

"Agreed, well good luck and thank you once again for your help, rangers," finished the Hokage with a bright smile on his face.

With that all of the rangers nodded and teleported in beams back to the Neo-Storm Command Center in their respective colors.

"While I am glad for their help, I can't help but feel that I know who they are and that this problem is far from over," thought the aged Hokage in a calculative mood.

(Neo-Storm Command Center)

The newest ranger suddenly appeared back in their command center and each de-morphed with Jason waiting patiently for them to arrive. He smiled fondly at the team he had selected to carry the mantle he and so many others had carried before them. "This team will go far, possilby further than us all," thought Jason with all seriousness.

"We're back Jason-sensei," said Naruto, opting to properly adress their new collective teacher.

"And I am glad you all made it back safely. I must say you all impressed me greatly with your teamwork against the Techa-dile. Especially seeing as I hadn't been given the chance to give you all any training with your new powers yet," Jason told them with pride evident in his voice as he smiled.

"Thanks sensei," said all the rangers after being humbled by their sensei's words of praise.

"Well I think we've all had enough excitement for today and I believe your team assignments for you genin teams is in a week, so for now we will just have two training sessions to let you all get personally accustomed to your powers and you can all head out and relax for the rest of the day," said Jason.

"Awesome-Dattebayo!" cheered Naruto while Sakura shook her head at her new boyfriend's antics and Kiba and Ino snickered. Shikamaru just found it all too troublesome to really say anything.

"Well then Naruto-kun, if we have the whole day, I believe you owe me one date, right?" asked Sakura in a sweet and sultry voice which left Naruto nodding his head so fast it might come off and sporting a blush that looked like a whole new shade of red.

With the dismissal, the new rangers each teleported out to relax for the day. When they had left, Jason soon entered a sequence of codes into a control panel and revealed a set of five special slot cards in each rangers color and a new animal. The things that really stuck out were the covered up outlines of four devices under a glass case next to the cards.

"I hope none of these ever are needed, but I have a feeling the kids may need the boost when the times right and more rangers never hurt, right?" questioned Jason outloud to himself. As if to answer, the four apparent morphers seemed to glimmer enough to make out flashes of four different colors. White...green...sliver...and gold.

To be continued...



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