"People aren't either wicked or noble. They're like chef's salads, with good things and bad things chopped and mixed together in a vinaigrette of confusion and conflict."

Lemony Snicket, The Grim Grotto

By the time the black beat-up 1976 Camaro screeched to a stop at Briella's house, her face was green, the nauseous feeling back in her stomach.

"Way to leave an impression." Paul hissed, glaring at Atlöe through the mirror. Atlöe shrugged shamelessly, "That's how I drive, dude."

"Thanks for the ride." Briella grinned with her lips closed, nodding towards Atlöe before glancing up shyly at Paul and saying, "Good bye." "Oh, no you don't!" Paul snapped, getting out of the car too, surprising Briella.

"I have to make sure you don't fall and throw up before you get to your door." Paul explained upon catching sight of her confused stare. Briella blushed, casting her gaze down on the ground before walking.

Paul walked carefully behind her, staying three feet away, the wolf inside howling and yowling as he admired her backside. Paul scolded the wolf inside for being such a pervert when trying to take care of his imprint.

Briella didn't know how far he was, but even then she could feel his heat radiating off his skin like a space heater. It was frightening yet arousing.

She stumbled a bit on her feet, and Paul quickened his steps immediately, grabbing her arm in a manner he had meant to be rough but came out more like a parent holding back their child from danger.

"Thanks." She whispered, her loud heart audible in Paul's ears.

Atlöe watched the scene with a quirked brow. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, checking his teeth in the mirror.

He had forgotten to brush his teeth. But he turned back to watch Paul and that Irish girl.

Atlöe watched the scene as the Irish girl glanced up shyly at Paul, smiling as she murmured something and went inside her house. Paul was left standing in front of the door, his fists clenched like they always were but he seemed more frustrated than angry.

Atlöe grinned in that annoying impish way of his when Paul came storming back into the car. "So, what is she to you?"

"Shut up and drive." Paul snapped. "Aw, c'mon!" Atlöe laughed, speeding down the road. "I'm your buddy, Paul! You can tell me these things! I can help you!"

"The only thing you're good at helping me with is fixing cars." Paul shot back, feeling childish for even retorting to Atlöe's blubbering.

Atlöe threw his head back and laughed loudly, his morning-breath reaching Paul's nostrils, causing him to become even more annoyed. "Did you even brush your teeth?" Paul demanded, waving his hand in front of his nose to get the smell away.

"Oops, forgot to brush my teeth because my stupid bitch-ass co-worker had to get his ass up in a situation and had me drive him and his fuck-buddy-"

Before Atlöe could continue his sentence, Paul sprang forward and gripped Atlöe's shirt collar, fear causing Atlöe to stomp on the brake abruptly, the Camaro's wheels screeching.

"She is not my fuck-buddy. Nor will you ever insinuate any of that kind of stuff about her or I will rip out your fucking teeth. You got that?" Paul threatened in a strained hiss, wanting nothing more than blast away the face that caused him annoyance since he started working at the garage a year ago.

"Yeah, yeah, I comprendo, amigo." Atlöe dusted off imaginary dust off his shirt when Paul released his grip on him. "Just wish you wouldn't threaten me all the time. I get this stuff, okay? I know how men and women relationships work!"

"Pfft. Name one lasting relationship you've been in." Paul scoffed. Atlöe frowned but scowled, "Okay, now you're just being mean." "My point is proven." The Quileute grinned smugly.

"So then what's your relationship to her?" Atlöe asked, his nose scrunched in confusion. Paul's smug grin was immediately wiped away and he rolled his eyes.

He should've known Atlöe wouldn't have dropped the subject so easily.

"Just shut up for once?" Paul pleaded angrily. "Hell no!" Atlöe exclaimed, his eyes wide as if shocked that Paul would even make such a request.

"I hate you so much." Paul said, seeming pained by Atlöe's presence. "You'd be nowhere without me." Atlöe nodded, his loud yawn causing his morning breath to reach Paul's nostrils again.

Briella's POV

There seemed to be butterflies fluttering their tiny colorful wings in my stomach when I said my goodbyes to Paul.

The back of my neck hurt from having to always look up at him, but the pain was worth watching his capricious expressions.

No one was home. Mum and Dad were at work (as was Christina), Stiofán and Conor at school. I never really liked having the house all to myself.

Despite having all the space of the house to myself, it always made me feel claustrophobic and paranoid, as if though I was being watched.

I had explained this strange fear of mine to my O'Brien grandmother Allic (pronounced "Ah-leece"), she explained the random sensations to me.

It was our O'Brien instinct sharpening, preparing for the full moon every month.

Frankly, it's not pleasant.

Every month, our mind is possessed by an animal, always a random animal, and the symptoms are horrible. I remember in my first month of the development of my gift, a shark possessed my mind. An entire week before the full moon, I spent hours in my tub, my gums hurt but no strange fangs came out. My bloodlust was increased.

After 'awakening' from the full moon, at dawn I found myself in the shores of the Ireland beach.

I shuddered to myself in embarrassment as I changed in my bedroom.

The old couple that had found me was so confused and offended that the police was called to send me away from their property near the shore.

I decided to leave a message to Mrs. Jay, explaining the situation although, for some strange reason, I knew she'd understand.

Hating the tingling sensations in the back of my neck, I decided to sit outside on the front porch. I grabbed my Ipod and went outside.

The weather was humid, the breeze felt sticky against my skin but the dull sun seemed to be beaming behind the clouds as tiny raindrops fell upon the greenness of La Push.

It feels good to take in deep calming breaths after being under so much stress from under the dark piercing eyes that make your stomach flutter with alien emotions, but the sharp senses disturbed me.

I shook my head, "Yer off yer heid." I told myself, chuckling before sitting on the hanging-seats and placing the earphones into my ears and playing Chopin.

Rocking gently from side to side, I closed my eyes and focused on my heart.

Grandmother Allic always told me that listening to your heart was a great way to prepare yourself for full moons. It rarely ever worked for me but it helped me relax.

I don't know how long I had been in that strange state of meditation but I yelped loudly when I felt something furry brush against my leg.

For a second, I had no idea what the strange ball of brown fur was but when it let out a soft mew I realized it was a kitten.

"Aw, who left you out by yourself?" I cooed. I picked up the little bundle of fur and placed her on my lap.

She trembled, her weak little paws stepping with graceful uneasiness as her tiny claws gently pierced my thighs as she walked.

"You lost, wee darling?" I murmured, placing her on my shoulder before taking her inside.

She mewed again when I placed her on the kitchen counter, "No, don't cry!" I chuckled as I opened a water bottle and poured it into a bowl.

"There. See? You don't have to be so scared all the time." I soothed down her brown fur as she drank.

"Just because your small doesn't mean everything bigger than you is dangerous." She looked up at me as I spoke with her enormous blue eyes and I felt my blood hum again in my veins.