"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

-Mother Teresa

It was cold, the green mountains in LaPush hovered by a grey fog, the cloudless sky darkening under a dull sun as birds flew occasionally over the heap of green, wet trees.

The LaPush pack was standing at the border between LaPush and Forks, murmuring anxiously amongst each other, eager to hear what news they were about to receive.

A snarl erupted from a few of the pack members upon catching sight of the pale, bronze-haired man walking towards them.

"What the fuck are you doing here, leech?" Paul sneered upon seeing the golden-eyed vampire standing at the border.

"Paul!" Jacob hissed in warning before turning towards Edward, "What's up?"

"There was a scent caught in Seattle. About four vampires, Bella and Alice caught a whiff of the scent last night in the mall." Edward explained, his eyes wide and his hands clenched into fists at his side, "Alice is having trouble seeing them."

"Shit!" Jacob swore, swiping one hand over his face, his eyes exhausted of all the intense patrols they've done over the month, "Do you think this is bad?"

"Well, we'll find that out once we know what these vampires want." Edward sighed.

"Well, shit. We'll have to intensify the patrols, take shifts, and we'll split the pack. Sam," Sam stepped forward upon hearing his name being called, "You, Jared, Collin, Seth, and Leah will be-"

"Oh, hell no!" They heard an outraged cry come from the woods.

They turned just in time to see Leah stalking out of the woods, marching angrily towards Jacob, "I'm not going with Sam! I'm your Beta and I'm staying with you!" She snarled into Jacob's face.

"Stop being such a whiny bitch, Leah, just do what Jake says!" Paul snarled, stepping forward.

A tremor ran through Leah's body, growling loudly before lunging towards Paul but being stopped by Brady, who stepped forward in time to stop her.

"Leah," Jacob sighed, his tone sounding more like a pleading friend than an ordering Alpha, "please, I'd feel so much more at peace knowing they have you on their side of the pack."

Leah straightened up, the intense of her glare dying when she glanced up at Jacob before pointing her trembling finger right into Paul's face, "You take care of our Alpha, you bastard!"

"Enough, Leah!" Sam growled quietly.

"Emmet, Jasper and I will keep you updated on whatever else we find out. Renesmee will probably be spending a lot more time here with Emily, Bella and I don't want her anywhere near immediate danger." Edward continued, the frown between his brows deepening.

Sam nodded, "I'm sure Emily wouldn't mind."

Jacob and Sam turned, walking away, Jacob giving Sam instructions while Leah gazed after them somewhat dejectedly.

"Leah," Edward murmured, knowing she'd hear him, "Don't worry about Jacob, he's strong and he'll be okay. Just do your best anyway, Jacob respects you anyway."

Leah simply glanced towards Edward, "Quit prodding through my fucking head, you creep!"

Edward chuckled, "I'll keep you updated!" he called once again before getting into his car and driving away.

He knew Leah didn't really mean her insults towards them anymore; she respected Carlisle and grew fond of Esme and Rosalie.

"How's your BFF Edward?" Paul sneered when Leah walked towards them at the beach.

"Fuck off, Paul." She snapped, sitting down stiffly, her clenched fists beginning to tremble.

"I must say, though, I'm surprised you befriended them. I thought you hated them as much as I did." He continued to mock.

"I said FUCK. OFF!" She yelled this time.

"Give it a rest, you two!" Jared snapped.

Leah tossed her head with a loud "hmph!" while Paul simply shrugged and lied himself down on the damp sand.

The sky was darkening, a perfect example of light going to dark, and the stars beginning to peek out from the lightest part of the sky. It was beautiful.

Sometimes, if he was quiet enough, he could hear his own heart beating in time with the waves.

But that obviously wasn't going to happen; the constant brawling of the pack was practically ringing in his ears until he went to bed, so used to having their voices in his ears and head.

"Ah, fuck it." He sighed as he got up, dusting the sand off his shorts before running off into the woods and shifting upon entrance.

He sniffed the air, checking for anything interesting. He caught a whiff of a strange smell, it smelled very…pure.

It was a clean scent, neither vampire nor werewolf, it was…human. Paul couldn't remember the last time he had smelled a human's scent if it wasn't outside the woods.

It was strangely…refreshing.

Paul ran carefully and silently, fully intending to check on the human and just leave.

He froze where he was when he saw two blonde heads and heard faint giggling.

The laughter was innocent and pure, Paul noted somewhat bitterly.

It sounded like a child's laughter.

What the fuck are they doing so deep into the woods? He growled in annoyance.

They were hovering over a little stream, Blonde No. 1 cupping his hands in the opposite direction of the water in order to catch something while Blonde No. 2 piled small twigs and leaves, perhaps building a little dam.

Suddenly, one of the blondes stood up, pointing down at his brother in accusation.

They were twins, identical twins.

Paul snorted quietly.

He remembered he had always wished he had a twin brother when he was a child, begging his mother to have twins and she'd laugh and deny his request.

As the two blondes bickered, Paul felt someone enter his mind.

"What are you doing creeping up on children, you pedo?" Seth accused jokingly.

"Oh, shut the fuck up! I just thought it was strange to catch their scent this deep into the woods, I just came to check what it was." Paul explained in annoyance.

"Who do they belong to?" Seth wondered.

"Probably to that new family that moved in. I think they were somewhere from Europe." Paul scowled at the memory of where he had gotten this information.

"Ew, okay, enough. That's disgusting; you just have to keep on ruining my innocence, huh?"

"What innocence?" Paul scoffed, rolling his eyes.

Blonde No. 1 shoved Blonde No. 2, scolding him loudly, "Yeh have t' be so clumsy, hi! Now we have t' begin all over again!"

"Come off it, ye dope, like!" Blonde No. 2 snapped, shoving him back.

"Get the feck off, Conor, there's a smell o' neglect off ye!" Blonde No. 1 shot back, staring at his brother in disgust.

"Might be from this wee little manky, swampy stream we've been a-pickin' at fer !" Blonde No.2 growled as-a-matter-of-factly, snapping his teeth as he advanced towards his twin.

"Enough, you two!" came in another voice, it was male and older.

A tall brown-haired man came into view, grabbing each kid by the shoulder and separating them just as they lunged at each other.

"Curse of the seven snotty orphans on ye!" Their father scolded them, shaking them, "Ye two be patient like you two rarely ever are, and start anew! Besides, we have to head home soon; I say yeh get yer stuff and follow me."

"Ara cod? Are ye serious?" Blonde No. 2 whined while Blonde No. 1 stomped his foot angrily.

"Enough of yer foosherin' and on we go!" Their father sighed, "We'll be meeting Briella and yer mama down the road, anyway."

"I swear I didn't even get a word either of them said." Seth deadpanned.

The twins' father kept his hand on their shoulder protectively as they walked further away and out of sight, glancing cautiously behind them, his eyes glancing so close to where Paul and Seth were.

"They're probably Scottish or Irish." Paul agreed, turning away, bored.

"Hey, where you goin'?" Seth asked.

"What are you? My mother?" Paul sneered.

Seth sighed, "No, I mean, what are you doing? Won't you go back to the beach and join us?"

"We'll probably have a mess and lot of patrols to do when we find out what those vampires want; can't I at least have some peace?" Paul snapped.

"Whoa, sorry. I guess you're right. See ya when I do!" And with that said, Seth was gone from his mind.

"Finally some peace!" Paul sighed in relief before shifting and immediately pulling his shorts up, heading towards town.