Kamen Rider Sorcerer

A Harry Potter and Kamen Rider X-Over

(Like Kamen Rider Wizard, Harry will use Rings to transform or to use spells like "Kick Strike" which is his main finisher, he weilds the SorceroSwordGun which is a black and white WizarSwordGun)

Chapter 1, Year 1: The Inner Phantom

It cuts to Harry at 11 years of Age with Hagrid walking to platform 9 ¾ until a Harry sees a Solar eclipse and his body sprouts purple glowing cracks and Dragon Wings "I-I Won't give up Hope!" and he sees a White man in white armor and he hands Harry a black and silver WizarDriver as Hagrid sees it and Harry puts it on and it turns into the Inactive WizarDriver and he gets a Ring with a hand and he walks on the Train and Smiles and he arrives in Hogwarts and He saw a Centaur Phantom and he Smiles and Filch said "Potter! What is the meaning of this?" and Harry spoke "Filch, pop quiz, ever heard of the "Kamen Riders" before?" and Filch spoke "Yes, I've seen Kuuga and Garren fight some Unknown that were murdering Students." And Harry said "That's because I'm a Kamen Rider that was made to maintain hope in humans, I am Kamen Rider Sorcerer." Said Harry as he waved the Driver On ring on his belt "DRIVER ON, PLEASE" And he switched the lever to change mode "Shabadoobie Touch Henshin" it went as Harry lowered the Visor on his Flame Ring and Spoke "Henshin." And he lowers the ring "Flame! Please! Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!" Went the belt as a magic circle traveled from the right of Harry's body making him look like Wizard with a Wizard hat and a cape "Saa, Showtime." And he Faces the Phantom and takes out an orange ring with a dragon arising out of a vortex and put it on and scanned it "Connect: Please!" And he pulls out a Black and white WizarSwordGun in Its gun mode and starts shooting then he turns it to Sword mode and takes out a green ring "This one will blow you away." He spoke as he waved the ring in front of his belt "Hurricane! Please! Fu! Fu! Fu! Fu! Fu!" and the suits Red parts turned green and he flew in the air and slashed the Phantom and he spoke "Now for the coup de grace." And the Phantom spoke "I Hate French food!" as he chokes Harry "No…..Coup de grace, it like means-"before he could finish the Phantom threw him shouting "IT MEANS YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!" And Harry flew but came back and pressed down the thumb "C'mon and Slash! Shake Hands!" and Harry held his Ring to the hand "Hurricane! Slash Strike! Fu! Fu! Fu! Fu! Fu! Fu!" and he Traps the Phantom in a cyclone and launches a energy beam at the phantom, killing it and Harry lands to the ground and de-Henshined before saying "And thus ends todays lesson." And the others spoke "For real?"