Chapter 1 The day we meet to chase a dream.

A shady Pokemon wearing a cloak with the hood caving there face was running fast. The Pokemon was carrying something in a bundle. The forest was dark it was past midnight no one was around as the Pokemon ran, though.

"Almost there."

The forest was becoming too open to a road. The Pokemon speeded up as it near its detestation. Soon the Pokemon reached a beach. The waves were calm and smooth under the moonlight. The Pokemon slowed to a walk. The Pokemon looked down at the bundle in its paws.

A smaller Pokemon was rap up in the bundle. Mostly brown fur craved it. A milky blue colored the fur around its neck and underbelly. It was sleeping or looked to be asleep. The Pokemon gently unwrap the Eevee and sit it on the ground as gently as it could.

"I hope you can achieve your dream little one." The Pokemon stare down at the Eevee one final time before walking back into the shadow of the forest.

(The next day at Wigglytuff's Guild)

A Pikachu was standing on the path to the entrance of the guild. It looked to be thinking hard about something.

"Hmm..." she hummed under her breath. She started pacing back and forth.

"No. I refuse to be paralyzed by this any longer! This is it I have to steel my courage today." She said quietly to herself. Then quietly walk onto the grate.

"Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!" Someone said. The Pikachu could not see who said it.

"Whose footprint? Whose footprint?" Another Pokemon Yelled.

"The footprint is Pikachu's! The footprint is Pikachu's!" The first Pokemon said.

"Waah!" The Pikachu cried. "That was too shocking!" She said to herself as she coward a little away from the grate. She sighed to herself.

"..I can't... I can't work up the courage to go in, after all. I told myself that this is the day, but ..." The Pikachu said sulky to herself. As she holds something close to her. "I thought holding on to my personal treasure would inspire me..." she thought to herself as she turns to walk down the road away from the guild.

"I just can't do it. I'm such a coward..."

Two shady Pokemon walk on to the road to the guild. After the Pikachu was far enough away.

"Hey, Zubat. Di you get a load of that?!" One of the two Pokemon said to his partner. "You bet I did, Koffing." Zubat replied. "That little wimp that was pacing around...had something good right?" Koffing asked. "That wimp had something, that's for sure. It looked like some kind of treasure." Zubat replied.

"Do we go after it?"

"We do."

The two shady Pokemon followed after her.

The Pikachu walk along the path to the beach. Getting there just as the Krabby started blowing bubbles.

"Oh, wow! What a pretty sight!" Pikachu gasped at the sight of the ocean waves and bubbles. "When the weather's good the Krabby come out at sundown to blow bubbles...all those bubbles, catching the setting sun's rays off the waves...It's always beautiful." she thought to herself.

"This is where I always come when I'm feeling sorry for myself. But it makes me feel good to be here, like always." Pichu thought to herself. Pichu started walking around the beach.

"Hey...What's that? What's going on over there?" Pichu walked over to closer to the strange sight. "WAHH! Someone has collapsed on the sand!" Pichu ran over to the Pokemon.

"What happen?! Are you OK?" Pichu asked a little panic. The Eevee shaken a little then blinked and yawned before standing up and looking around.

"You're awake! That's a relief!" Pichu sighed in relief. The Eevee looked around again. "Where...Where am I..?" The Eevee thought to herself.

"You weren't moving at all. I was seriously worried! Do you remember how you ended up unconscious out here?" Pichu asked the Eevee. "I...Was I unconscious? What happened?" The Eevee asked herself.

"Well, I'm Pichu. Glad to meet you! And you are? I've never seen you around before...You're... a little odd..." Pichu said to the Eevee.

"My name? That's right, my name is..."

"Ev I don't remember much else."

"Oh, Ev is your name?" Pichu nodded. "Ok. Well, you don't seem to be a bad Pokemon at least. Sorry that I doubted you. More and more bad Pokemon have been turning up lately, you see! Many Pokemon has gotten aggressive lately. Things have grown somewhat lawless..." Pichu explained.

However, before Pichu could explain more a Zubat slammed into her knocking her down and she down something on the ground. "OUCH!" Pichu yelled.

"Well, I do beg your pardon." Koffing said mockingly. "Hey! Why'd you do that?" Pichu asked angrily. "Heh-heh-heh! Can't figure it out? We wanted to mess with you! Can't face up to us, can you?" Zubat taunted Pichu.


"That's yours, Isn't it?" Zubat inquired. "No! That's...!" Pichu tried to say. "Sorry, kiddo. We'll take that!" Zubat said though he wasn't really sorry. Zubat picks up the item that Pichu doped. "Whoa-ho-ho! Not gonna make a move to get that back? What's the matter? To scared? I didn't expect that you'd be such a big coward!"Koffing taunted.

"Come on let's get out of here." Koffing said to Zubat.

"See you around, Chicken. Heh-heh-heh" Zubat said before he and Koffing ran off.

"...oh...Wh-What should I do? That's my personal treasure. It means everything to me. If I lose that..." Pichu tried up before shaking her head.

"No! There's no time to waste. I've got to get it back! Hey, can I get you to help me?" Pichu asked and hold out her paw to Ev. Ev nodded her head and put her paw on Pichu's. "R-really? You'll really help?! Thank you!" Pichu said to Ev.

"Let's go quickly!" Pichu yelled happily as she and Ev ran after the two.

The two enter Beach Cave.

They wonder the first floor. Ev found Pokemon money after asking Pichu what it was she bag it to keep it. "It's called Poke for short nowadays," Pichu said as they found the stairs.

The next three floors were about the same as the first floor. Ev finding something and Pichu explaining what it is and what it can do. And running into aggressive Pokemon. They reached Beach Cave Pit. And found to two thieves.

"Uh..Hey!" Pichu yelled. Getting them to turn around. "Well, thief'swell...If it isn't our old friend, the big chicken." Koffing taunted. Pichu back away a little before stepping forward.

"Give me...Give me back what you stole from me! That's my personal treasure! It means everything to me!" Pichu said to thieves.

"Treasure, you say? So that thing really is valuable. Huh?" Zubat questioned. "It could be worth more than we'd hoped for, I'd say. We ought to try selling it. Who knows? It might get a good price. Whoa-ho-ho! All the more reason not to give it back!" Koffing replied.

"Whaaaat?!" Pichu yelled.

"If you want it back that badly...Come and get it! Heh-heh-heh!" Zubat baited Pichu into a fight.

Ev stand waiting for Zubat to make the first move. Ev's blue eyes stayed on Zubat as he moved around her. Zubat attached. Ev stand waiting till the last minute then jump over Zubat then turn herself around and tackle him into the ground and jumped back.

Zubat slowly got back up and tried to reached at her however he missed and Ev tackles him down again.

Pichu was facing off against Koffing.

However, unlike Ev, she was a little scared but she did not back down this time. She ran at Koffing trying to tackle him. But he moves out of the way. Pichu turns herself around and used ThunderShock on him and then tried tackling him again this time it worked. Pichu jumped back away from Koffing. Pichu waited for Koffing to attack her this time.

Koffing came right at her. She sidesteps away from him at the last second. She grabs him as she sidesteps him. She throws him into rocks. Pichu waited for Koffing to get back up. Koffing raises up again he didn't notice that he was near the water. Pichu started running at him and tackled him again this time thought she jump off of him she landed on the ground and he landed in the water.


"Ugh...We got roughed up..."

"B-blast it...How'd we get wiped out by wimps like them?" Koffing whined.

"Bah! Here you go. Take it, then!" Zubat throws the items on the ground before Ev and Pichu.

"Whoa-ho! Don't think you're so awesome. Your victory was a fluke!" Koffing said before he ran off. "Yeah, you just remember that!" Zubat adds as he too runs off.

"Oh! It's my Relic Fragment! And my mother's necklace." Pichu picks up her treasured items. "Am I ever glad...I actually did manage to get it back. It's only because you agreed to help me, Ev. Thank you, Ev!" Pichu said cried happily. The two made their way back to the beach outside.

"Thank you! Seriously!" Pichu said again. Pichu ears were down and tie with blue ribbons she was smiling at Ev.

"I only helped because I happened to be there...Was that the right thing to do? I guess so. This Pokemon is clearly grateful. It's nice to be appreciated." Ev though as she smiled back at Pichu.

"Here's what they stole. This is a Relic Fragment...Well, at least, that's what I started calling it...But this Relic Fragment and My Mother's Necklace...It's my precious treasure. You see, I've alway liked legends and lore...I always get so excited when I hear tales from the past! Don't you feel the same way? Hidden troves full of treasure and strange relics... Uncharted territories veiled in darkness...and new lands just waiting to be discovered! Such places must be full of unimaginable gold and treasure! And history! Wouldn't it be amazing to make historic discoveries? That's what I always dream of. It's all exciting to me. So one day...I happened to come across my Relic Fragment. I admit that it looks like junk, but take a closer look." Pichu shows the Relic Fragment to Ev as she explained.

"See? That inscription forms a strange pattern, doesn't it?" Pichu said to Ev.

"It's true. There is a strange inscription. I've never seen a pattern like this. Although it does look a little familiar." Ev thought to herself.

"There must be some significance to this pattern. This Relic Fragment must be the key to legendary places! To areas where precious treasure lies! At least that's the feeling I get. That's why I want to join an exploration team. This fragment must fit onto something...somewhere! I want to discover where that is. I want to solve the mystery of my Relic Fragment! So earlier, I tried joining an exploration team as an apprentice...But...I chickened out. What about you, Ev? What are you going to do now? You lost your memory. Do you have anywhere to go and stay after this?" Pichu asked Ev.

Ev stayed quite. As she did not have an answer.

" If not, can I ask a big favor? Would you be willing to form an exploration team with me? I'm convinced that I can form an effective exploration team with you, Ev. So will you? Please?" Pichu asked Ev.

"Wah! What should I do? I'm getting recruited out of the blue! I don't know what an exploration team is... What should I do? Something tells me this is the right thing to do, though. And it's true, I do have nowhere to go...I don't have any clue what I should do next. I guess it wouldn't hurt to team up with Pichu for now. Maybe I'll eventually discover who or what I am by hanging out with this Pokemon. Ok, that's settled!" Ev thought it out to herself.

"OK let's do it!" Ev replied to Pichu. " Yes? Really?! You'll form an exploration team with me?" Pichu said very happily.

"Yes! Thank you! We're going to be a great combination! Let's make this work! First, we should go to Wigglytuff's place and sigh up as apprentices. That's where we need to train to become a first-rate exploration team. I'm sure the training will be very tough...But let's give it our best, Ev!" Pichu explained.

And so...Pichu and Ev formed and exploration team.

This turned out to be...Their first step into...

Many fantastic realms of adventure that awaited their arrival.

Me: Well, I hope this is a lot better than when I first started to write this. Well, it was crappy at best. So hopefully this is better than that. I would like to say thanks to My Big Sister beaniewenie. For helping me with the stuff I suck at. *coughspellingcough* Ok info time Do I own Pokemon? No, but I'm sure a lot of us wish we did. This is loosely base on the Pokemon Sky game. Please note not all the stuff that happened in the game may or may not happen in the story. But some of it will on that note is Ev human? kinda but I'll explain that later on in the story but mostly there is no part of the "I know I was a human!" that most of the dungeon games do have.

If you have questions feel free to ask. I'm open to talking to people. I, however, tin to get a little off topic sometimes. Um please don't be mean.

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