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Chapter 2

My Little Pony!

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"So," Thalia said. "this Fanfiction site has stories about all of us and they were made by fans?"

Annabeth nodded. "Yeah, but the one we just read was insane. Percy was Grover's boyfriend," Her gray eyes slid over to where Grover was still shaking and Percy avoiding eye contact with anyone. "Nico and Grover were detectives, and Frank was actually Kronos. Not to forget I was found dead."

"Sounds interesting," Thalia said thoughtfully. "Let's read one."

Annabeth scrolled down the webpage until she came across a story that caught her eye. "Hey, this one is about you, Thalia."

The Secret Lover

By TreeDaughterofZeus

Thalia's expression darkned. "Is that name supposed to reffer to me being a pine tree? "

Percy decided not to comment about the last story they read and the person's user name was 'ZeusSucks67'. That would make her even more mad. "Um, just read us the summary, Annabeth."

Summary: Thalia returns to camp after The Hunt. She can't wait to see the person she's in love with. Will he feel the same way or leave her heartbroken? One-Shot. Lemon

"What the hell? I'm not in love with anybody at the camp! No one!" Thalia yelled. Sparks appeared from her fingertips and Percy, Grover, and Annabeth scooted away from the angry demigod.

"Calm down, girl. It's not real. This Fanfiction stuff is fake. The more you read you'll see what I mean," Grover said, hoping to calm Thalia down. His plea worked and Thalia seemed to relax, but she still appeared skeptical.

"I wonder what a lemon is," Percy said out loud.

A/N: Hello everyone! I'm writing another couple I support besides Percabeth or Thalico. It's Thalia paired with someone else. ;)

"Percabeth? Thalico? Those are strange names," Grover commented.

Percabeth...Thalico... oh wait! Annabeth thought. "Hey, I figured it out. Percabeth is the name Percy and Annabeth combined. Thalico is obviously Thalia with someone. I just don't know who. I'll have to think about it..."

Thalia growled," Can't these idiots realize that I can't have a romance with any man at all?"

"Anything goes in Fanfiction," Grover said. "Let's keep reading. I'm curious to see who Thalia is in love with."

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P.S. This takes place after The Titan's Curse, but before The Battle of the Labryinth. So, there will be a few spoilers.

"The Titan's Curse? What is that? I know about the Battle of the Labryinth, but still this really bothers me!" Percy exclaimed. Annabeth patted him on the back, "Don't hurt yourself."

Thalia and the Hunters returned to Camp Half Blood for a quick break. The daughter of Zeus nervously made her way over to The Big House. She fidgeted nervously with her shirt and tried to calm her tense nerves. "Come on, Thalia! You can do this!" She thought to herself.

Thalia had been in love with him ever since she came to Camp Half-Blood.

Thalia leaned forward in her seat and glared at the computer screen. She wanted to send this author to Hades for writing a outrageous story about her and her secret lover.

Thalia went into The Big House and as soon as she entered she saw him. He was tall, muscular, and incredibly sexy. She was beginning to get cold feet, but she encouraged herself. Come on, Thalia. You can do this! Thalia cleared her throat to let the person know she was in the room.

He turned around and smiled, his brown eyes locking with her blue ones.

"Ok, so it's not Percy," Grover said, "then who is it? You guys have any ideas?"

Annabeth shrugged, "I was going to guess Leo or Frank, but that would be to weird."

"Maybe it's Nico?" Percy suggested.

Thalia continued to glare at the computer screen and refused to say a word.

"Hello Thalia, it's been quite some time. How are you?" He greeted and flashed her one of his beautiful smiles. It made Thalia's knees feel like jelly.

"MY KNEES ARE NOT JELLY!" Thalia yelled. She was fed up and had enough of this nonsense. "Where the hell does this author live?! I will hunt them down and send them to Hades for writing a piece of shit!"

Annabeth clicked on the author's profile and checked the biography. "So," she said, "this person lives in Canada. Interesting..."

"Then I will search all of Canada to find this bastard!" Thalia roared. Annabeth, Percy, and Grover had never seen her this angry before. Plus, she had the mouth of a sailor. Annabeth quickly clicked the back button and went back to the story. She wouldn't admit this out loud, but she was very curious on who Thalia was in love with.

"I'm doing well," She fidgeted and took a deep breath. "Look, I need to talk to you about something very important."

"Oh, what is it, Thalia?"

Here it is. The moment of truth. A deep blush appeared on Thalia's face. "I-I love you, Chiron!"

All was silent in Percy's house. Grover's laughter, however, broke the intense silence. "You've got to be kidding me?! Chiron? Wow, I can't believe you think he's sexy! That's incredible."

Percy chuckled. "Yeah, and I want to see you blush too."

Thalia's face turned red from anger and embarrasment. Annabeth comforted Thalia by patting her on the back. "Knock it off you two! It's not even that funny. Shut up so I can finish reading the rest of the story."

Percy and Grover became silent, but little snickers escaped their mouths from time to time. Annabeth began to read again.

Chiron's eyes widened. He didn't want to admit it, but he loved Thalia too.

"Ok, am I the only one who just now figured out that Thalia couldn't love Chiron because she never met him when she first came to Camp Half-Blood?" Percy asked.

"Woah, man, you're right. The timeline makes no sense. Well, anything goes in Fanfiction." Grover said. Annabeth narrowed her eyes at the satyr. She had a feeling that saying would become old extremely fast.

"Kiss me, Thalia!" Chiron exclaimed. Thalia leapt into his arms and began to kiss him. Chiron removed Thalia's shirt and kissed her neck. Thalia groaned and-

"THAT'S IT! THIS SHIT HAS TO DIE!" Thalia yelled. Before she could do anything, the door opened.

"Hey, Leo, what are you doing here?" Percy asked. Leo was smiling until he saw Jason's sister looking like she wanted to murder somebody.

"I was just stopping by to see if you wanted to hang out. Um, is something going on?"

Annabeth explained to Leo about the Fanfiction and the stories they had read. "Wow, that sounds amazing. Can I read some?"

Thalia snorted. "You better hold your breath. I said the exact same thing and instead I read a story about Chiron and I making out. But sure, Leo, read some."

Leo sat down on the couch and Annabeth handed him the computer. Leo's eyes travelled over the screen until he said, "Found one. It sounds interesting."

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