Author's note: My thanks to Ape31 for assisting SO much as I planned this out in my head. I don't know how long it will be exactly, but not that long I don't think (HA! I always say that). As per the chapter titles this will be a little like "Tree without Blossoms" and have a timeline of sorts (basically expect time lapses between months/chapters – unless I end up posting multi-chaptered months. Again.)

This fic will have lots of smut – I think if you've read First Day then you probably expected that. Just warning you incase you feel like complaining about it, thinking I am somehow not aware of the amount of smut I write.

Warning: For this fic you need to be okay with the following pairings/triads: Sebofsky, Kurtofsky, Kurtbastian and Subkurtofsky. You also need to be okay with Klaine breaking up (Kurt is no cheater). This fic is going to have a fair dose of angst and the end relationship will be a Sebkurtofsky triad. Don't like the idea you don't need to read any further.

Updates will be sporadic as chapters will be longish (~4,000 words). I want to finish some of my other fics first before focusing on this, but I just had to get this out of the way because it's been kind of blocking up my mind on the other stuff.


He pushes the door open with his foot, arms straining as he struggles with the shopping bags. He doesn't know why he turned down Dave and Sebastian's offer to help, because he always buys more than what is on the list, his self-imposed budget completely shot to hell. It doesn't help that he pays no rent, just a share of the utilities, which he's sure Sebastian's parents only make them pay to show Sebastian what it's like in the real world. He's pretty sure a spacious, four-bedroom designer-decorated apartment is not the real world. Not his real world. Well. It wasn't.

It's quiet, which he decides to savor for the time being. Not that Sebastian is an overly noisy person, or Dave either, but getting some time to himself is rare. What has surprised him the most about living with Sebastian is that he actually enjoys it. For all that Sebastian can be a complete asshole, it's become tempered with what he now knows if Sebastian's softer side. Combined with the complete teddybear that Dave is he's started to really enjoy spending time with them. They seem to truly make an effort about including him in things and not making him feel like a third wheel.

Sebastian asks about Blaine on an almost daily basis, and now that he knows Sebastian isn't after Blaine for himself he can actually see it as Sebastian giving him an excuse to talk about Blaine. Think about him. Be allowed to miss him. They talk on the phone and Skype and text each other almost constantly throughout the day, but it doesn't make up for the fact that he isn't there. Not that he would change that. School is amazing. He feels so at home there, comfortable, even if everyday he's pushed and challenged. He accepts those challenges with open arms, knowing they will make him a better performer, and that's what he wants to be. Probably. He wonders sometimes when he's lying in bed, alone and in the dark, what he'd have done if he hadn't gotten in. If he'd found another way out of Lima.

He unpacks the shopping bags, hoping that the ingredients are what Dave wanted. He's never completely sure, and since his cooking lessons he's become more and more adventurous, and he's been enjoying spending time with him in the kitchen. Sebastian just seems amused by them, as if they're kids playing in a sandbox and makes jokes about them being there just to feed him.

Comments like that have meant that it's not all been plane sailing. It's taken them a good month to stop jumping down each other's throats wielding knives. Sebastian has also borrowed his clothes without asking, he's finished off the last of the milk and not replaced it, and they both seem quite willing to resort to yelling at each other at the slightest provocation. It's a good outlet sometimes, and more than once he's deliberately done something to piss Sebastian off with the sole aim being so he can yell at someone. He could never yell at Dave – he's all quiet reasonableness, discussed differences of opinion and doesn't raise his voice very often at all. They balance each other out beautifully.

He finds their relationship quite fascinating to watch, it being so vastly different from his one with Blaine. They are openly affectionate with each other within the confines of the apartment, and he's walked in on them making out more times than he can count. What he hasn't heard are any words of love, and he curious if they are whispered between sheets, softly quiet, or if they have ever been spoken at all. He's curious, but he won't ask. He knows they care about each other, and maybe that's enough for them.

He packs away the last item and heads for the living room, rolling his shoulders to try and ease some of the tension caused by lugging the bags back from the store. He's just about sitting down when the completely melted tub of ice cream catches his eye and he swoops down and grabs it off the table, staring with horror at the watermark it leaves behind. It's Italian and wooden and probably worth in the same ballpark as his first years tuition at NYADA. Even though it wasn't him that left it there, he's pretty sure this is what Sebastian's parents saying that maybe living with Kurt will make him a little more responsible.

"Sebastian!" He calls out, and he knows he's home because his keys were still on the bench where he insists on leaving them. He hears muffled voices and of course Dave is here. He tries to keep his yelling at Sebastian to a minimum when Dave is around, but he's kind of annoyed right now. It's not just about the water mark, or leaving food go to waste, but also the fact that this morning Sebastian ate his breakfast, and hadn't even seemed the least apologetic about it.


He knocks on the door again, harder this time, glaring at it and foot tapping impatiently and half tempted to kick the door, if he didn't know it's solid oak and would do more damage to his toes than he to it. Plus they can probably barely hear him yelling through the door. So he raises his voice.

"Sebastian Smythe you come out right now or I swear I will go and buy some orange dye and put it in your next load of laundry!"

The door opens and Dave steps out, closing the door behind him, looking decidedly embarrassed.

"Uh, he's a little tied up right now. Something I can help with?"

Dave is naked. Well, not quite. He's only wearing boxers, and he's gotten used to a fair amount of skin being on show because Sebastian wanders around in his underwear, but this is Dave in just his underwear. He's actually not going to look down to confirm. Instead he stares at the hair on Dave's chest, matted together with something sticky and oh god… Tied up? He snaps his jaw shut, all thoughts of yelling gone, and he's not going to think about them like that.

"Nope! Nothing! Just… go back to whatever you were doing!"


"Oh fuck, I think Kurt thinks I have you tied up in here…"

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time."


"I couldn't answer his lovely dulcet tone covered in chocolate sauce. It looks like war paint."

"It's meant to look that way. And now I get to lick it off…"

"That's the plan…"

They grin at each other and then he's back on the bed, his body resting on all fours above Sebastian as he reaches down and licks a stripe up his chest. They'd started off feeding each other ice-cream, pretending they needed it to cool down. Of course it had had the opposite effect, with Sebastian muttering about being too hot and Dave telling him to take his shirt off. That's when they'd relocated to the bedroom, Dave taking the chocolate sauce because of his plans for it. While Kurt is an easy going roommate, he's pretty sure walking in on them having sex on the sofa would give him a heart attack. And not because it's some fancy sofa he can't pronounce the name of. Sofas shouldn't have names anyway.

A hand strokes his cock through his boxer-briefs, and he ignores the fact that he just stood in front of Kurt pretty much naked. Sebastian's arching his body up, demanding attention, and really, his self-confidence is in a much better place than a year ago. He feels all sorts of sexy when he's like this with Sebastian. Knows he is.

"Don't fuck around, just… god, what are you going to do?"

He grins, because he was going to draw it out for a long while, which is actually possible now that he's not as aroused as he was prior to being interrupted by Kurt. Unlike Sebastian, who seems to get off on the idea of a potential audience and was no doubt stroking his cock the entire time Dave was talking to Kurt. Also it isn't often that he gets complete carte blanche.

"I'm going to make you beg for it."

Sebastian groans, and it isn't a sound of complaint at all, but one of anticipation. He can tell the difference much easier now, and he licks over a tan nipple, darker from the summer sun and also chocolate sauce, then sucks. Pulling back he blows over the now slightly swollen tip and then moves to the other one. They're sensitive, have somehow become more sensitive since they got together, Sebastian swearing it's because of the amount of attention Dave pays to them. Which he has no issues with whatsoever. Guilty as charged.

He knows what his tongue does to Sebastian now, how, when's Seb's felling horny (which is a vast majority of the time); Dave can make him semi-hard simply by eating food the right way. Licking the rim of his coffee cup suggestively always guarantees being dragged to the bedroom, and the one time he'd mistakenly done it in public he'd gotten spanked. The idea of which he'd found intriguing and in practice had found fucking hot, in the right circumstances.

He worries still, that maybe Seb will get bored of him, but then he forces himself to stop worrying. There's nothing he can do about it except ensure Seb talks to him. He definitely talks, to his therapist, and Kurt, and also to Sebastian. Life is better than good now and he knows no matter how dark some days might get there will always be reminders of how bright and good things can be.

He traces his fingers feather-light over Seb's cock, savors the swearing Seb mutters at him because it's not hard enough, and lets a laugh rumble in his chest and does it again, possibly even lighter and he gets a slap to his upper arm. He grabs Seb's hand, slipping to the wrist and pinning it above his head. He knows Seb could easily twist free, his other hand is completely free and he thrusts his hips down, dragging his cock over Sebastian's lower body. It's messy, there's fucking chocolate sauce everywhere now, but it's the day the sheets are washing anyway. A task he's had to teach Sebastian how to do, much to the joint horror and amusement of Kurt, who refused to teach him himself.

He sucks a path down Seb's neck and onto his chest, leaving a trail of already fading tiny red ovals. He tastes like chocolate of course, but with sweat-salty undertones and the bitter taste of his aftershave. He releases Seb's wrist, moving his hand to cock instead and this time he grips firmly.

"Fuck yes."


He knows Seb wants it hard, fast, but he goes slowly. Firm, but slowly, Seb's hips thrusting and trying to speed the pace. He ignores him, moves his other hand to push down on his hips to slow him down. He licks, and he's not really going for seduction, more the maddening tickle of being licked clean, his hand's slow motion keeping Seb hard and panting. He knows what he's going to do next, once he has Sebastian mainly chocolate free. He swirls his tongue over nipples, releases his cock and pulls back, hopping off the bed completely.

"What – where are you going?"

"Nowhere. Roll over."

"Oh fuck…"

Sebastian waits until he's pulled his underwear off to roll over, eyes raking up his body and cock twitching. He watches as Seb arranges himself, moving pillows and kicking the sheet to the side, still swearing under his breath. He moves slowly, knows the build up is a big part for Sebastian. He grabs the required necessities from a basket they keep under the bed before just standing back and appreciating the sight of Sebastian spread before him.

His skin is even more golden hued because of summer, and there are a couple of new freckles which he's quite partial to, and the tan line, well, he's quite partial to that too. Seb's ass looks good no matter what the color, and he moves to the edge of the bed, careful not to touch it yet. Seb has buried his head in a pillow, deliberately hiding his eyes because he doesn't want to know where Dave is. Just anticipating. He admires the smooth curve of ass cheeks, the muscled thighs and calves, all bunched as he kneels, displaying his ass. The first time he did this he was a nervous wreck, but now he knows it's the best way to get Sebastian begging, and also to virtually guarantee that he'll come when Dave does fuck him.

"Are you just going to stare all day?" Seb snaps, although it's slight muffled so the tense tone is ruined slightly.

"Maybe. The view is pretty amazing. Don't try and tell me you think otherwise." He's never met anyone as cocky and self sure of their body as Sebastian.

"You can stare after, just stop… well, I'd say stop fucking around but that's exactly what you're not doing…"

Grinning he leans forward, gripping an ass cheek in his hand and massaging it, enjoying the feel of Sebastian pushing back into his hand. Then he moves forward, kneeling behind him, hand going to Seb's other ass cheek and giving it the same treatment before spreading them and just looking at the tight ring of muscle. Leaning down he ghosts warm breath, working his tongue in his mouth to gather some saliva before curling his tongue and dragging it upward from Seb's balls to his tailbone, letting his saliva dribble out, warm and wet. He hears and feels Seb moan and grins. This always shuts him up. At least for a while.

He doesn't let it go cold, repeats the same swipe of tongue, slowly. Repeatedly. He knows this has to be torturous for him, given how turned on he is, but he has the time and patience right now to really make Sebastian fall apart. Seb seems to know what he's planning, can hear him muttering under his breath, too muffled to make out words, but he doubts they're complimentary. He's methodical, slowly increasing the speed and pressure, adding an extra press at the hole as he swipes past it.

He's got a hand on Seb's cock again, still stroking in the slow firm pattern, stopping him from touching himself and he feels quietly evil. As always when he does this Sebastian seems torn about thrusting into his hand, or back onto his tongue, and he knows half the sounds coming from him are due to his indecision. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, practice has made him much more proficient. His tongue and jaw and muscles, fuck, his entire body, can go for much longer now, drawing this out for far longer than Sebastian can hold out. They know this, they've tested it out, many times, just to prove their theories right. They like testing theories.

When he finally makes a concerted push with his tongue it's met with a long approving groan and Seb is pushing against his tongue now, clearly wanting this penetration over his cock getting attention. He notes that and brings his hands back, spreading the cheeks wide again, deliberately dragging his cock over the arch of Seb's foot as he repositions himself, tongue making circles and presses forward, loosening the relaxed muscle even further.


Another thing he's gotten far more practice doing is opening lube one handed, although he guesses the flip-top tubes and pump bottles that came in the gift basket aren't exactly meant for two hands. He spreads a little on his finger with his thumb, and he knows Seb has heard the snap of the lid, the pushing against his tongue as he licks and presses suddenly a lot more insistent. He wants more. That's what that means and he digs his fingers into the flesh of his ass cheek.

He pulls his mouth away and slides one finger in and there's just the grinding down of Seb's pelvis onto his finger and he grips his ass again, places an open mouth sucking kiss on the other ass cheek and starts fingering him. He knows one finger isn't enough for what Seb wants, but this isn't about getting him off fast. He slides the finger in an out, not big enough and not fast enough, and he grins, huffing a quiet laugh which he knows Seb hears because he hears quite a clear 'fuck you'.

He goes back to licking, and this still feels a little like a contortionists act, but he rests his weight on his legs, deliberately dragging his cock against the back of Seb's legs again, over the line where his ass cheeks meet his thighs. He dribbles a bit more lube, knowing that he will think it means another finger. But he doesn't add another. Not yet. He wraps his slick hand around Seb's cock, harder and faster now, leaning over to bite him semi-softly on the shoulder.

"Feeling alright?"

"Fuck off…"

He laughs quietly and thrusts against his hip, sliding in a second finger and twisting. He speeds up and goes back to paying attention to Seb's ass, letting more saliva drop onto his fingers as his over hand works his cock, and he has a rhythm or pull-push-slide which never fails to have Seb falling apart. He always wants Seb to enjoy this as much as he does and Seb groans. His own cock is hard, balls tight between his legs.

"Fuck Dave, please. Please just… fuck me. I'll even say it, I'll beg you… just… fucking please."

"Not yet…"

He says it just to see what he'll do, his hands already drawing away, reaching for a condom and then Seb is rearing back and twisting, pushing him down onto his back and his head is almost hanging off the edge. He takes the condom from his hand and tears it open with his teeth, sliding it down his cock without even looking and he shifts slightly at the contact.

"You are a huge fucking torturous bastard."

He grins, because he's not apologetic in the least, his heart racing as Sebastian straddles him, rising up on his knees, hand still holding his cock and then Seb is lowering himself onto his cock and he lets out a long low breath which turns into a moan of satisfaction. They move together now with practiced ease, his slow upward motion met with more insistent downward pressure and he has to admit to this position being his favorite; being able to see every part of Sebastian and his own cock pushing into him.

He can feel his cock dragging and pushing through tight heat and he knows Sebastian is already close, one of the benefits of rimming and fingering him until he actually begs, or takes over. Or both he realizes, letting out a soft huff of amusement. Sebastian has closed his eyes, hands resting on Dave's chest as he moves his body in rolling waves and he is sometimes just hit with how beautiful Sebastian is. He brings his knees up to help support him and then wraps his still sticky hand around Seb's cock again. He doesn't go slow this time, he grips and moves with what he knows Sebastian likes the most.

"You are going to fucking kill me…"

"But what a way to go huh?" He replies, thrusting up and grinning.

Their bodies are sticky with sweat, chocolate and pre-come, moving together in an ever increasing frantic pace and he wants to hold back until Seb comes. He can do that now, judge pretty accurately what will get him off and he digs his fingers into his thigh, urging him to move faster. They can't talk, not coherently, just truncated names and epithets with yes yes yes mixed with harder, come on, fuck, please, oh god.

His hand moves faster in response to Sebastian's pleas, his own hips thrusting in small fast upward jerks as he feels the tell-tale clenching tightness of his ass around his cock as Sebastian comes, spattering onto his stomach and chest. He doesn't stop moving, continues to grind down on him before running a thumb through his own come and sucking it off and he groans, letting all the built up pressure and energy explode out of him, collapsing down onto the bed and letting himself ride out the twitching aftershocks. Sebastian rests on him, squelching the come between them and he laughs a bit at the sound, but he knows they are having a nice long shower now anyway, after Sebastian is finished nuzzling into his neck anyway.

"Fucking hell, how does that just keep getting better?" He asks, voice almost a whisper and he grins, feeling a sense of warmth and contentment completely unrelated to his orgasm wash through him and just murmurs an agreement.


He didn't think it would work, but it is. He doesn't like it sometimes, is jealous of the way Dave and Kurt are with each other. It had taken his a while to actually figure that out because he's never cared enough about anyone to be jealous of them before. But he cares about Dave. Loves him. Fuck. He grins at the sleeping man beside him and just feels so ridiculously happy that he feels like bursting into laughter at odd moments. However seeing Dave happy, relaxed and at home in his apartment is more than he could ever ask for. Kurt makes Dave happy as well, and he's accepted that.

He hadn't expected that he and Kurt would become friends as well. Not friends like he and Dave are, but he actually enjoys yelling at him now, and he's pretty sure Kurt enjoys yelling back. It's tempered with tickets to shows, he tried taking Dave to one and when he had to wake him up he'd realized that shows were not Dave's thing. However he'll happily sit through a classical music concert. These dichotomies are what he likes about Dave. Loves about him. They go to sports games, neither of them are picky about what sport, and then they'll go to music concerts, usually inviting Kurt along, because he knows he misses Blaine and that seeing a couple constantly in front of you can't be easy.

That he even cares about what Kurt feels tells him that Dave has softened him, because he'd never have even though of it before, but now finds himself actually caring about how Kurt is feeling. Of course, it helps that when Kurt is in a good mood he's much easier to live with. And he's been trying to desensitize him, because he walks around in the biggest fluffiest bathrobe he's ever seen, even in the middle of summer, like somehow showing a bit of skin was in some way bad. He's not ashamed of his body, and he can admit that Kurt isn't exactly ugly. But Kurt doesn't seem to know that, think it, whatever. It's not his place to care about Kurt's body issues though, but he does wonder what Blaine has said to him, because surely a guy should worship his boyfriend right? That's how he thinks it works. How it works for him and Dave anyway and that thought has him smiling again.