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Chapter 1: Yutaka's First Day

She never slows down.
She doesn't know why but she knows that when she's all alone, feels like its all coming down
She won't turn around
The shadows are long and she fears if she cries that first tear, the tears will not stop raining down

She won't make a sound
Alone in this fight with herself and the fears whispering if she stands she'll fall down
She wants to be found
The only way out is through everything she's running from wants to give up and lie down.
- Stand in the rain- Superchick.

"Yutaka! Are you ready?!" Yui asked, outside waiting in the car for her little sister. "Coming!" She yelled from her room. Yutaka dressed in her nicest clothes, since a girl like her had managed to get herself accepted into one of the fanciest schools in Japan: Ouran Private Academy.

Yutaka did study her tail off during exams but not even she thought she would get herself into it. In fact Yutaka thought she ought to take up the challenge, and thanks to the help of her cousin Konata's friends Kagami Hiiragi-sempai and Miyuki Takara-sempai she remembers scoring her entrance exam a perfect score. She was excited about it at first but then she lamented at the thought of not seeing her beloved friends Minami Iwasaki and Hiyori Tamura, as well as Konata's friends too. To be honest she didn't think she would get herself transferred but hey, fate just opened the door for her today to a whole new world.

"Um…Onee-chan? Do you think maybe anyone will like me..?" Yutaka asked with puppy eyes looking up at Konata shyly. "Of course they'll like you, you're a nice, pure and honest girl! Plus you're cute as a button so don't worry about it, but if anyone picks on you, just leave it to me and Yui-neesan!" Konata reassured her.

"Oh thank you so much for the pep talk Onee-chan! That will get me through today, I feel a lot less stressed now." Yutaka sighed. However as much as she loved the way her cousin Konata and big sister Yui would always protect and even nurture her, what worried her the most was the way she felt herself as being a burden on them, and not just those two but to everyone else around her. She secretly wondered if she would be a burden on anyone else she meets at her new school, especially since she's considered a commoner in a school as wealthy and grand as Ouran.

Yutaka walked out of the house waving good bye to Konata and her uncle and Konata's Dad Sojiro. "I'm ready Onee-chan." She told Yui as she climbed into the front seat next to Yui. "All right then sis, let's do this to Ouran Private Academy!" Yui yelled enthusiastically before driving like a maniac while Yutaka screamed.

"WOW!" Yutaka exclaimed as they entered in front of this 'school'.

Yui took in the image of the large, extremely posh looking school."Holy Cow, this is some fancy shit here. And Yutaka, you get to go to here! How flipping amazing is that?!" Yui asked her.

"It does seem great."

To Yutaka, the school seemed so big, it was more of a castle. Like the castles in the fairy tales she loved reading so much, where the princesses resided awaiting their prince to come…

Plus Yutaka was always so small, so she wondered if anyone would even notice her walking by. "Well Yutaka, best luck okay I'll see you after school!"

"Bye Onee-chan!" Yutaka waved as Yui left, once again driving like a maniac.

It was then Yutaka realized that now she was all alone, she felt scared for a minute. On top of that she heard that many rich people get bad reputations for being arrogant, ignorant or just plain rude. Yutaka didn't like people like that, but she especially disliked aggressive people the most, people like that with people as gentle as herself just didn't go together, it was only natural. Strange enough her the richest people she knew, Takara-sempai and Minami-chan are very nice people. But as for the other rich people, Yutaka just assumed that people misunderstood them, she knew something about misunderstood people, her close friend Minami being the upstanding example. The girl was just as shy as Yutaka was but she managed to befriend her and Yutaka considered her as her best friend, she was always there for her. She would really miss her as she lived her new school life here in Ouran. But it's nice to make new friends, in fact for Yutaka it's very nice to make new friends.

She took a deep breath and walked towards the gates and the people in the entrance gave her papers to her classes, a map of the school and papers to take to her lessons, Yutaka thanked her politely and the woman who gave her the items smiled at her. Yutaka looked at her paper "Okay, English Class A, Got it" She walked bristly. Class A was for the honor role students, Yutaka herself felt honored and at the same time a little stressed if she wanted to keep up that reputation. Luckily she would be able to turn to help from her older peers like Miyuki and Kagami.

"Okay, this is where my class is. My new classmates." She said before sucking in her breath and straightening up. This time Yutaka wasn't going to screw up her introductions like she did hilariously at Ryoo. Shyly, she managed to open the door and the long-haired brunette teacher turned her attention to the little girl.

"Ah, everyone stand and listen up! We have a new transfer student joining our class from here on out." Yutaka walked to the front of the class next to the teacher, blushing but with a smile on her face. "Her name is Yutaka Kobayakawa." Everyone in the class smiled at her.

"Ummm…! Hello everyone, I'm Yutaka Kobayakawa. It's very…nice to meet you all, I hope that we can all be friends." She said, now blushing heavily but still smiling.

"She's so cute!"

"Wow! She's so puny!"

"What a cute little girl!"

Yutaka heard some of them mutter, she looked down at her feet. Those were some of the same comments she heard at Ryoo that made her feel smaller than she is already but everyone seemed to like her so this was a good start so far. For now…

While Yutaka got to browse around the castle-like school she got to analyze at how most of the students here were all very handsome and beautiful, as if the school was more for the beautiful people. Yutaka has always been praised for being adorable, since she's been stuck with the same baby face since she was 5 but she wanted to be more than cute.

"This school's so big." She thought to herself, but then she stopped and hid behind the corners of a wall when she heard someone walking by. "Oh no, where am I?"

She looked around and saw that she was around the Class D section, which mostly consisted of… yakuza subordinates…

Yutaka began to hyperventilate behind her corner, aggressive people…the kinds of people she hated the most. Fear began to sink into her, and then she felt nausea, as if it wasn't enough she was tiny and shy, she was also frail and sickly. So she was very prone to illness, but distress never helped her situations. She heard the footsteps growing even closer, clutching her stomach she ran through the hallway as fast as her non-athletic body let her, hopefully too quiet for whoever it was that was coming wouldn't hear her.

Oh no…I feel too sick…it hurts… I can't go on…

She thought before sinking to the ground, her hands still on her stomach as she curled into a ball, closing her eyes shut, tears freely falling down her cheeks as she began to whimper. The person that had been coming her way eventually caught up to her.

A tall, somewhat lanky red-headed young man known as Ritsu Kasanoda, heir to the Kasanoda-gumi, one of the most powerful yakuza families in Japan. Known as the Human Blizzard because of his rough-around-the-edges nature, scary face and the fact that his very stare literally freezes others in fear, and the fact that he was virtually feared by everyone around him didn't help at all. He stopped dead in his track, eyes widening as he found the scared, trembling little girl on the floor beneath him, immediately taking pity on her helpless state.


Kasanoda didn't know what to do in situations like this, but he could tell that the poor girl was unwell, and that he couldn't just leave her like this, he had to help her, even if afterwards she would probably just run away from him like everyone else normally did.

Judging by her clothes, she had to have been the new commoner girl he and the other freshman heard about. Then he noticed how tiny she was. "Um…" He found himself carrying the small girl in his arms. "Wait, why am I still standing here, I have to take her to the infirmary!" He thought to himself as he began to walk, carrying Yutaka, she was very light so carrying her was no heavier than carrying a heavy suitcase.

Yutaka's eyes began to bat open slowly, still dizzy from her nauseous state. She felt herself being carried, she couldn't see who it was but she hoped to herself that she wouldn't throw up all over this kind person. She felt somewhat at ease and rested her head on the chest of her savior, unknowingly making her savior: Kasanoda blush.

As he carried the frail girl he noticed everyone around him and that for once they were all staring at him, not in fear this time, well still fear but a different kind of fear this was more like shock. Then he noticed that it was because he was carrying a seemingly unconscious Yutaka.

"M-Mah…" He muttered, unable to explain himself.

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