Chapter 3: Comfort And Friends

I'm not running from
No, I think you got me all wrong
I don't regret this life I chose for me
But these places and these faces are getting old
So I'm going home
Well I'm going home

Home-Chris Daughtry

The door Yutaka opened not only revealed her 'closest' friends Fujioka and Kasanoda, but also the faces of 6 other extremely handsome men… Gulp. Men…Yutaka never had much experience with men, scratch that she had NO experience with men whatsoever. As if she had enough problems with trying to get a sentence out of her when she tried to talking to Kasanoda, he must think she's just so…pathetic…

'Uhhh…." She trembled, barely managing to stutter, as she kept her gaze on the rest of these guys. "Welcome princess!" Said the blond one, who stood well over a foot over her. "Eek!" She shrieked and took off running; if she stood her any longer she might faint. As if she "Princess, wait!"

"Kobayakawa!" Kasanoda yelled out for her, the last thing he wanted was for the little girl to run away from him like the rest. After all she went up to him like no one else has…

"We've got her boss!" Yelled the twins as they sprinted out of the room to retrieve Yutaka, "NO! you idiots! You'll just scare her away!" Kasanoda yelled at them but was too late to stop them, and the fact that nobody did anything didn't help either… that poor little girl…

The twins ran through the hallway and no sign of her, she was pretty puny so finding her was going to be somewhat difficult. Yutaka peeked from her hiding place behind a plant and crawled away as soon as they ran past her. As soon as she got up she ran off to go to class, she was pretty light on her feet, not very fast but light. So they can't find her and if they can't find her they can't catch her.

"It's the end of the first day, I can finally leave after a stressful day, I already made two new friends!" She thought to herself, smiling and blushing a little bit. "Though, I'm not sure I can face Kasanoda-san again…"

Host Club:

"Umm… we…lost her…" Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison scratching both their heads. This was a first, they were usually able to catch anyone that made a run for it.

"Look what you guys did!" Kasanoda yelled and pointed to the same open door that Yutaka ran out through, acting slightly childish. "We didn't mean it!" Tamaki yelled, feeling horrible now not just for Bossa-nova's sake but for Yutaka's sake. He scared the girl right out the door…

Just thinking about it made him go sulk in his reserved corner.

"Kobayakawa-san's a timid girl. She's had a weak constitution since middle school, so she's missed quite a few school days in the past, that hasn't really put a great impact on her social life." Kyoya said as he scribbled in his notebook, "I can tell she's shy and that she doesn't have very many friends." He said keeping a grin to himself, this kind of girl could possibly put a great benefit to their club…

"That's because she is Kyoya-sempai." Haruhi said, feeling slightly protective towards Yutaka. "If anything we should at least treat her well and take consideration for her."

"Poor Yu-chan…" Honey said hugging Usa-chan, he didn't even get to say hi to her, Mori tousled his hair in an attempt to comfort him. "This is all Tama-chan's fault…" He said with a slight adorable pout, making 'Tama-chan' sulk even further into his 'corner' and even began to grow mushrooms around there.

Hearing this made Kasanoda feel even more sorry for the girl, and to think he just ran away from her too…

Great, "I will see that little girl again. I will!" he would go to her first thing tomorrow, no exceptions.

After school:

"And so that's what happened today. He even took me to the nurse!" Yutaka narrated her story to her audience Konata and Yui who smiled in return. As glad as they were for her, they'd have to meet the guy to actually trust him with her. "I almost didn't think anybody would really notice me today…" she stammered with a light blush dusting her cheeks. "But Onee-chan you were right! If Kasanoda-san noticed me today, I won't have much trouble making friends at Ouran." She finished and then Konata nearly spat out her tea that she had been drinking once she heard that name, Kasanoda…


"Kasanoda-san?" She asked innocently. Konata and Yui looked at each other with incredulity; going blue with shock. "Yu-chan…could you perhaps describe this guy for us..?"

"Yutaka, he didn't hurt you did he? I'll make him cry!" Yui said in a protective, almost motherly manner. "N-No! He didn't do anything! B-but if you want a description I'll give you one…"

"He's very tall, taller than anyone I've met actually… he's got red hair and gold-like eyes, he wears a ponytail…"

Konata sweat-dropped at her response but she couldn't help but smile at how moe Yutaka was being now, her sweet childlike innocence was just too irresistible. "He's a yakuza and everyone seems to think he's scary which is a real shame actually, he's really a good person…"

Yui stared at her adorably naïve little sister, she wanted to explain to her but at the same time she didn't want to dash her hopes. However a good big sister looks out for her baby sister. "But…Yutaka you just met the guy for all we know some of these rumors could be true…" She said as she scratched her head in an awkward response. Yutaka's expression changed from happy to shocked at her sister's judgment. "No way! People like that are definitely good people!" She cried as she defended her new friend. Konata and Yui found it adorable. "Yeah but Yu-chan… thing is people like that… are vicious-looking for a reason..." Yutaka pouted at her elder sister and cousin's words; sad truth is that since they're elder they know better than she does. Still! She wouldn't drop her thought, no. She knew that Kasanoda was a good person and she wasn't going to drop that. "But. He did help you as you said, so I don't know maybe…" Konata said in an attempt to comfort the blow.

"See? He is nice after all. You guys should meet him." She said, Konata and Yui began to sweat profusely. They've heard about the Kasanoda-gumi; the very powerful yakuza family that most people were extremely wary of. Only Kami knows how vicious this guy looks. "Yeah, that would be fun wouldn't it?" Konata asked in her best voice that made it sound like she wasn't uncomfortable.

"I'm a cop…" Yui thought to herself; slightly fearful of this guy given the way Yutaka without a doubt sugarcoated him and his personality. "Well Yutaka that was quite a scare today, are you feeling okay?"

"Yes much-"

"Are you woozy?" Yui asked, interrupting her a bit.


"Are you feeling sick?" Yui asked again earning a slight pout from Yutaka; there she goes again treating her like a child.

"No, no Onee-chan I'm fine, in fact I've felt fine all day after that little episode…" She giggled and blushed a bit. "what's so funny Yu-chan?" Konata asked.

"Oh it's just that I feel so silly for getting so scared like that when I walked around the D-section of the school when I really had nothing to be scared of… it was Kasanoda-san I had the fortune of meeting after all…"

"She's so cute… This guy better treat her good..! But… this guy sounds pretty scary…" Konata thought to herself, concerned about Yutaka associating herself with this guy.

"Oh and that school has a host club too."

Konata and Yui both nearly spat out their tea this time after hearing that, now they were even more shocked. Of all the schools why did this one have to have things like that happen to Yutaka, of all the people they knew. "Host club?" Konata asked, both a little uncomfortable and interested. "Yes. But… hee-hee the thing is I sort of ran out before they even got a chance to explain themselves to me…I got scared because I think one of my sempai's just walked up to me and called me 'Princess' I feel bad now…"

"You did the right thing by running away…" Konata and Yui thought in unison.

"Onee-chan?" Yutaka turned towards Konata.


"what's a host club?"


"Um… it's a place…" She finished after going further. To be honest she wanted to explain this kind of the thing to everyone she knew, a freaking host club in a freaking school. Damn! That school has everything! However there was no way she would explain it to Yutaka; it was her job to protect her innocence.

"What kind of place?"

"Well… there's boys!" Konata said as she nodded to herself.

"B-Boys..?" Yutaka looked down shyly and blushed. She had just found out today that she's very shy and awkward around boys. Since she's never really talked to one before. Kasanoda being the only exception of course.

"Yeah! But the thing is, most of them are…nice! They talk to the girls that come in and just…talk! You know start a little conversation!" Konata said, trying to be as subtle as possible. "Really? Wow… you mean like become friends with the girls?"

Konata sweat-dropped even more, "Y-Yeah, something like that…"

"Oh cool! I'm going to visit the host club first thing tomorrow!"


"Hold it there Yutaka! If any of those boys say anything or do anything to make you feel uncomfortable you just give me a call, okay?" Yui said with enthusiasm and protectiveness.

"Oh okay but everyone at Ouran seems nice, I don't think any of them would ever do anything mean…"

"She's got a point…" Konata thought, she's seen millions of anime with rich characters and most of them happen to be kind, considerate and generous people; of course some also happened to be rude, spoilt or stuck up. The typical bourgeois.

"Ano… onee-chan... have you met any cross-dressers?" Yutaka asked again. Yui spat out her tea this time. "Just what the hell kind of school is this?!" She thought.

"Um… I've seen cross-dressers before, w-why?"

"Oh it's just that my other new friend Fujioka-san was dressed in a boy's uniform but… she's definitely a girl… I won't judge her though…"

" A cross-dressing girl… Oh! Man this school sounds like the life!" Konata thought, and began to imagine the kind of moe in that situation.

"That's sweet of you Yutaka, that's why you made friends today." Yui said sweetly giving her a thumbs up and in return Yutaka blushed; liking the praise she was receiving from her cousin and sister.

"Thank you Onee-chan, I'm happy for that. Though it's always nice to return home with the people I know and love. I can't wait to tell Minami-chan all of the things that have happened. And Tamura-san too."

"Yeah…" Konata said, feeling happy for Yutaka but also worried. Also relieved that Yutaka would be okay for now as long as she felt happy and healty here in her comfort zone. In her bedroom her mind was running with thoughts.

"Yes! I'll definitely see him tomorrow!" She said with something she hadn't had in a while, confidence. Before drifting off to her beloved dream-land. Yutaka slept peacefully that night, at first she was unsure and even a little scared of attending a school like Ouran but now she was anxious to return and see her new friends, maybe she would be able to face Kasanoda after all…

Hmm… Konata thought while gaming up a storm, on a school night of course. A host club in a highschool. Genius. Just beautiful genius.

Then she paused the game.

"I am going to Ouran." Konata said to herself and then images of flashing moe kept running through her mind as she finally went to sleep that night at probably 5 in the morning.

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