AN: This is the first thing I've published in years, and it's great to be back. I actually just rediscovered this story, I had written it during a difficult time back in early 2010 after a breakup. It's inspired by the song Vanilla Twilight by Owl City, listen and you will know. I hope you enjoy even if it's angsty and short :)

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Lost, otherwise Charlotte and Daniel would've remembered each other and kissed! I also do not own the song Vanilla Twilight, it's owned by the amazing Adam Young.

Vanilla Twilight

Daniel sits on the front porch alone and watched the sun rise, he hasn't slept in a few days and the others were starting to worry. He used to watch the fiery sun rise over the horizon, the sky getting lighter with Charlotte but she wasn't here anymore, well she was but
the 3 year old didn't really count. The tears slid down his cheeks as he thought of those perfect days with Charlotte by his side, and for a moment he didn't feel lonely. Then he thought, relived again the death of the woman he loved.

He looked down at his hand and remembered her fingers intertwined with his, a tear dropped onto his palm. He never regretted telling Richard that he loved Charlotte, a sob escaped his throat and wished she was here so she could say "I love you" too.

I said what I said because I meant it Charlotte.

He didn't notice the footsteps behind him until Juliet spoke, putting her hand comfortingly on his shoulder.

"Come inside Daniel." she said softly, "You need to sleep."

Reluctantly Dan got up and his teary red eyes met Juliet's blue ones for a second. Another tear slid down his cheek, he remembered Charlotte's cool blue gaze. Juliet got him some medicine to help him sleep, and his eyes fluttered then closed as he slept first the first time without Charlotte beside him. He dreamed of Charlotte alive, she was laying here in his bed, arms wrapped around him in a comforting embrace. He could feel the warmth of her skin against his, her breath on his neck, lips brushing his cheek. "I love you too." she breathed softly. Daniel's eyes shot open, hoping this dream was a reality. But when he noticed just cold covers, the tears commenced again. When he recovered enough to leave the bedroom, he looked out the window to see the little redhead running in the morning light. He knew he needed to leave on that sub when it comes back. And this is when Daniel became determined to change things, for Charlotte.

There was still hope, so he began his search for it.