Summery: Dib and Keef rape Zim, then he gets pregnant with their smeet(s) and they fell a bit..regretful so they help him out while he's pregnant and they develop feeling for Zim and vica versa.

Keef put his hands in his pockets as he watched Zim walk down the street; he and Dib had been planning to have a little fun with him a few days ago and were going to wait till the Irken was alone. He smirked as he motioned Dib to follow him; they were getting close to Zim's house. "Come on." He whispered to the other as Zim entered his house. It sounded like Gir was out for the moment; he heard no crazy screaming…perfect.

Dib noticed the lack of a certain crazy robot as well and smirked, silently following the Irken.

Keef opened the door slowly; Zim must have headed either toward the lab or his bedroom, across from it. He slowly made his way into the kitchen where the elevator was and waited for Dib to get in before pushing the button. "Shut the base down when we get to the lower level." He told Dib.

Dib nodded, looking over at the other male.

Soon the elevator went to the bottom and it opened. Keef stepped out and went to Zim's door, not opening it at the moment but waiting for Dib to turn off the base computer so they wouldn't be interrupted by computer.

Dib hacked into the main computer system and quickly shut it down.

All systems were going dark, the lights remained. Keef opened the door a crack to see Zim was lying in bed, disguise off and eyes closed. Keef smirked as he went over to the bed and held Zim's wrists in place as he got on top of him. Zim opened his eyes instantly. "Keef? Get off Zim!" he growled and tried to move.

Dib giggled and moved over to them, putting his hands over Zim's mouth.

Zim tried to move but was unable as Keef moved so both Zim's hands were restrained with a small rope and tied to the headboard of the bed. Keef started to remove Zim's pants. Zim panicked and tried to thrash and kick Keef away as he tried to bite at Dib's hand. "Mph!"

"Hold still!" Dib hissed, taking his hands off Zim's mouth and holding his legs down instead.

"Get off of me!" Zim yelled. Keef rolled his eyes at that and started rubbing the tip of Zim's antenna. "Nnn…s-stop…" Zim let out a low moan which he had tried to hold back. Keef smirked and took the antenna in his mouth, sucking on it. Zim tried to move his legs but Dib's hold was strong.

Dib rubbed the inside of Zim's thighs, smirking.

Zim panted softly and moaned as he felt Dib rub his inner thighs and Keef sucking his antenna, a few tears ran down his eyes. Keef sucked on the antenna harder and rubbed the other one making Zim moan louder. "A-ah~"

Dib smirked and trailed his fingers down Zim's dick, then inserted two of his fingers into the small slit in between Zim's legs.

"Nn-ah~" Zim whimpered as Dib's fingers entered him, eyes closed as pleasure over took him. Keef took the other antenna into his mouth so he was sucking on both of them and forced Zim's legs open. Tears continued to leave Zim's eyes as both boys molested him.

Dib started to pump his fingers in and out of Zim, using his free hand to grab onto the Irken's hips so he couldn't squirm.

Zim panted, eyes closed and moaned loudly as Dib thrust his fingers into him. Keef stroked Zim's cock and continued to suck on the antenna making Zim moan even more. The Irken shook his head, wanting this to be over with. "G-get…Nnn…a-away…" He said between moans. He was getting harder with each suck, stroke and thrust.

Dib giggled, "Don't worry Zim, we will soon enough." he breathed against the hot flesh of the alien's neck, then began to suck on it roughly.

"Nnn...ah..." Zim whimpered, trying to move his legs in a more comfortable position. Keef sucked harder and stroked faster, Zim sas starting to feel close.

Dib took his fingers out of the poor irken and positioned himself in betwen his legs, pushing into him with no warning.

Zim screamed at the sudden intrusion as pain over took him. "G-get o-out!" Keef smirked and stroked him faster, causing a weak moan to rumble from the Irken's chest. "I don't think Dib's going to listen to you…" He whispered in Zim's antenna and licked them, causing Zim to shutter. Keef spread Zim's legs wider. "S-stop…it hurts…" Zim whimpered; eyes close.

Dib thrushed in and out of Zim, hard and rough, enjoying the irken's pained screams.

Zim continued to scream at Dib's rough treatment and panted, Keef continued to stroke him making him give pained moans as he felt even closer to release. Keef licked Zim's lips and chin, exploring his mouth as the Irken screamed, making the screams muffled at times. Zim tried to move his head but Keef prevented him and if he even tried to pull away Keef would pull roughly at the antenna.

Dib grabbed Zim's shoulder's and sped up his pace.

Zim screamed louder and came as Keef's strokes got faster and faster. Keef continued to explore Zim's mouth and rub Zim's nipples making the other moan in his screams. He panted heavily as they continued to use him.

Dib continued to thrust into the small invader harshly, using his hands to explore Zim's body.

Zim continued to scream as Dib continued to thrust harshly inside him, he could feel himself tearing apart. He whimpered as Keef started to lick his neck and nipped softly, marking the Irken. Keef rubbed Zim's inner thigh as he watched the pained expressions.

Dib grabbed Zim's shoulders and pushed him down further on him, cuming inside the irken.

Zim whimpered weakly as he felt Dib cum deep inside him and closed his eyes, hoping it was over. Keef smirked. "My turn~" He said, keeping his hand on Zim's thigh and rubbing it. Zim shook his head and tried to move away weakly. "N-no…please don't…"

Dib pulled out of him and switch places with Keef, holding Zim still.

Keef spread Zim's legs wide causing the Irken to whimper in pain and slammed into the Irken causing him to scream. Keef smirked as he thrust in and out of him, going as deep as possible. Zim screamed in pain and gasped for air as he was slammed into repeatedly, he tried to move his legs to a more comfortable position but Keef wasn't allowing it. His spooch hurt like hell as he was being raped a second time.

Dib held Zim's head and forced him to look at what Keef was doing to him, nipping at his antennae as he did so.

Zim cried and continued to scream as Dib forced him to watch Keef slam into him, going deeper and deeper. He was certainly going to be numb after all this abuse; he wished Gir was home. Gir would have protected him. Keef went faster and spread Zim's legs more causing him to hurt worse; he was sure his legs couldn't spread further. "Oh Zim…you're so tight…even after Dib fucked your brains out…" He smirked. "S-op…" Zim cried in pain.

Dib giggled and held onto Zim's chest, licking his anenna.

"We should both fuck him at the same time after I finish." Keef said. Zim continued to scream, small moans mixed in as he felt dib lick his antenna. He panted as he was starting to get tired, having already been tired from gym class earlier. He couldn't find the words to protest as he screamed. No words would come out. "Wouldn't you love to feel both our cocks inside you…slamming into you at the same time…cumming inside you?" Keef asked, still practically slamming into him. "Stretching your insides wide…?" Keef asked, getting close. "It just sounds so hot…"

Dib pulled his mouth away from Zim's antennae,"Sounds like a good idea to me." he purred.

Keef came deep inside him with a few more slamming thrusts and took his hands away from Zim's legs. Zim whimpered as he felt Keef's cum seep inside him and wished it would be over now. Keef stayed inside Zim and looked at Dib. "Enter his slit from behind…" He moved so Zim was now sitting with his cock inside him, he removed the bond from the bed and tied Zim's hand behind his back. He waited for Dib to enter inside Zim. Zim whimpered weakly as more tears escaped his eyes. "P-please s-top…" He whimpered, unable to hold himself up as he leaned against Keef's shoulder.

Dib held onto Zim's shoulders from behing as he roughly entered him.

Zim screamed weakly and whimpered as Keef Spread Zim's legs again. "I-it hurts…" he whimpered. "That's the point.." Keef kissed him on the lips and started slamming into him again. "Your screams sound good Zim, they make us want to continue…"

Dib bit Zim's neck and started pumping in and out of him roughly.

Zim screamed more as Keef slammed deep inside him once more. He shook weakly and whimpered at the pain of Dib's teeth in his neck and both cocks slamming deep in his insides. Keef stroked Zim's member and licked the Irken's lips again, enjoying all of this. "You know you love it Zim...say you love it…" He whispere

Dib went further into Zim,"Commom Zim, say it." he whispered.

Zim whimpered and screamed as he was in more pain. "N-no…" He said weakly and panted. He could feel both cocks inside him and stretching him wide, slamming into him with such force. "You're lying, Zim…" Keef whispered and slammed into him harder. "I think you do love it…" he said, licking the Irken's skin. Zim screamed louder at the sudden hard slam and threw his head back.

Dib laughed and pushed Zim's hips so he took both of them in even further.

"A-ah! Nnn…" Zim whimpered and continued to scream at the harsh treatment he was getting from the two. "S-stop…" he said weakly. Keef smirked, slamming into him more and more. "The more you say stop the more we slam into you…" Keef whispered, stroking Zim's cock faster. Small, low, pained moans escaped the Irken's mouth at the stroking. "Your moaning tells us otherwise…"

Dib giggled, grabbing the irken's sides and forcing him to bounce up and down on both him and Keef.

Zim cringed as he was forced to bounce up and down on both their cocks. Keef chuckled and stroked Zim's cock faster, pre-cum spilling out of him a little. "Your cock tells the truth…" Keef smirked, slamming into him at the right times making Zim scream. He came in Keef's hand as Keef stroked him faster.

Dib drew his fingers over the edge of Zim's entrance, using the cum as lubricant and sliding his fingers in beside his cock.

Zim panted hand whimpered as he felt Dib's fingers enter him; He laid his head back on Dib's shoulder tiredly as they slammed into him. Keef's fingers entered as well, he was feeling close as he slammed into him.

Dib wrapped his arms around Zim's chest as he rocked back and forth, pumping his fingers in time with his thrust.

Zim panted, tired of screaming and sure his vocal cords would snap from the amount. He gave a weak and tired moan as they continued; whimpering weakly as he felt Keef cum inside him again. Keef smirked. At the moan and kissed the weak Irken on the lips. "I think he's admitted he loves it." He told Dib.

Dib thrusted into Zim a few more times before he came into the irken again,"Yea, I think he's had enough." he said, pulling out of the weak alien.

Keef pulled out as well and untied Zim's hands before standing up and going to get his pants. "I had a lot of fun Zim~" He smiled and hugged the weak alien. Zim whimpered weakly and closed his eyes as pain over took him; he was sure he wouldn't be able to walk for a while without any help. Keef chuckled softly. "We'll continue later Zimmy~"

Dib did the same, lightly stroking the irken's antenna before he left.

Zim shivered at the touch and started crying as they left the room; he could still feel they're cum inside him. Some of it leaking out of his slit; he closed his eyes and went under the covers, wanting Gir. Gir knew how to make him feel better or would at least cuddle with him if he needed it.