The 4th book of Heroes of Olympus – The House of Hades

Then Percy let go of his tiny ledge, and together, holding hands, he and Annabeth fell into the endless darkness.

Annabeth I

All Annabeth could feel was Percy's hand in her hers, and the feeling of free falling. It was black all around her. She couldn't hear anything but the sound of wind in her ears. All she could think of was, How much longer until the end where they go splat. She could also feel the rope around her bad ankle. Her foot was throbbing and there was no pain like this she has ever felt. Not even the stab wound at the Williamsburg bridge a few years ago. And it had poison on it. The ambrosia helped subside the pain, but that was the subsided pain. She was lucky it was just throbbing.

Annabeth felt another tug on her leg pulling her down much more faster.

"Percy" she screamed. She felt her hand slipping out of his.

"No!" Percy yelped. Percy used her hand to pull himself closer to her. He wrapped his arms around her, and immediate warmth and strength spread through her veins. She doesn't know why, but Percy always had this way of making her feel better. Much more than the ambrosia.

"I am not leaving you" he repeated. Those words kept making her feel much better.

"Never again" she repeated, remembering the words he said before they fell. Annabeth saw her unsheathed dagger on the floor. The bronze gave it some light. They were close to splat on the floor. Just a grease spot on the floor. I held on to him tighter. They looked into each others eyes, and Percy kissed her. His lips still tasted salty.

A million things were running through Annabeth's head but the biggest one was I'm with my other half. Nothing could wrong with that. Then they hit the ground. Explosions of pain shot up her leg. Yellow and Black spots danced around her eyes.

She sobbed as her head hit the floor.

"Annabeth" she heard Percy's distant voice. And she blacked out.

Annabeth woke up to see deep sea green eyes staring up at her with worry.

"Oh Thank the Gods" he muttered as he enveloped her into a hug. There goes that spread of warmth again.

"How, How long was I out?"she asked. His eyes were knitted together.

"I'm not sure. I think it was about 3 hours. Its a good thing "Her Ladyship" broke her fall." he said using air quotes. Annabeth chuckled.

"What happened to Arachne" Percy made a line across his neck. Annabeth grinned.

"Good. I never want to see another spider again" she muttered. Annabeth tried to get up but the insta- pain was still applied to her leg. Annabeth tried to get up but cried out in pain as she fell back down.

"I'm going to give you some ambrosia and then try to reset your ?" Annabeth nodded. Percy fished around the backpack that was on the floor and found some ambrosia. He gave it to Annabeth and nibbled on a piece. It still tasted like buttered popcorn, but then it changed to the Italian food she ate with Percy.

"Bare with me now. This will hurt." He gently took her foot and unwrapped the bubble wrap on her foot. Then he straightened out her leg, muttering "I'm sorry" for every tear she shed. Then, he wrapped it back up. Annabeth hugged him and sobbed on his shoulder, just like the time they were in the Sea of Monsters. She didn't know why she attempted to be so brave around Percy, but now she just let her guard down, and he was happy to support her.
Then she finally stopped.

"We'll get through this. We will meet the others at the Doors." He promised.

"How can you be so sure" she whispered.
He released her from their hug, and looked into her eyes.

"Because you're still with me. I will always have the motive and strength to fight, as long as you're here". That was the sweetest thing, anyone has ever said to her. She kissed him. Then she rested her head on his shoulder again.

"I remember one time, Chiron was teaching us, he said that Tartarus made us see things" Annabeth informed.

"Like what?"

"Our deepest fears. Like the seriously biggest things we are afraid of. More than the Arachne." Percy helped Annabeth balance and motioned towards his back. She hoped on.

"Well, I'll be right next to you. Nothing will separate us again" Percy comforted her. I hope, she thought. But that was only one of her biggest concerns. She wanted to know what her deepest fears were. She always thought it was spiders, but after her rendezvous with Arachne, she wasn't as scared as she thought she would be. But, if you have to see your deepest fear...she didn't want to know. She wasn't sure how Nico survived. Maybe because he was a son of Hades. But what about them? What were Percy's deepest fears? How would it effect her? How would her fears effect him? So many questions swam through her head. But since she had Percy by her side, her fright just melted away.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Ready" Annabeth agreed and they descended into the darkness.

There were no monsters in sight for most of the walk, but Annabeth couldn't shake the chill off her back. Something was wrong. She hoped it wasn't another eidolon, but they had Piper to charmspeak the eidolons into never possesing their bodies. Annabeth was also worried about the others. Did they get away safely? Where are they now? What about Camp Half-Blood? She hated not knowing things. But she did know, is that as of 3 hours ago, Octavian and his followers were in Manhattan. She hoped that her home would be safe.

Something bad was about to happen. Well, its Tartarus, so what can we expect, but this was different. It was the feeling she got when she knew it was time to turn back, but there was no way out. She kept hearing random sounds. Monsters growling, footsteps other than Percy's, running water. It was creepy. There was very little light besides the torches that randomly would appear.

Then she heard another noise that made Percy stop walking and her to gasp. She could hear the sound of footsteps coming their way. She started shaking as Percy took Riptide out of his pocket.

"Well, Well, Well" It was a guy's voice. But who would be in Tartarus. As far as Annabeth knew, no gs would come into here. The only person that has been here and back was Nico.

"If it isn't my dear Annabeth and...the stupid son of Poseidon" Annabeth knew that voice. But how, would he be in Tartarus. And this definitely wouldn't be one of Annabeth's fears, but yet again, she wouldn't expect this. Percy's eyes widened in realization. The silhouette stepped closer.

The boy had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a white T-shirt and brown cargo pants with sneakers. His scar was still the same and so was the mischievous grin. But she was confused. Annabeth could see through his body. He looked transparent, like a hologram. Also, seeing him again, would have made Annabeth feel not just guilty, but hopeful too. This wasn't Annabeth's fear, but it was Percy's.

"Luke"Percy snarled.

Like?, Love?, may the gods forbid hate?

I'm also just guessing what its like to be in Tartarus. The ending of the Mark of Athena seriously made me cry. But it's Rick Riordan, so expect the unexpected. REVIEW!