Everyone dealt with pain in their own way, but nobody in the Pride Lands or Outlands did it as Vitani did. The Lioness had to deal with a pain her and her mother had to deal with: the pain of losing Nuka. At first, she had cried. Cried because her brother was gone. Cried because she would never see his stupid face. Or see him scratching the termites that infested his mane. Or hear his stupid voice.

She missed him.

One particular night, she was looking out into the stars. She did this often: sneaking out in the middle of the night, every night, to look at the stars. She didn't know why, but she seemed to be drawned to them. She never knew what to do-or say. It wasn't fair: why Nuka. Nuka was an outcast because of their father. He had helped her set fire to the Pride Land, but he was only doing what he had been told. He didn't deserve to die!

"Nuka..." she began whimpering, then she began to drown in her own tears. All she did to him: the insults she pelted him with, the constant fighting when she knew his scrawny body was no match for her, always mocking his intelligence and saying how he would never be able to be like Kovu.

"I'm sorry Nuka. Please forgive me." She didn't know if anybody could hear her. Who could hear her? She was out in the middle of nowhere. She was practically screaming at the stars.

"I've been waiting for you to say that." Vitani looked scared. She stopped her crying and turned around. In the flesh was the Lion who was crushed by logs. The person she was crying for. Nuka was standing right in front of her!

"W-what? How? Y-you're dead!" She refused to believe it. Nuka couldn't be talking to her! He died! He saw it!

"I know. I'm just a ghost." Nuka told her. Vitani confused and still scared, but it all seemed to die as her crying picked up again.

"I'm so sorry Nuka. I'm sorry. I...I want to take it back: all of it back! You're not some idiot, your my brother! I love you Nuka! Come back to me-to us! I'll be a better sister! I will! Just don't leave!" Her tears stained her face as well as the ground. She didn't want him to leave again. Nuka sighed as he put his arm on her.

"Vitani, there isn't anything I want more than to live, but I can't. I'm dead. I can't come back."

"Then why are you here?! Why are you tormenting me more?!" Nuka looked her in the eyes, his serious expression reverting to his usual playful self, the Nuka she remembered.

"I'm here to tell you I forgive you." Vitani couldn't believe what she heard. He forgave her?!

"How...how can you forgive me?! I treated you like waist every day of our lives! How can you forgive me for being a horrible sister?!" Nuka then laughed as he licked her face.

"Because you're my sister." Vitani looked shocked, before she could say anything, his body began to vanish. "I can't stay for much longer, but remember: I love you Vitani. And I'll always be their for you." And that was it. Her brother was gone again.

The following morning, Vitani was in a better mood as she went on the hunt for whatever she could find. Others noticed how positive she seemed to have looked. People wondered why.

It was because she knew Nuka was out their. She knew he forgave her. She knew...he loved her.