A pre-ep for "Significant Others" because I so saw this happening.

She sets her bag down beside the bed with a huff. "I'm just here for a few days, Castle."

"But you don't want to live out of a suitcase, do you? Wouldn't it be nice to unpack, settle in a little? Look, I made you space." He flares his hands out at the room hoping to entice.

She narrows her eyes, a smile hinting that she's aware of his ulterior motives. "It's just a few days."

He nods. "But all your stuff will get all wrinkly."

"I also brought an iron."

He frowns. "You didn't have to bring that, I have one. You could have used mine."

She smirks. "That's what you said about my toothbrush."

"Okay, the toothbrush I understand. Leaving it in your apartment to get bug bombed is not wise. But an iron?"

"I just wanted to be prepared."

"Okay, yes, but if you hang your clothes, you may not even need it and that means less time getting ready and more time snuggling in bed with me." He lowers his eyes smiling innocently.

She grins, pretending to contemplate. "You do make a compelling case."

His face lights up and he moves to the dresser. "Well if you're going to be hanging stuff, you might as well completely unpack to make things easier to find." He pulls open a surprisingly empty drawer on his dresser.

Her jaw drops. "You cleaned out a drawer for me?"

"Just trying to be a good host."

Her hands move to her hips; a glare barely concealing her smile. "If I didn't know better I'd say you were trying to move me in."

He puts on a poor act of a man shocked by the accusation. "Psh, what?"

The falsity rings loudly in her ears and her mouth falls open as her eyes catch sight of the bathroom through the open door. "You cleaned off half of your sink-" She stalks to the closet, opening the door. Her eyes immediately widen. "And half of your closet is empty." She shakes her head, muttering to herself. "How on earth you did that one will never know." Turns back towards him, hands on her hips. "Where'd you put all your stuff?"

He looks sheepish. "I didn't know how much stuff you would be bringing?"


"I know you're only here for a little while but -"

"Three days."

"Okay, I know you're only here for three days but it could be a good test run -"

She glares. "Test run."

"For the future." She glares harder. He forces a smile. "Okay, way in the future." Her expression still does not lighten. He leans in, hopeful. "Way, way, way in the future?" He grimaces as the look gets worse. "Way, way, way, way?"

"In case you didn't notice, the number of 'way's in that sentence is not the problem here."

"Okay, sorry."

She sighs and sits on the edge of his bed.

He wrings his hands in front of him. "Let's just go back to the reasoning that I was just trying to be a good host."


"Come on, Kate. Is it really such a bad thing?"

"No, it's not a bad thing, it's just soon, really soon, to be talking about me moving in here."

"It's not that soon. We've been dating for close to eight months. You stay here all the time anyway."

"Whoa, this is turning more and more into a now conversation and less a future one."

He sighs. "Okay, too soon. I get it. You're right." He goes over to the dresser and shuts the drawer.

She shuts her eyes briefly, tired. "The thought was sweet, Castle, it's just-"

"Way, way, way too soon." He finished dejected.

She smiles sadly at him. "Well, not that many 'way's."

"I wasn't trying to move you in right now. It was just going to be-"

She finishes the thought for him. "A test run."

He nods. "Our stuff co-mingling. I like the idea of that."

She sighs as it sinks in. "Okay." He looks up at her way, way too hopeful. She brings him back down to earth with a look. She clarifies plainly. "Okay, I will unpack my stuff for the three days."

His eyes dim a little but he smiles broadly and nods. "Okay."

She narrows her eyes, looking at his face. "You didn't think I was saying-"

He feigns innocence. "What? No. Of course not." Shakes his head. "Way too soon."

Her face lightens and she smiles, extending her feet out to rest on the ground beside his. Brings her foot up and pushes lightly on the back of his calf, drawing him in. He steps into her and she pulls her hands up, fingers nervously playing with the buttons. "But maybe when I go back home, I can leave a few things here. For next time."

He runs his hand down her hair. "Yeah?"

She looks up, making sure her point is clear. "Just a few things."

He nods happily. "Whatever you want."

"What you want is important too, Castle."

"I just want you to be happy."

A sappy smile coats her face. "You are really too sweet for your own good sometimes, Castle."

He leans down and kisses her quickly. "Seriously, I'm good with that. We can start there. Compromise."

She pulls him closer and hugs her arms around his middle. "Don't think it's a sacrifice on my part. I like the idea of our stuff co-mingling too." She squeezes him tighter. "And one day, we will revisit the rest."

He brushes his hands down her hair, fingers running between the strands. "I'm so very okay with that idea too."

"So you can bring the rest of your stuff back down from the guest room."

He leans back. "What?"

She grins, pointing to the closet. "No way is that all of your stuff."

He smiles sheepishly. "I may have moved one or two of the bulkier items."

She raises her eyebrows, amused. "Castle."

He sighs. "Yeah, okay. I moved half of my closet upstairs."

"Which brings me to my next point." She glides her hands up to his chest and pats. Hard. He takes a step back with the motion and it allows her to step up and slide by him making for the door. "When that day does come, we're going to need a bigger closet."

He frowns at her, his arms still lingering in the empty space she just occupied.

"Now come on." She jabs her thumb towards the living room. "Sick kid. Let's go make her some soup."

As she slips out the door, his feet turn in her wake. He smiles to himself as he glances towards the closet. He'll have a contractor out by Monday.