A/N: I'm sorry for not updating sooner! AGAIN. I've read through my previous three chapters, and realised that 'Nejan' seemed a bit like a Mary-Sue, what with the vines and all... So, I've decided to change her entire clan kekkei genkai, her family, and looks. Enjoy!

Character Info

Name: Hyukinari Hakiri Age: 13 Height: 5"1ft

Appearance: Waist-length black hair with a long green streak, normally tied in a high ponytail, with green eyes.

Name: Hyukinari Kira Age: 26 Height: 5"6ft

Appearance: Mid-back black hair with a dark blue streak, normally tied in a plait, with dark blue eyes.

Name: Hyukinari Taidana Age: 12 Height: 4"11ft

Appearance: Layered black hair with a red streak reaching to mid-back, normally tied up in a high ponytail, with red eyes.

About the Hyukinari Clan

The Hyukinari Clan originates from Suna, and is made up of the head family and other smaller branches. The Hyukinari are normally distinguished by their black hair which usually has a coloured streak running through it. The eyes of the Hyukinari will be the same of which the coloured streak running through his/her hair.

The Hyukinari possess a kekkei genkai, which allows them to manipulate the elements of wind and lightning. The more talented clan members can manipulate the elements to an extent of which they can form solid objects with it.

Clan Heir-

There is a head family in the Hyukinari Clan. The past clan heads have all been from this family. The eldest child of the current clan head will be the clan heir. Should the clan heir be underage when the current clan head dies, the next eldest sibling of the current clan head will stand in for the clan heir. Although the head family does not have any significant power over the rest of the clan, the kekkei genkai is usually stronger in the head family, thus making them suitable to protect the clan.

History of characters

Kira is the younger sister of Hyukinari Raion, the current clan head, who is also the father of both Hakiri and Taidana. She and her brother originated from Suna, but moved to Konoha once her brother fell in love with a Konohan woman, Kiyomi. When their father died, they had to return to Suna with Kiyomi, Hakiri and Taidana.