And another tangent, distracting me from my at least four other stories and my college assignments. There is a comic about this: the first few chapters will be the comic, slightly expanded, and then I'll make stuff up from there. Also: try to plug the accents and dialects in yourself. I have a hard time writing them in, so I'll leave it to your imagination.

Germany walked rigid-backed down the hall to the printing room, where the incredibly small journalism club met the first Sunday of every month to discuss the topics on which they'd report.

"Sorry I'm late," he said gruffly, shutting the door behind him. His two fellow editors were already in there.

"Ah, not at all. You're right on time actually," said Japan. Then both boys' attention was directed to the desk next to Japan, from which North Italy raised his sleeping face, eyes opened blearily.

"Wha- Did I miss the meeting again, Japan?"

"We're just getting started," Germany said, dropping his folder on the front desk. He rummaged through the papers he brought and pulled out a sheet he thought couldn't be so buried. "Anyway, the reason I am late today was because I was finalizing the topic for this month's paper. Out of all of our suggestions, I decided that the theme will be club activities."

Japan's stoic face nodded once. Italy's fell into one of disappointment, yet quickly snapped out of it as he cheerfully said, "Well, clubs are nice and all, but why don't we do the story about food!" He looked at Japan quickly, then back to Germany. "Or maybe if we hold a beauty contest -?"

"It's already been decided: this month's paper will be about the various club activities at the Academy!" Germany said, visibly irritated.

"Ve~ Germany, why do you have to be so stubborn?" Italy asked, his face falling again.

"If I may suggest: perhaps we can do the clubs next month, and this month we write about food. I have an article I can write on tea cakes," Japan offered. Italy next to him started singing, "tea cakes" under his breath (or so he thought).

Germany shook his head. "We can't have an entire issue on tea cakes."

"Well, in regards to the club activities," Japan said, raising his hand, "I have heard of several strange clubs, in addition to the obvious."

"Oh, really? Like what?" Germany asked.

"I have a list of unidentifiable clubs here," Japan pushed a paper toward Germany. Germany took it. "One that stuck out to me was the siesta club."

"What?" Germany asked, perplexed. He scanned the list; sure enough, the siesta club was on there. "Just what on earth does that club do!?"

"I know!" Italy yelled, getting to his feet. "We sleep! I actually hold several positions in that club! We have a meeting tonight I was going to attend!"

The next thing Italy knew, Germany had him in a headlock, yelling "Join a serious club!"

After Japan managed to get Germany off, he took the paper off the desk. "Ok, well, one thing certain, the school needs to review its organization system a little."

"Alright," Germany said, getting irritated. "Let's go through this list and weed out the strangest or nonofficial clubs."

"If you take out the nonofficial clubs, there won't be much of a paper left," Japan noted.

"Right. I just think we can do without interviewing the 'bunny petting', 'everything originated from me' and 'siesta' clubs." Italy hung his head. "Fine, Italy, you can put it in the editorial. But a few of these seem…valid, if not downright strange. But I think that the paper could use a bit of this…variety. We just need to make sure we know the difference between unusual and ridiculous. Let's review this list, and we start tomorrow with interviewing club members. Sound good?"

Germany's fellow editors both signaled their agreement.

"Okay, then: you take the first third of the list," he said, handing a sheet to Japan after recopying it some hour later. "I'll take the second, and you…Italy!" he yelled. Italy had fallen asleep from the wait. He whacked Italy with his list. "Go do that at your siesta club!" Turning his attention back to Japan, he, still angry at Italy, wound up yelling, "I want your lists knocked down by morning; I'd like to meet before class! You're both dismissed." On that note, Germany left.

Japan and Italy looked at each other. "Well," Italy said, looking at the clock on the wall, "I'll do this later! I have a meeting to attend! See you tomorrow, Japan!"

Japan looked at the paper in his hands and put it away. He'd work on it later, as well.

Even when the beginning is literally given to me, it starts out slowly. *sighs* This is my way of building up the story to a point where I have to make stuff up, it just rolls with it. Again, I may start asking for suggestions somewhere along the way, but I have a pretty extensive list, so that may be a few days.