Over a month without an update? Unacceptable! Especially since I've been off for the last week. So I was thinking I would do a quick update to let you know the story wasn't dead, and perhaps move on to the main chapter later this coming week.

Japan took his seat next to Belize in his earliest class. He had his first class Wednesday with Germany and wanted to turn in his articles, discuss the "phantom clubs", and discuss how, or even if, they were going to cover the student council meeting.

Germany entered the classroom nearly late, an irregularity for him. Japan watched him cross the room and fall into the chair between Austria and Slovenia. He had a look on his face he usually reserved for when he was denied cooperation.

Japan caught up to Germany at the end of class. "How was the group this morning?" Germany didn't answer. "Was it as bad as you remember?"

Germany shook his head, grimacing. "No. If anything, they're more dysfunctional than they used to be."

Germany woke early to make it to the first meeting of Wednesday. The fifteen student officers met early to discuss the best way to conduct the meeting held right after classes let out.

The student council was founded to make all the grand fighting go away. While a few of the nations whose glory days were set back when there was a lot of fighting, they were a bit sad to see it go, but generally agreed that it was the best option for everyone.

Five officers had been the same since the second incarnation, and the other ten run on terms. Germany was not too pleased early on that the five permanent officers were the ones who had ultimately beaten him during the second of the biggest gang wars in the school's history. These days...he wasn't too pleased that the same five members were complete and total retards who had no clue what they were doing.

He entered, clipboard in hand to the same meeting room the EU had assembled, where seven of the fifteen had assembled. He took a seat between India and where Portugal showed up two seconds later.

"What's that for, then?" Portugal asked upon entry, pointing at the clipboard.

"Notes," Germany said.

"Ah, is this on your list for the paper as well?" India asked.

"Yes. As is the meeting later."

"He's been at this for a while, then?" Portugal said, leaning back to see around Germany to India. "Well, I look forward to seeing how you interpret that mess."


"And what?" Germany said as he approached his next class.

Japan raised his eyebrow slightly. "And, what happened after that?"

"After what? The meeting?"

"No, the beginning!"

"That was the whole meeting. Guatemala tried to take control, was eventually drowned out by America, and then he and Russia started bickering like no tomorrow. Pakistan actually got up and left. We got so much more done last month when I was leading the meetings." Germany's eyes narrowed and he fell into the wall. "I can only hope the main meeting goes better."

"Like it did last month? Honestly, it's a wonder we get anything done at all, considering who we put in charge of meetings."


"Ah, and also, there's a smaller meeting going on after classes."

"Of what? Everyone will be at the student council!"

"No...only member states will be at the student council. There's something else going on for...I think it was...Well, Italy knows, we can ask him at break."

"Are we supposed to cover that, Japan?"

"Shouldn't we?"

"I suppose we should, but we can't. All three of us will be at the meeting. We'll have to let this one go."

"Like I said, we can ask Italy about it later."

"Yeah. Something about places that run themselves..." Italy trailed for a few seconds. "Not sure what it means. I overheard Taiwan talking about it yesterday and forgot to say something."

"She isn't expecting us, is she?" Germany asked, knowing the Italian's incapacity for keeping his mouth shut.

"Well, they are a club, aren't they?"

"Not exactly, Italy," Japan said, putting his hand on Germany's wrist as the latter went to rise from his seat. "Can't you yell from here?"

"Italy, we're all expected at the meeting later! None of us can cover that insignificant meeting!" Germany said loudly, wrenching his hand out of Japan's. "How are we going to do that? Cancel with her!"

Italy thought for a few seconds. "What if Romano took over for me at the meeting? He's been to them all, anyway! He knows what's going on!"

"Firstly, you two share a brain and I doubt he can function in a meeting without you, and vice versa," Germany said, raising a finger. As he raised the second, he continued, "Secondly, I've read your notes, and if I wasn't there for the interview, I'd have no idea what you were talking about."

"Well, what if I ask her for her notes? Would that work?"

"Do you remember what I said yesterday about the EU not presenting ourselves in all our dysfunction?" Germany started, becoming visibly irritated.

"Germany-san, I think Italy-san was asleep."

"I can only assume Taiwan would do the same to her notes as well. That is not the correct way to do journalism. We either collect it ourselves or not at all."

Italy went quiet and actually stayed that way through the rest of the lunch period. As activity around the trio signaled a return to class, he decided to bring up one last idea. "What if I found someone who could take the notes for us? Someone impartial, who wouldn't be affected at all by the goings-on!" His comrades looked at him to show they were listening. "Don't worry; he'll do it just like me!"

"Italy, all I know is you better be at that meeting later," muttered Germany just audibly over the noise around them. To be honest, Germany would have rather Italy's replacement idea to be better that him at notes. "Tell me about it on the way to lab. Japan, we'll fill you in later."

(A/N: So, we started on the actual student council, with the class officer meeting. No, there aren't actual "classes" here, but bear with me. The UN has a "security council" of 15 member states: 5 permanent members (the former Allied Forces) and 10 who rotate. As of October 2012 (when this story was published), the 10 rotating members were Azerbaijan, Colombia, Guatemala, Germany (how convenient), India, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, South Africa and Togo, with Guatemala being the president for October (they change president monthly).)

This was a bit of a cop-out chapter, because with there being no canon Guatemala (and him sort of LEADING the meeting) I couldn't think of what else to do.

Also, I think i read somewhere the UN is a character? I really don't like that interpretation, so an organization will rather be a meeting of nations rather than one.