Ok: I currently have no ideas and am looking at another paper being assigned in a week or so, and a concept board. So, here's just a recap chapter.

Japan had been waiting in the room for about a half hour before Italy came in, Germany looking very tired behind him.

"Ah. The EU is doing as good as ever, I see," Japan noted.

"We got a lot of discussion done!" Italy announced.

"But none of what we needed!" Germany spit out. "Anyway, I was going to see if we could still get into the club room tonight and work on some of these articles. We need these written in two weeks, so we better get started. Are you with us, Japan?"

"I finished the outline for the siesta club, Japan!" Italy said, showing off his work to the island nation as they traversed the darkening hallways. Japan nodded at it: Italy had put it in Italian.

"So, Japan, how were your interviews?" Germany asked.

"I'd like to visit the music club again next week: they're demonstrating the dijuridu."

"The what?"

"It's some kind of Australian horn. I was going to ask him about it himself when I saw him earlier, but didn't find the time. Though did you know there's a petition going around for a Frisbee Club? I won't be signing it..."

"It would fit in with our weekend activities. What about the clubs in 324?"

"Oh, the phantom clubs," Japan muttered.

"The what?" Germany asked, fingering his key as they approached the press's room.

"No one was there. Perhaps they all had somewhere else to be."

"It would make sense. Very few clubs don't overlap with our meeting."

"And how were your interviews?"

"To say the least, noisy. Other...regional clubs meet on Thursday. Those won't be too fun."

"They sound like fun to me!" Italy said.

"Here," Germany said, thrusting the folder into Italy's chest.

"Hey, Japan, check these out," Italy said, pulling out Norway's furniture designs. "And when they come together, they make a robot!"

"Really?" Japan's eyes grew slightly, mildly impressed.

"No," Germany said emphatically, pulling the door open.

"So..." Japan started hesitantly as the door swung shut behind him. "How badly did the European council go?"

Germany wouldn't speak. "Well, everyone was shouting, a shoe got thrown, I think by Poland, and finally Turkey took a swing at Greece and hit Serbia instead, and that's when Germany decided to dismiss," Italy said in a small voice, as to not upset Germany by bringing it up.

"That particular article will need some serious work. I took all mental notes so it will fall to me," Germany said.

"It certainly sounds like it will be quite a read," Japan noted.

"Well, don't forget, the Union needs to keep its appearance up for the rest of the world. None of us present ourselves in all our dysfunctionality."

We already know there's something wrong with Europe. "I understand."

Germany looked up at the light flickering. Must need replacing. He looked around at his comrades. As expected, Italy was fast asleep, but he knew he kept them out too long when Japan had nodded off. He sighed. They needed to finish this, but them sleeping wasn't getting them anywhere, either.

"Hey, Japan," Germany said, nudging the island nation's arm. The black head raised itself from the arm cradle.

"Right. I...I don't know what came over me," he said, sounding embarrassed.

"It's called exhaustion. Let's go. You get the papers; I'll get the Italian."

"So," Japan said, stifling a yawn as he walked behind Germany, Italy flung over the taller nation's shoulder, "which of us is covering tomorrow's pre-meeting, Germany-san?"

"I suppose I'll do it. I'm usually up that early anyway."

"I wonder if it will be the same as it was when we were officers."

"With the same five crazy people in charge? Undoubtedly. Might be worse if no one knows what they're doing to run the meeting."

"As long as they have something to bring to the large group, we should be fine," Germany huffed as they approached the common room door. "I suppose we can meet in the club room after class and walk up together? Gather our materials and be prepared for the venture into hell?"

Both of them knew what was coming. Germany felt his blood pressure go up again, same as it had that very afternoon. Wednesday's were no one's favorite days for a reason.

Dijuridu = didgeridoo. Really is an Australian horn, similar to the European alpenhorn. I like my spelling better.