Ok new fan fiction. Hope you like it, think you won't.

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I can't speak. At all. I'm not deaf, there's nothing wrong with my vocal cords. I have this crazy disorder that makes my brain unable to send the signal to my voice box, so I can't speak. It's called Siceforia. I developed this disorder when I was about seven years old. When I developed it, a lot of bad things started happening in my family. My sister, Kairi, has really bad nightmares and I was the only one who could calm her down, by singing or reading to her, but since my voice left nothing can. My dad is a hopeless singer and Kairi doesn't like when he reads to her. My mom died a few months after I got Siceforia, so my dad works full-time. That leaves me to take care of my sister.

I hate this stupid disorder. I have to carry a notepad around to write what I want to say. No one wants to hang around the weirdo mute kid. I'm bullied constantly at school. My sister even gets frustrated with me if I have a lot to say and it takes me a while to write it down. I was going to commit suicide but she saved me...I guess...

It all started on the first day of school. I attend Twi-islands High school (My family is relatively poor and my dad couldn't afford any kind of mute school so I just went to regular public school). Homeroom was pretty normal. Sora Fooser was flirting with my sister, Riku Matachi was reading and avoiding fangirl drool, I was beating out 'Burn it down' by Linkin Park on my desk with my lucky drumsticks when the door opened and a late student walked in. I had never seen her before. This petite girl had a mix of tan and pale skin, boyishly cut black hair and insane, wide blue eyes.

"Ah, our new student has arrived!" our homeroom teacher, Vexen, announced with a flourish.

"This is Xion Strife. Don't bully her! Miss Strife, please take a seat next to hm..." then he started talking to himself. "Fooser? No...bad influence...Kasay? No...very bad influence...oh I know!" he put a hand on Xion's shoulder and steered her to the back row. He stopped at the empty seat next to me.

"Sit next to Fair! Yes!" he reached down and took my drumsticks. "Maybe you can teach him he is a student, not Keith Moon" I started scribbling on my notepad and when I was done I shoved the page at him.

'Who the heck is Keith Moon?' he read. Vexen looked insulted. "Only the most talented drummer of my time!"

'I didn't know they had drums in the Middle Ages.' I wrote.

The old teacher flared his nostrils. "That's it, Fair! You've got a weeks worth detention! Just because you're mute doesn't mean you can smart-mouth me!"

'If I can't talk, how is it smart-mouthing? It isn't coming out of my mouth.'

Vexen turned this very funny shade of red, and I thought he was gonna stab me with one of my own drumsticks, but then I was literally saved by the bell. Everyone stood and started walking out.

"Here." he handed me my drumsticks "Show her around." Vexen ordered in a tight voice, as if he was trying to keep the upcoming explosion under control. I felt really sorry for his next class.

Xion and I walked out. I handed her my schedule to compare to hers. We actually had all the same classes! On our way to math, she started a conversation.

"What's your name?" she asked

'Roxas Fair' I wrote

"So...uh...you can't talk?" she asked, not looking at me.

'Yeah, I have a disorder.'

She read my note and just said "Oh."

'I know I'm a freak. But don't worry, your only stuck with me for a day.'

Xion looked over the paper and her eyes widened. "I-I don't think your a freak! I mean...it's not your fault you can't talk! It's your brain's fault!"

I raised an eyebrow at her.

" Well, that sounded kinda stupid. Um..."

'Your funny.'

"Is that a compliment?" she looked over at me.

I blushed 'I guess..'

Xion laughed. "This conversation is funny!"

'Most conversations with me are.'

"Is that because you write what you want to say or are you just conceited?"

'Ha ha. It's because I write what I want to say.'

"Well I that. You don't just randomly blurt out stuff or interrupt. And what you write is really intelligent."

'I like how you speak your mind'

And that's how we became friends.

When lunch rolled around I went to the table in the back of the cafeteria as always, but for the first time in a long time I wasn't the only one there. Xion and I talked (well...she talked I wrote) about everything. The annoying kids here, the blood-thirsty teachers, the killer PE classes...it was pretty fun until Seifer and his gang made an appearance.

"Yo, Chatterbox!" called Seifer, smirking at me. I glared at him.

"So, you still mute?" he asked, I glared even harder.

"Well, are ya?" if looks could kill, Seifer would be six feet under.

"Answer me!" he growled. When I did nothing, he shoved me to the floor. I hit my head hard against the wall. Seifer walked over hoisted me up my my shirt collar with one hand and punched me in the face with the other, sending me back to the floor. He drove his boot into my gut, depriving my body of air.

"The next time I ask a question, you'd better answer it." he warned

"You were lucky this time, y'know?" huffed his buff and brainless right-hand man, Rai.

Fuu didn't say anything. She went out with my cosin, Ventus, so she didn't completely support my torment. She didn't do anything, probably scared of Seifer.

The trio walked away and Xion rushed over. "Roxas! Are you alright?" I struggled to sit up.

"Do you need a nurse?" I shook my head and motioned for my notebook.

'No. I'll be fine. This stuff happens all the time. Please get me some napkins.' it took her a while to read my handwriting, my hands had shaken so bad when I wrote the message.

"But...Roxas..." I shook my head. She wanted to tell the teachers about this, and was probably considering doing that, but she didn't. Just helped me get cleaned up. We rushed to our next class.

"So, you were hanging out with that new girl, uh...Simone?" Kairi asked as we walked home from school.

'Her name is Xion.' I informed her. Kairi looked at my writing then said "Zione?"

I rolled my eyes and wrote the pronunciation.

"Oohhh, XI-on! So what's she like? She seemed kinda emo. Not really who you would really hang out with."

I sighed 'She isn't emo. And how would you know who I would hang out with? It's like when we get to school, you don't know me anymore!'

Now SHE sighed "Sorry, Roxas. But I'm so busy with my friends and stuff that I...forget.."

'No, you just don't want to be seen with the mute freak with the stupid notepad' I wrote on said notepad.

"Roxas! You know that's not true!"

Whatever. We walked in silence and then Kairi must've thought she didn't tick me off enough because then she said: "I still think Shino is emo."


"Yeah, I think she is."

We were finally home. I went to my room and yanked my pillow off the bed. There, gleaming on the sheet, was the knife. I had stashed it there this morning. I wasn't nervous. All that torture about not being able to talk, the pain of loosing my mother to some stupid gang, everything, was about to come to an end.

I wrapped my hand around the metal necklace I always wore. Shaped like a small ninja throwing star, it was my favorite little trinket. Given to me by my dad, when he returned from some war he fought, he said he had it on the entire time he was fighting and he had come out fine.

A little ironic, I thought. I pressed the cold blade to my wrist, and started sliding it across the skin...

"Some nights I wish that it all would end, cuz I could use some friends for a change." my phone went off.

Wow...my attempt at suicide interrupted by Nate Ruess.

I looked at the screen. I had a text from Xion.

Hey Roxy wats up?

I sighed and texted back: nothing.

Then I thought I heard an F chord strummed outside my door. Then a few seconds later...

O rly...

Then the door swung open and Xion swooped in.

And saw me holding a knife in my hand.

Ok that's it. Cut me some slack on the spelling and grammar, I'm trying to write this stupid thing on an iPod app, I got flamed by like 2 people on my last story because of it. Also 'Siceforia' (sis-uh-for-ee-uh) is a completely made-up disorder.