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Chapter 32


I woke up on a rocky shore, cold and wet. Blood leaked out of various wounds and onto the pebbles. Something sharp, possibly one of those pebbles, was poking my back. I sat up too quickly and suddenly it felt like the world was tipping over.

I closed my eyes until I stopped spinning, then assessed the damage.

My left arm was about ripped to shreds, bruises and and bloody wounds spotted all visible skin (and covered skin, judging by the searing pain under my sleeve) but my right was completely healed. No scars, gashes, scratches or sores.

It was perfect.

'Wait...' I thought. That was the arm my mother had touched in my dream.

'Maybe she visited me in my dream to talk to me.' I thought, but dismissed the thought almost immediately. It was pretty ridiculous.

I looked down at my legs and saw my shoes were gone. My jeans were ripped and bloody, dirt spotted here and there. Sighing I realized had to patch myself up before I died of blood loss. I ripped up the bottom of my t-shirt and wrapped my left arm up tightly. I figured I had a lot of broken bones, primarily ribs and such, but I couldn't do anything about it.

I stood up and saw that the sharp 'pebble' that had been jabbing me had been the sword, the one I had, for some strange reason, dragged all the way out here. I looked out onto the river and saw a white and red spot rushing along with the water. It was one of my sneakers.

"Argh!" I groaned. I picked up a rock and threw it as hard as I could across the water. It hit the opposite shore and bounced before returning to the freezing water.

Sighing, I picked up the huge weapon and started walking. The sword became heavy and difficult too soon, so I resorted to dragging it behind me, the tip etching a jagged line on the outside of my foot prints.

At first I was worried I would get arrested for carrying a ginormas weapon, then I was scared someone would think I was a terrorist or something, and then I was afraid a mafia would swoop down and demand I lead them for wielding such a sword.

But when that didn't happen, I started to get suspicious.

I ran up to a skinny guy with a brown ponytail holding a red baseball cap. Jumping up and down, I yelled random, senseless words.

Nothing happened.

I blinked and sprinted up to an old lady watering her garden. She wore a purple dress and had an orange cat perched on her shoulder. As soon as I got close, the cat turned and hissed at me, spraying my face with cat spit.

I smiled, hopeful. If the cat could see me (as it obviously could), maybe it's mauve-clad master could too.

"Um...hello, ma'am..." I greeted nervously. She didn't say or do anything. Then I thought 'maybe she's deaf.' I tapped her on the shoulder which wasn't occupying a hateful feline.

"Yes?" The woman asked. I was elated.

"I-um...w-where is the Twilight Town h-" I began, very excited.

"Yes...I agree Mr. Whiskers. The roses do look parched." She murmured. I stared.

'She's talking to the cat...not me...she can't see me...' I realized.

I started to run.

I ran down the streets, avoiding people and cars.

One time, I heard a loud rumbling behind me. I slowed down a little and turned around. My blood froze and my heart stopped.

Barreling towards me was a huge, blue truck. The headlights shone in my eyes, which I then squeezed shut. I threw my hands up in front of my face and braced for the impact.

It never came.

I felt a sensation like smoke was being blown on me, but it was somehow unpleasant.

I opened my eyes and lowered my arms. I became glad no one could see me, because I looked like an escapee from a juvenile insane asylum. No shoes, ripped clothes, I was covered in blood and dirt.

Then it dawned on me that I was alive and not splattered across the windshield of an eighteen-wheeler.

I turned around and saw said truck rattling down the road. I stood there for a second, then took off running.


As the storefronts and landmarks began to look familiar, I paused next to the candy shop. Exhausted, I collapsed next to the tan wall. I drew out a mental map of Twilight Town, trying to remember where the hospital was from here. I knew it was by the train station but...

Then I remembered. (Mostly) forgetting my tiredness, I leaped up and started running.


Pushing through the double doors of the hospital, I saw Tseng, behind his desk, writing on that seemingly endless piece of paper. Out of habit, (it's sad when something becomes a habit in a hospital) I stopped and told him "I'm going to see Xion."

With that useless sentence, I sprinted to the elevator.

Running down the 'white halls of eternity' (as named by Xion), I felt like the star in some sick horror movie. As I put my hand on the doorknob to her room, I could practically hear the thrill-seeking audience screaming "Don't go in there...don't go in there...No! You idiot!" While simultaneously throwing popcorn.

I took a deep breath and walked through the door.

Inside, as I expected at least, Xion was lying, fast asleep, in the hospital bed. An oxygen mask covered her mouth and nose, while a million wires flowed from her arms. I hated how she looked so weak and...vulnerable.

I cringed when I saw her Geostigma bruises creeping up her neck. I saw Xion everyday, but I never got used to it. Everyday it felt like I was seeing her disease for the first time.

I knew it was bad-the Geostigma-her arms were so covered in bruises, I couldn't even see the scars.

"Xion..." I said. "Please wake up. I know I made you wait for me but..."

I stood next to the bed, my hand hovering over her cheek. I got over my fear she was too fragile, and I would hurt her, I touched her face lightly, brushing locks of black hair out of her face.

She cringed in her sleep a little and turned her head away.

"Sorry." I mumbled, pulling my hand away. Did she hate me?

I sank to the floor, hugging my knees to my chest, leaning my back against the cold metal frame of the bed. I rested my forehead on my arms murmuring "Xion, please..."


I was in that place between the realm of sleep and the land of awake. You know, that place where all you want to do is go back to sleep. But something prevented me.

It sounded like a bell ringing, but not quite as...sharp.

The sound stopped, but a little while later (hard to judge time in that funny little world) I felt a gentle pressure on my left arm and then my shoulder. I heard a creak. Then I felt something touch my face. Really softly...like it was afraid to hurt me like I had been afraid to hurt Xion.

I woke up at that point and turned to my left, where I had felt that strange pressure.

I nearly had a heart attack.

Xion was sitting next to me, leaning on me. She tapped her fingers lightly on the back of my hand.

"X-Xion!" I choked. She looked up at me and smiled weakly.


We stood up and immediately I threw my arms around her.

"Xion..." I mumbled. "Xion's awake..."

She giggled into my chest and hugged me back. I was so happy. She was awake!

She was awake.

We sat down on the edge of the bed, my arm was around her shoulders. I held on to her.

"Roxas..." She murmured.


"Did I...?" She looked up into my eyes.

Knowing what she was going to say I nodded. "Yeah...for about two weeks."

Xion looked down at her hands in her lap. "I'm sorry."

My gaze sort of shifted to the wall. "Don't be."

Then I remembered. She was awake. I had to...

Third Person~

Roxas put his hand on Xion's cheek and turned her head so she faced him.

He kissed her.

Xion was very surprised, but then happy. Roxas was kissing her!

Suddenly, the knowledge of how to wipe Xion's memory flooded Roxas' mind. He touched her face and a strange coldness shot up his arm. Xion opened her eyes.


Roxas was kissing me! I really couldn't believe it...me of all the girls in the world. I closed my eyes and kissed him back.

He touched my face and almost immediately I felt coldness spiderweb across my face. My eyes shot open, but I couldn't really register anything.

Everything started fading then. First, I started to forget my parents. What were their names? 'Um...Rain and uh...I don't know...don't I have a sister too? Where is she? Uh, Sapphire? Where do I live?'

Then I noticed the strange blonde with his face pressed up against mine.

'Who is this? Do I even know this guy? Why is he kissing me?'

I pulled back. He looked at me, sorrow written in his wide, blue eyes.

"Who are you?" I demanded.

He closed his eyes for a moment.

"I'm sorry...Xion..." He murmured.

'So he does know me! But...why can't I remember him?'


I put Xion to sleep so she would think this moment had been just a dream.

I touched her hand lightly, then lowered my eyes to the ground and walked to the door.

My hand on the doorknob, I mumbled

"Goodbye Xion."


I got back to the house and went to my room to quickly get a few things and then...well, I'd build from there.

I walked in to the bedroom and the first thing I saw was a long black coat, similar to the one Xion had worn in my dream, draped over the bed. Pinned to the chest was a Sticky Note.

"'This is all you'll ever need. Your new uniform.-Cloud'" I read.

"Uniform?" I mumbled, not even looking at Cloud's signature twice. Ok, he can write notes from the grave. It's Cloud...I wasn't too surprised.

I looked at the coat. The entire 'uniform' was actually more than just the coat. With it, came black pants, a black t-shirt, black boots and (this is gonna shock you) black gloves.

I didn't really get it-any of it-but, whatever.

I put on the uniform.


It has been a year since I put on the uniform and became a Nobody. I wield the Keyblade, Oblivion and protect the worlds. I grew out of my sarcastic remarks and somewhat short temper.

I don't really live anywhere, but I suppose Twilight Town is my home. And it always will be.

It's raining. Right now I'm just walking down the street, no danger imminent for the moment.

I see a couple, standing pressed to the wall of a shop. The boy takes off his jacket and wraps it tightly around the girl's trembling shoulders. She smiles up at him and steps closer, he pulls her into his arms. The girl has black hair.


Roxas watches the couple for a second. Then, pretending not to see the truly happy smile on the girl's face, he turns, pulls his hood up, and walks away. His footsteps echo loudly, and the rain is nearly deafening, but even through that, Roxas can hear the girl say

"I love you."


Wow. Looking back over this chapter I realize how emotionally crushing it was. I'm sorry Roxas! It was also incredibly stupid at parts. Sorry. Um...ok there will be a sequel, called Hero, Unknown. If you guys have a better idea, PLEASE tell me. Cuz that one seems a little lame.

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