Author's notes:

Prologue - Revised version January 2015.

Re-edited my very first fanfiction, aligning fanfic details with Voltron's 30th Anniversary Book that was launched on October 2014.

Disclaimer clause: World Events Productions (WEP) owns Voltron and Voltron Force.

PROLOGUE – Concurrence

On an undisclosed planet somewhere in the galaxy, a series of events of utmost significance were set in motion with the arrival of an urgent and highly confidential dossier.

Graceful fingers mindfully typed an encrypted password to unlock a silver metal suitcase, revealing a baseball-sized, translucent turquoise orb that silently activated on its own. It settled in mid-air, hovering in front of the middle-aged couple. Also enclosed in the silver metal suitcase was a datapad.

The orb lit up and projected on-screen information regarding a very important individual.

"Attributes : strong-willed; skilled in varied martial arts and weaponry; detail-oriented; has commanding presence; Voltron Force member; has the ability to manage change and conflict; an advocate of peace; fearless.

Name : Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Allura Raimon, future Queen of Arus. Pilot of the Blue Lion.

Status : Engaged/betrothed to Keith Kogane, Commander of the Voltron Force."

Two pairs of wise, ebony eyes smiled at what they had just read. The couple, who could have been mistaken for senior galaxy diplomats, silently nodded in agreement. The gentleman quietly spoke first, as he outstretched his arm towards the orb in front of them. "I sense that there are certain attributes that are slowly coming to full bloom—"

The graceful woman beside him continued his trail of thought "—and other hidden attributes that are yet to bear fruit."

They both smiled.

The gentleman calmly sent a highly encrypted message:

"Commander Kogane,

We confirm.

We shall expect Her Royal Highness Princess Allura in two months' time. See enclosed coordinates. "


With the message sent, both orb and datapad went into automatic shutdown. Their protocols dictated to incinerate items immediately. The couple left the nondescript room in an unidentified consular office once the items had been completely transformed into a pile of gleaming silver ash.

[Concurrently on Earth]

Princess Allura's trusted advisor Coran was now planetary ambassador to the Galaxy Alliance Council. Coran was at the Arusian consulate on Earth, as he urgently met other galaxy representatives. He and his fellow ambassadors sought to find a diplomatic solution to bring back Voltron. Coran had fought hard with the council to legally grant the gentlemen of the Voltron Force three days at the most, to return to Galaxy Garrison for further assignments. Together with the consuls of the other planets in the same quadrant as Arus, Coran's battle to retrieve Voltron had commenced.

The kind of combat he faced was of the diplomatic kind: over the legality of the sanctions raised against the Voltron Lions and their pilots. Coran's battlefield was the political arena; his ammunition consisted of speeches, paperwork, and appeals to the highest legal courts in the Alliance. Their legal team aimed to use the seemingly never-ending bureaucratic red tape to their advantage. This was to give the Voltron Force enough time to reconvene and determine how to get Voltron's five lions back to Arusian sovereignty.

[Castle of Lions. Planet Arus]

The castle was abuzz. A frenetic pace ensured everyone was doing their specific tasks. Everyone was tense and on edge.

It was the day after the incident at the Galactic Victory Celebration. The Lions had been impounded by the Alliance, and a tight-lipped Voltron Force had returned to Arus shortly afterward, aboard a fractal ship in the late afternoon. The castle was now on high alert and specific areas had been cordoned off, particularly the residential wing of the Voltron Force.

They gathered behind closed doors, in a highly classified meeting room known only to the Voltron Force, where they learned that the GA Council had voted to decommission the Lions and dissolve the team.

Their serious and sombre mood continued into the evening and no one left the room till nearly dawn the next day, concluding the most stressful two days the entire team had ever faced. No one had even had a decent sleep, a meal, or even a bath.

The commander of the Voltron Force ended the discussion. "You all know what to do." Everyone quietly nodded in agreement. "We leave tomorrow before dawn." His determined light blue eyes met everyone's resolute gaze.

Some eyes gleamed with anger; fists and knuckles were cracked; some eyes held tears at bay. Everyone rehearsed their roles until they were committed to memory. Not a single datapad was used throughout this crucial meeting. No one spoke of sleep. Adrenaline was still pumping in their veins.

With a final group hug, Hunk mumbled that he definitely was in need of a big bacon breakfast.

Pidge wiped his eyeglasses, vaguely mentioning that his lenses had fogged up and then wordlessly nodded at his commander. Pidge had a specific task that needed to be completed by dinner time.

Lance was deep in thought as he left the room, quietly pondering whom on Arus he wanted to say goodbye to first, then second, then third. He figured he was restricted to a shortlist of three lady acquaintances. "Not enough time for more than three," he muttered to himself, and shook his head. He then headed towards MedTech to look for a particular lady doctor he was currently dating.

The last two people left in the room were Keith and Allura. Neither one of them spoke. Neither one had moved from where they stood when the meeting was adjourned.