So this is my very first Big Time Rush fan fiction! I am super excited about this story. I'm sorry that this chapter is short I try to make my chapters longer then this but I need your help and I will explain that after the chapter! So enjoy and read the part at the bottom please!

Twenty year old James Diamond walked through the front door of the apartment with his best friends/roommates right behind him. Mama Knight and Katie had moved back to Minnesota shortly after Kendall turned eighteen years old two years ago. The friends just got back from recording their new song with Gustavo at Rocque Records.

Carlos walked to the fridge and grabbed three sodas and tossed them to Kendall and James, while Logan set up the Xbox so they could play Battle Blast 5 after their hard day at work with Gustavo.

The boys were intently playing the game when the heard a sudden loud knock come from the front door. Kendall paused the game and stood up walking to the front door. When he looked outside he found nobody standing outside their apartment. He was about to shut the door when he saw a brown and pink baby car seat sitting in front of the door, with a diaper bag leaning against it. Walking to the other side he saw a baby girl sound asleep in the seat with a note resting against her gently rising a falling stomach with the one word written in cursive on the envelope, James.

I hope you like the first chapter! So as you all probably noticed I don't have a title yet so please tell me ideas and while you are doing that vote on your favorite name listed below for the little girl in this story.

1. Paige

2. Maddie

3. Lucy

4. Kathy

5. Bailey